David Cassidy, RIP.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    I received my copy of Home Is Where The Heart Is / Gettin' It On The Streets from Music Magpie today. I'm assuming Cherish / Rock Me Baby is on it's way. The CD I bought from MM is unsealed but new (all the Cherry Red/7ts CDs I've ever bought have been sealed), which makes a change from the shabby pieces of tat MM usually chuck out with gay abandon.:)

    My point being, they do claim to have the Dreams Are Nuthin' disc you currently have on order. Not sure if you want to cancel and get it from MM? I'm quite surprised the Home Is Where The Heart Is CD is out of stock everywhere... It doesn't contain any hits unlike the other twofers.:) The best known song is Cassidy's cover of Pilot's January.:D
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  2. oldturkey

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    Thanks. I think I'll do that, but I'll have to wait until Monday as Cherry Red's phone service only operates weekdays 10am- 6pm. It still says "processing" and they're not replying to my emails.
    What a shower!
    I've got an old crackly vinyl of The Higher They Climb, so that will have to do until I get over this inconvenient and irritating s**t customer service from Cherry Red. I think that's a really good album.
  3. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    I suppose they've been caught out with Cassidy's death and his CDs all selling out. 7ts aren't used to that.:)

    IIRC, Cherry Red take eons to repress things so I hope they've got their act together this time.
  4. oldturkey

    oldturkey Forum Resident

    If they can't deal with the orders they shouldn't be taking them imo, and that cd is still apparently available on their site. :realmad:
    I've got no sympathy for companies who treat their customers so badly. I've sent them another email asking them to cancel it, and if they still haven't replied they will be receiving verbal abuse on the phone on Monday.

    Beckinsale :righton:!
  5. SandAndGlass

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    David, lived in Fort Lauderdale after the beginning of the 21st century. He had a home at 1600 S. Ocean Blvd. in the Harbor Beach area of Fort Lauderdale beach.

    Our motel is located at 2197 N. Ocean Blvd.

    After his death, you had to avoid going S. on N. Ocean Blvd. (A1A), because traffic was backing up before Sunrise Blvd., which would be at NE 10th street, which was more than 26-blocks, from his old house, which he had not been living in, since his divorce, back in 2015. The house was sold that year for 2M. Which was a real deal, considering the size of the 6-bedroom, 6-bath house.
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  6. oldturkey

    oldturkey Forum Resident

    Just because it's a great track. I've been listening to The Higher They Climb The Harder They Fall (RCA vinyl) all week. It's a bit TSOP/Starsky & Hutch but I really like it. Didn't Cassidy say "Sorry, I Don't Do Disco"?

    Could It Be Forever? My Story
  7. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    There are a couple of points during that song when I’m sure it’s going to morph into Raffaella Carra’s Do It, Do It Again!
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  8. oldturkey

    oldturkey Forum Resident

    I'm not sure about that!
    Is she doing reverse headbanging in this performance?

  9. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    Brave of Ms Carra to attempt a live vocal.

    I swear that song and Cassidy’s would make a great ‘mash-up’.
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  10. oldturkey

    oldturkey Forum Resident

    I finally got an electronical communication from Cherry Red to apologise for the delay, cancelling my order as requested. They claim that the reason my order was still "processing" after 2 weeks was because of an influx of orders and not enough stock. Hmm. Funny how that cd is still the only one up for sale on their website. That doesn't quite make sense imo.
    They said they are doing a repress - so anyone who buys from their site can expect their order to go into limbo for a few weeks while Cherry Red press some new ones...!
    I have put my trust in MusicMagpie instead.
  11. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    MusicMagpie have sent one of the 2 discs I ordered. I’m hoping the other is here today.

    It seems to be a thing now where companies are marking goods as ‘dispatched’, when they’re not in stock in the first place. I had an argument with a UK MP seller who acted as if I was being awkward because I questioned where my CD was 2 weeks after it had been ‘sent’! He blamed David’s death on the lack of stock, but I ordered an Osmonds disc (don’t judge me) at the same time and they did exactly the same thing with that!
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  12. bob60

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    London UK
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  13. oldturkey

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    Thanks. That's a great article.
    I remember Cassidy being fed the line by his management that the girl had a congenital heart defect (where the hell did they get that from - who invented it?), but really it was that the phenomenon was just too much - she got crushed. The same thing happened at Beatles and Elvis gigs, I don't know if they changed it for the Rollers.
    From his autobiography:
    "I certainly did not want to believe that I could in any way have been responsible for the death of one of my fans. Although I was devastated, I still to this day believe that my security and I did everything we could to keep my fans safe. Howeverm had you seen the thousands of fans pushing hysterically toward the stage that night, you would have concluded, as I did, that you still can't contain teenage girls who are out of control.. We did everything we could, but failed."
    I don't think they failed. These things are going to happen in extreme situations, and that was extreme. That was the 70s.
    Cassidy was responsible for the music, not the health and safety, but if he hadn't decided to do music. she wouldn't have died. I do think the girl's death had a psychological effect on him.
    I don't know if girls have been crushed at Michael Jackson, Wham! or Robbie Williams gigs - but what can you do?
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  14. oldturkey

    oldturkey Forum Resident

    When Bowie pegged it I ordered a black vinyl 1st US press of Blackstar (I'd already got the UK clear vinyl) from Discogs and I picked the seller because he said he was selling from the UK and I didn't want to order from the US. After two weeks of nothing I emailed him, and he said I had to wait for him to get it from the US. I freaked, left negative feedback and told him to cancel the order, but he left me a nasty message saying that he was doing me a service and I would never get a 1st press US copy of Blackstar for £50. I lost my respect for record sellers in general after that. They almost never give accurate gradings in my experience, and it's always graded up, not down.
    I've also got a couple of cds MIA that were supposed to have arrived within 2 to 3 days that I ordered three weeks ago on Discogs (orders disrupted in surprise warehouse change) and Ebay (no excuse given).
  15. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    'Warehouse change' seems to be a universal excuse now.:D

    Usually I have good luck, but have had 2 or 3 things go wrong at the same time in the last couple of weeks. My second Cassidy disc from MusicMagpie didn't show yesterday so I dropped them a polite email asking if it had been dispatched separately as I'd only received one. They sent me an insane reply saying they were sorry my disc was faulty and to throw it away as their 'stringent quality checks' were obviously at fault this time! They also refunded me for the 'faulty' CD.

    I still don't know if it's actually been sent. Perhaps this week will tell.:)
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  16. oldturkey

    oldturkey Forum Resident

    It just sounds like the usual customer service blather - they haven't even read your email.
    The fact that I am not at all surprised says everything. If I was you I would email them back and ask them to explain that reply. Make them squirm.
  17. ZackyDog

    ZackyDog Well-Known Member

    I hope that this isn't a repeat.

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  18. Tanx

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    Washington, DC
    Yes, very good article. I'm sure many of us have been on the floor at at least one concert when we realized things could go very wrong in an instant. The "hysteria" can get whipped up by the playing of the band's big hit as much as by a teen idol.

    Interesting take on the role of the media. Cassidy owned the U.S. teenybopper magazines, even post-Partridge Family, but I read about this event only in the daily paper. 16 et al. never mentioned it, and in fact, he pretty much disappeared from their pages after that. Given their role--to present a sunny, romantic view of pop stars to young girls--it's understandable, but it was shunning nonetheless.
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  19. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    I don't think I can be bothered.:)

    On one hand, they sent me a 'form' letter. I'm sure that particular model is well used at MM:D, but they have refunded me, so if the CD does come (not hugely sure it will), I'll get it for free. Perhaps best not to draw their attention to that.:)

    I will say MM have never mucked around with their deliveries to me.. They have sent some rough looking pieces, but they did turn up.:)
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  20. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    He seemed to vanish here too, though he did last a little longer. His 1976/7 albums didn't do anything in the UK and I don't recall the singles getting airplay, though I could be wrong about that. The next time he materialised was in 1985 with the Alan Tarney produced Romance album. The lead single, The Last Kiss, managed a top 10 placing helped, no doubt, by George Michael singing backing vocals.
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  21. Tanx

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    Washington, DC
    One reason I've been following this thread is to see the UK perspective, because I know his career lasted a bit longer overseas. It's been interesing to read.
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  22. greelywinger

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    Dayton, Ohio USA
  23. oldturkey

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    I got confirmation that MM have dispatched my CD of The Higher They Climb, so it's already an improvement over Cherry Red. Crossing my fingers.
    I just get frustrated with sellers trying to pull the wool over buyers eyes. Having spent time in Japan where businesses really genuinely seem to care about their customers, it really makes you realise what we put up with in the UK.
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  24. RubenH

    RubenH Forum Resident

    Agree; although all the albums have definite highlights.
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  25. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    Hope it comes soon. Is The Higher You Climb the only Cassidy twofer you're after?

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