Fake Bowie and Stones box sets on EBAY

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    Check out Complete collection of pink floyd Complete collection of pink floyd | eBay via @eBay


    Complete collection of pink Floyd albums compiled by my self includes a comic book and a profile audio documentary and the new album is this what we really want. Released June 2017 by roger waters these to DVDs are packed with all the albums which can be played on laptop or riped to audio CD is making 30 something albums other artists can be acquired just ask

    *** Me and my Partner have Reported this to eBay at least 4-5 x and they've done Jack!!
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    The auction is usually canceled upon refund so you cannot leave feedback.
    It's always a good ideal to check feedback.Some of the sellers can have a feedback of 98 and still have dozens of negatives just because of the volume of selling they do.
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