Does any singer's voice make you sick?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jymn, Mar 8, 2003.

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  1. Ron Stone

    Ron Stone Offending Member

    Deep Maryland
    Singers that will make me hit the "search" button on the radio:

    It sounds painful! How are the man's vocal cords intact?

    When I hear this self-important Diane-Warren-does-Seattle bombast, I'm embarassed for them. The first time I saw one of their videos I thought it was a parody.

    Pearl Jam
    So who has more marbles in their mouth: Cher or Eddie Vedder?

    Robert Plant
    A unique voice, but I find him too draining to listen to for an entire album. And the war cries on "Immigrant Song" are unintentionally funny.

    Well, give them credit. Hiring a real singer would have meant cutting the checks four ways.

    James Taylor
    Too easy-listening.
  2. Shakey

    Shakey New Member

    Chicago, Illinois

    I'll second that!
  3. Jimmy Cagoots

    Jimmy Cagoots Forum Resident

    Berlin, Ct.
    • Robert Plant
    • Phil Collins
    • Ethel Merman
  4. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your Host Your Host

    Sky Saxon.
  5. Mike

    Mike New Member

    New Jersey
    That is known as the "Cookie Monster". :laugh:
  6. Ed Bishop

    Ed Bishop Incredibly, I'm still here

    Re: Re: Does any singer's voice make you sick?

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    Elton's singing has always been mannered--never more so than on MADMAN ACROSS THE WATER--but I liked him all the same...just thought the quality of his material started going downhill around '77 and never really improved.

    I was going to say Mrs. Miller, but that was meant to be a joke...right?!?:confused:

  7. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    I'm sure that holds true in every profession...sometimes ya gotta bite the bullet and smile.
  8. -=Rudy=-

    -=Rudy=- ♪♫♪♫♫♪♪♫♪♪ Staff

    You must not be referring to Bon Scott--I only like the AC/DC that Bon Scott sings (and "sneers") on. The replacement (so forgettable that I can't even remember his name right now) just doesn't appeal to me. "You Shook Me All Night Long" only shakes me long enough to turn the dial.

    Oh, about Walter Becker? I never could get whacked with his 11 Tracks of Whack recording. And he sings one on the new Dan album as well. Doesn't make me sick...just not my cup of tea.
  9. KeithH

    KeithH Success With Honor...then and now

    Beaver Stadium
    Michael said:

    That would be Kevin Cronin. ;)
  10. KeithH

    KeithH Success With Honor...then and now

    Beaver Stadium
    A few that come to mind:

    Morrissey (that "Ohhhhhhh-Iaaaaay wouldn't fall in love...." song. Blech!)

    Celine Dion (too bombastic on many songs, though I like some of her stuff)

    Gino Vanelli (bombastic and throaty)
  11. ACK!

    ACK! Forum Resident

    New Hampshire
    Frankie Valli
    Michael Bolton
    Macy Gray

    I'm sure I'll think of others in due time. They don't make me physically sick, but they do irritate the hell out of me.

  12. Ron Stone

    Ron Stone Offending Member

    Deep Maryland
    How could I forget:

    Chicago/Peter Cetera
    Similar to R.E.O. Speedwagon/Kevin Cronin, in that it's a ballad singer who can't really sing ballads.

    I'll have to put on the fire suit and disagree about the Rod Stewart selections. His worst is usually due to his choice of material and musicians, not his voice, which remains one of the best, in my opinion.
  13. rontokyo

    rontokyo Forum Resident

    Tokyo, Japan
    Neil Sedaka
  14. HeavyDistortion

    HeavyDistortion Forum Resident

    Baltimore, MD
    Bob Dylan
    Tom Waits
    Lou Reed

    However, all are excellent songwriters, but I prefer when others cover their songs.

    Ed Hurdle
  15. paulg61

    paulg61 Forum Resident

    Have to agree on Stewart, but his problem is deeper than just lame songs and musicians. He just doesn't have the "passion", self-deprecating sense of humor and humility that he had on his first 5 Studio LPS (all on Mercury) among the best in Rock - Please get back with FACES.

    Brian Johnson is the name Bon's replacement in AC/DC. While, I agree that I can only handle him in small doses - He did come in like a champ and record Back in Black under very dire circumstances that would have ended most bands (mostly songs Bon was about to record beefore his death by Misadventure) which is still today a great hard rock metal masterpiece LP - Not bad for ex-roofer from Sheffield! Trouble is since thishighwater mark of 1980, they've been making the same record for the past 23 years - sometimes even with new lyrics!

    As far as Dylan - Of course, he does not possess a "technically"good voice, but that doesn't alter my opinion that he is one of the best singers in Rock history (Like Keith Richard - it is not the voice, but the heart and soul he gives his incredible lyrics) that you know he's 100% genuine and the absolute real deal.
  16. stever

    stever Forum Resident

    Omaha, Nebr.
    Bruce Willis.
  17. Scott Wheeler

    Scott Wheeler Forum Resident

    Barbara Striesand. Nails on a chalk board for me. the singer for The Cure. he sounds like Bobcat Goldthwait to me. All apologies for misspelled names.
  18. Have never been able to get even close to connecting with Janis Joplin. I've tried and tried. I want to love her. I love the blues, I love what she tried to do, but....
  19. reechie

    reechie Well-Known Member

    The Mariah's and Celine's, The Bolton's, The Vince Neil-type metal screechers, The Vedder clones...
  20. Jymn

    Jymn Formerly skysaxon Thread Starter

    Re: Re: Does any singer's voice make you sick?


    "Empty Sky" was OK, but after reaction is proportionate with each release.
  21. davef

    davef Forum Resident

    Vienna, VA
    Micheal Bolton
    Courtney Love
    Dennis DeYoung...
    ...and the all time one for me, Yoko Ono!
  22. peterC

    peterC Aussie Addict

    Well, it doesn't make me sick but Pete Townshend's voice irritates me....

    ..............but nowhere near as much as Michael Notlob, Celine, etc etc.

    Macy Gray doesn't qualify as I don't think I've ever heard her actually sing!
  23. reb

    reb Long Live Rock

    Long Island
    These 3 make me hit the skip button.

    The singer from Creed.
    Did I say the singer from Creed.
    John Mellencamp
    The singer from Creed..................
  24. tomd

    tomd Forum Resident

    1)Michael Mc Donald- Doobie's are not bad but just hear him way too much on the modern jazz station I like

    2)Don Henley-defines the word boring

    3)Bob Seger-see above

    4)That guy from Hootie and The Blowfish-see

    5)That guy from Creed

    6)Michael Bolton and Whitney Houston-a tie for singer I hate the most

    7)Tom Petty-A nice guy that writes good music though.Only album I really like from him is the Wildflowers album

    8)Phil Collins
  25. czeskleba

    czeskleba Senior Member

    Here's another vote for Geddy Lee. Rush would be great as an instrumental band.

    And another for me one is Billy Corgan. I don't mind the music of the Smashing Pumpkins, but when his voice kicks in, my skin crawls and my teeth sweat.
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