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    Oh I know - but I was talking about an auction where there had been no automatic bids placed as there has only been 1 bidder - but yet you are able to tell that the original bidder has gone back to the auction - and set a 2nd bid - which will turn into automatic bids if anyone else places a bid on the item.

    I've found it's different than me opening the bid on a $1 with a bid of $20. That would only show one bid being made - and then the next bidders would have no idea - until they bid - that I had set a higher maximum on that first bid - as my automatic bids take over.

    Where as if I place a bid of $1 on a $1 opening bid - and then - I go back to the auction later - and I enter a 2nd higher bid on top of my own - people can see now there are 2 bids (or 3, or 4, if I keep going back) but the opening price will still say it is $1.

    I do this on occasion to lock an item in so it must be sold - then if no one else has bid as it nears the end of the time - and I cannot be at my computer when it ends (I don't use sniping services) I will enter a 2nd bid on top of the first. People will then be able to tell they need to beat me by more than $1.
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    It's probably worth bidding up to the maximum you are willing to spend on an item. Forget the bids entered, unless they already exceed your maximum. If you lose, then look elsewhere. If you win with a bid well below your maximum, then great.

    You only need one bid near the end of an auction to lock it in: the seller can't cancel bids even if they pay the fees.
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    I started using esnipe within the last year and probably will never bid any other way from now on. It can reduce the high bid on items with a limited number of bidders that want the item. In a perfect world other bidders would just put in a "high bid" and stick with it. Of course the problem is with bidiots that put in incremental bids so they will be "high bidder" long before the end of the auction. If I put first bid on an item with a starting bid of $50.00 and decide I am willing to pay up to $100.00 there will inevitably be some guy that will put in their "high bid" of $60.00... then $65.00... then $70.00 until they just give up making my high bid $75.00. If I snipe it the ending bid will only be the increment over the other bidders high bid of $60.00. I know that a lot of folks hate snipers but if you are really willing to put your real "high bid" without the need to see that you are "high bidder" on the listing, you wouldn't have a problem (other than the bidiots that want to see their current bid at the top).
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    I use Auction Sniper on my Android phone. Works perfectly, as long as you have service and are signed in.

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