Doctor Who: "Nu Who" controversial opinion (discussion)*

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    In the very first story, they make reference to having had travels in the TARDIS before settling on Earth for a while (during which Susan went to Coal Hill School). It was after the first TARDIS trip with Ian and Barbara on board that the Doctor notices that the TARDIS was still in the shape of a Police Box. Therefore, it seems as if the Chameleon Circuit had been working when the Doctor stole the TARDIS (and thus transformed into a Police Box when they made their visit to Earth), but then stopped functioning after that point.

    Sorry, just had to geek out there for a minute. :winkgrin:
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    To add to this: The Fourth Doctor attempted to fix the Chameleon Circuit (CC) and it led to his regeneration. The Sixth Doctor did get the CC working but disliked the results so much that he restored the TARDIS back to the Police Box form and disabled it. I've heard that The Ninth Doctor destroyed the CC to make sure that the TARDIS did not change shape due to its form being a key element throughout the history of Earth.
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    To add to my original post, it is likely that there are many unrevealed stories of each Doctor so that while each Doctor has been with us for only a few years (in our real time), each regeneration could have lasted for decades.

    If The Doctor was 650 years old when the series began, and he is over 1,400 years old now, then there are probably hundreds of stories that have not been revealed. As an example, even though the 9th, 10th, and 11th Doctor have departed their adventures have continued in the form of comic books (as there have previous been some stories of The Fourth Doctor [drawn by Dave Gibbons, the artist on Watchmen]).

    Using the above numbers, the average number of years for each regeneration (from the Second Doctor to the Twelfth Doctor) was 58 years (rounded).

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