Fleetwood Mac 2018 Reunion/Farewell Tour...

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by jmpatrick, Dec 6, 2017.

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    Or a cat playing a banjo............
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    Pretty much every tape I've heard of them in concert or on BBC radio sessions is superb. It is quite something to have been one of the greatest bands of all time, lose all the key members and come back to make Rumours etc... Not many musicians are fortunate enough to have that happen. Beatles to Wings is one of the few examples I can think of but that involved a songwriter of some renown in both line-ups.
    Regardless of which line-up one prefers (Green / Kirwan in my case), you have to hand it to John and Mick for not giving up when all their guitarists went awol and finding people with the talent of Buckingham Nicks and making it work. A great achievement and one that has completely eclipsed the 5 man line-up in the public consciousness to the point where most people don't even know who they were.
    I've brought it up before and daft as it may sound, I can well imagine Stevie pulling off a magic version of Green Manalishi with her witchy warble and a lot of audience members might even think it's a terrific new song.
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    Depends on economics. FM is not a stadium act, but they can headline festivals like this year’s “Classic East/West”. Even if she plays the same venues, FM may be able to play multiple nights and at higher ticket prices (and with more VIP packages). The overall take could be much higher and who knows, maybe it’s not a simple five-way split?
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    I'm glad they went ahead without her. There are some great songs on the Buckingham-McVie album. It would have be a true shame for that material to remain buried just because Stevie didn't want to work with Lindsey. And on that note.....

    It seems like the other members of the band are always absolutely thrilled to be working with Lindsey. I understand the personal history between Stevie and Lindsey but, to be fair, there's also history between John and Christine and they seem to be doing okay together. Stevie being intentionally difficult, maybe?
  5. SoundAdvice

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    Amazon or Walmart would pay silly money for the first proper FM album in 30 years. It's a cop out answer where she's wrong.

    She can do her songs for an FM album with minimal time commitment. The 2003 documentary also has her dragging her feet while the other 3 were waiting and doing songs without her.

    I agree that she just doesn't don't to "deal" with Buckingham in any situation that isn't playing the old favourites. Explains why the B-N reissue/tours never happened.
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    when is the last time she filled venues his size without another artist that is popular? didn't she go on a tour with rod stewart recently and then the pretenders??
  7. raphph

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    They are categorically a stadium act. ELO headlined Wembley Stadium this June....

    The Mac could easily (easily!) sell out Hyde Park or Wembley Stadium... They sold out 5 nights I think at the O2 (which holds 20,000) ...

    Particularly if they announced it as the Farewell Tour ...or the "Rumours Album" tour.....
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    Or her heart...
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    Will be psyched to check it out if Stevie is on board, but if I was as rich as her you certainly could not pay me enough to work with my ex.
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    Stevie seems a little tapped out creatively. Her last album was all old songs redone so maybe that is why she is using other excuses. I agree that she could contribute three songs within a minimal time frame like she did with Tango. I would like to see one last FM album but looks like that is not happening. At least they will do one last big tour eventually. I love that McVie is all in now and Stevie is not. FM never seems to be on the same page with each other but I guess that is what keeps the chemistry going at least on stage anyways.
  11. Eiricd

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    saw the band in the fall of 2013, last leg before CM returned. They were great, and I'm sure the addition of CM and some of her signature songs will elevate the gigs even more.

    I'm not surprised if they play the farewell card. LB in particular seems very honest about how FM is a well paid part time job. So why wouldn't they try to generate as much money as possible?

    What I find strange is that they haven't released a live video since 2003. Hopefully there will be one soon
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    Not at all. I always found it curious --- John McVee provided Christine with a big-time musical outlet. It seems once that happened he turned on the entire scene of having a woman join the "boy's" club. You would have thought he'd have gotten more behind the idea, since it was really of his making. She was clearly the bigger talent between the 2. Egos took over it seems. And drugs. And Lindsey Buckingham....
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    I believe her arena tours are double bills. Has she done an arena tour touring by herself? I mean, that still means she can tour arenas as a solo artist, but I was just pointing that out.
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    They really need to do one last live album/video. The 2003 one had a really lame setlist and I never bothered getting it. McVie was sorely missed. That would be a good time to bring out the former living guitarists for one song a piece. Should be like a 3 hour last show affair so all the hits are played. It would be awesome.
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  15. bartels76

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    She toured with people like Pretenders and Rod Stewart so she had a strong opener/co-headliner for a while now so she can fill arenas.
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  16. bartels76

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    Stevie Nicks Tours – Stevie Nicks
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    Goes both ways. Some fans don't want to hear Little Lies and Everywhere....:D
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    You mean a solo tour without any announced support act? I think the answer is never. In her prime, when she did one headlining Arena tour, Joe Walsh, who was big at the time, was the support act. Rod Stewart was a co-headlining tour. The most recent tour, she headlined and the Pretenders were the announced support act.

    Her newfound popularity has been attributed to her appearances on American Horror Story and The Voice, to a loyal gay audience and her persona as a witch, among other things. I have no idea.
  19. drbryant

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    Maybe. They can clearly headline festivals. Stadiums are a different animal - maybe in specific locations, the way James Taylor can play Fenway Park or Pearl Jam can play Wrigley.
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    What's happening to Danny Kirwan these days?
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    I question whether FM circa 2018 can consistently play stadiums in the U.S. Arenas? Obviously yes. But stadiums can be 2-3 times the size.
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  22. Wombat Reynolds

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    its possible I guess. I saw them sell out a big stadium in Florida in the late 70s/early 80s.

    but that was a long time when the rumours line up was still large and in charge.
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    Someone here had a very rational explanation that it is probably more financially viable for SN to do a solo tour. And since it does appear she is tapped out, that is an easier grind. She can play old stuff all night, get huge ovations, and keep more money. FM: small cut of a bigger pie, she only does her FM stuff and she has to learn how to fit into the new material. You just know LB isn't going to be content playing all old stuff when he put out the equivalent of a Mac record this year.
  24. PretzelLogic

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    The last big thing that circulated on Danny was 20+ years ago when he was living rough in Covent Garden, but someone (probably on here?) had an update that he was being well looked after, had improved in terms of health, and had made a home in Scandinavia.
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