Darren Aronofsky's new film 'Mother'

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  1. Finally had a window of opportunity to go & see 'Mother!' last night. I enjoy art-films far more when combined with libation, so 10 minutes before the screening I quaffed a Budweiser the size of my head & 4 shots of HoneyJackDaniels. Seriously prepared, I took my seat & began to glow. There were only 4 other people there, 2 couples, one of which chose to make-out for the entire movie. Fornicators! But I digress...

    To make a fat story thin, I loved this movie. The movie has a story, but that's not what the movie is about, by that I mean that this is an art-movie for chrissakes, so it's not literal it's a metaphor or allegory. If you don't know what 'metaphor' or 'allegory' mean, then you should stay at home & watch re-runs of 'Three's Company'. Not to disparage 'Three's Company', which I love.

    Anywhoo... If you consider yourself familiar with the concepts of God, Mother Nature, The Garden of Eden, Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, the Holy Bible, the birth & death of Christ, and Humankinds effect on the destruction of the Earth...then I think you will really dig this movie. I know I did, but consider yourself warned: it just might be one of the greatest movies that other people hate.
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    Let me guess?: a film by a pretentious, progressive liberal Hollywood feminist on a mission? (As in the swan thingy? Think I'll pass....) :)
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  3. You say that like it's a bad thing...
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  4. cwsiggy

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    Red Letter Media's review is pretty spot on. .

    Note - there are spoilers in this review.

  5. brownie61

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    I loved it.

    Having said that, I went into it knowing about the symbolism and bracing myself for a horror film. I don't like horror films, but what I read about this film sounded so interesting that I figured I would just close my eyes through the gruesome parts. I went in expecting the worst and found it to be one of the most original, thought-provoking films I've seen in ages.

    I was particularly apprehensive about what I'd read beforehand about the baby-eating scene. When that scene finally came, it made perfect sense to me as a symbol of what Catholics do every time they attend a Mass, down to the candle-lit, altar-like setting, and the pictures of Him everywhere.

    I think the studio did a great disservice to this film in the way it was promoted. I saw the previews awhile back, read the vague synopsis about the house and unwanted visitors, and neither of those things made me want to see it. It is only after I read about the symbolism that I wanted to see it, and I'm really glad I saw it.

    I thought both Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem were terrific in their roles. I am a big fan of both of these actors, which is why I was so perplexed initially about the two of them appearing in a movie I did not want to see.
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  6. Performance, yes. The reason the Academy nominated it IMHO is because they recognized the daring melding of DA's European approach (i.e,, suffused with imagery, s tructire and themes) with a distinctly American genre (we don't own the horror genre we just monopolized through the 30's-60's and then reappropriated it along with Canada as typified by Cronenberg and Bob Clark in the 70's)outside of Hammer's more Gothic-Victorian-Horror approach best typified by Terrence Fisher's approach) . The problem with the film is that the symbolism is so heavy handed (the film lacks any subtly) it's Like Arronofsky dumped a RN of bricks on the audience), it pushes it into pretentious territory. Arronfsky is a very talented guy but he also has lacks subtly at times and heavy handedness, traditionally, gets recognition from the Academy for genre films).

    I think that Natalie Portman deserved the award for some of her other films (and it took some time I'm sure for the Academy to forget her awful performances in the Star Wars films). She also give a complex performance in "The Black Swan" grounding the surreal aspects of the story and making us, the audience, part of the experience of her insanity. She also didn't go "full retard" in her performance which I think helped. Nevertheless, I'd love for Arronfsky to learn the fine art of subtly as it benefits a film and makes it stand in a bit better to the passage of time.

    Will I see it? Yep because, as full of himself as he is and lacking in subtly, he's a talented guy. I can see why people don't like it though because. Like Chris Nolan's "The Prestige", Arronfsky uses the genre not for its lurid values but for its symbolic values, to subvert the genre and, yes, to make a film that starts out as one thing but ends up as another in a clever attempt to merge serious filmmaking with popcorn filmmaking.
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  7. I think they had trouble trying to pidgeon hole what type of film to sell it as and, because Aronfsky had say so in the media presentation of trailers, etc., that restricted them even more. How do you sell a film where you can't reveal much beyond the basic premise of the film and with little to no spoilers? You can't because those that create trailers today don't have the talent of a previous generation.
  8. I just cannot believe the ineptitude of Paramount's promotion of 'Mother!'. Unless it was Aronofsky himself that orchestrated the release, in which case it's a brilliant way to open a controversial allegory-movie. Hmmm...
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    I thought this was a documentary about a Danzig song!?!
  10. Ghostworld

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    I think they did a great job. I almost went because I thought it was a straight horror film. It might have been misleading, but they did put butts in the seats -- and what could they care about more than that? I don't anyone has ever successfully sued a major studio because they didn't like a movie!
  11. vince

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    Doug Bensen has been making this joke on his podcast, "Doug Loves Movies".
  12. The Hud

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    I guess I am not as clever as I thought I was, which wasn't very much. :)
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  13. vince

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    If you're into podcasts, give him a try.... just a plug.
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  14. If they had done a great job, you would have went to the movie.
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    parts of this read like Morrison's lyrics in "When the music's Over". A Brilliant film. I saw IT on the same day and they were night and day films, mother! fed my brain, IT fed my junk food fix.
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  16. drewslo

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    Loved the movie. I listened to Leonard Cohen on the ride home and the afterglow of this film gave his songs even more meaning and depth.
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  17. Ghostworld

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    I'm patient. When it hits the $3 theater, I bite.
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  18. Oatsdad

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    Except the advertising didn't put many butts in seats. "Mother!" has been a commercial flop...
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    I read the reviews on Passengers, which were not exactly a warm reception to the movie.

    Due to this, I decided to forgo the movie in the theater.

    I did, latch on to a DVD copy of the film (once the price came down).

    I liked almost everything about the movie.

    So much for reviews.
  20. Bryan

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    I'm speaking strictly in terms of box office, though. I haven't seen Passengers or Mother to comment on which I feel is the worse film.
  21. SandAndGlass

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    I seem to always find that I often appreciate a movie more during matinee pricing and at discount theaters that run movies long after they were first released.

    It's when I pay the full boat for tickets, I do expect something more.

    When it's on the cheap, I consider going to movies as having a fun and entertaining experience.
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  22. SandAndGlass

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    Passengers, like any movie, has its faults, no question there.

    Over all, I thought the casting was excellent. I like movies where there are not a lot of characters and this is a fine example of that.

    Both leads are well suited for their rolls. I thought the script writing was excellent as was the acting.

    Visually it is stunning. Today's technology really makes the space ship quite realistic looking, so large and spacious.

    The cinematography really gives a fluidity to the movie and the wide open spaces within the space ship give a wonderful, open artistic feeling.

    I felt that you can get drawn into the movies and identify with the principal characters.

    When you don't have a plethora of supporting cast members, unlimited cartoonish SFX shots, and countless plot twists, you have to rely on the primary two core characters, their scripting and acting to carry the entire picture. IMHO, they did this well can carried off the film marvelously.

    It reminds me of movies, like the breakfast club, where the actor's are stranger's together in a confined space, and their interactions.

    For movies like this to work, on set chemistry and good scripting are mandatory!

    Difficult to pull off, but rewarding, when executed properly.
  23. Cerebus

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    I enjoyed Passengers. There was considerable controversy over what Chris Pratt's character did in awakening Jennifer Lawrence but that wasn't the story they told. it was a fairy tale, not real life.
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  24. 5th-beatle

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    Just watched this film. A very interesting allegory about the artist and the creative process. Excellent performances by the whole cast. I noticed similarities in style to "Black Swan" and "Noah", but this one is much more graphic.
    If you expect a straightforward story with easy answers, you'll be disappointed. It's a film that requires some serious thinking afterwards.
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  25. Ghostworld

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    I definitely get a lot bitchier if I’ve paid full price for a movie that turns out to be a lemon.
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