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    You have to call them during business hours otherwise it's a crap shoot as to whether or not you'll get a return call (or E mail). Years ago Seth himself would make return calls himself and discuss things on the phone for 5, 10 minutes. As i see it, since they became involved in audio equipment (in addition to records) things started getting a bit hectic. but one thing I learned...NEVER order anything on "back order". The last time I did this was for the MFSL pressing of The Best Of The Raspberries...I was waiting for about a month and a half and kept getting told my order was being "processed"...which is another way of saying "we're waiting to receive it from an outside source". I still think they do the best packaging which is utmost for ordering LP's...but they have gotten a bit "behind" in other areas.
  2. keithdylan

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    That's part of my concern, I have been calling during business hours. Still get answering service. Maybe today was inventory day.
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    They don't keep all of their records in stock. They have to wait for a distributer to ship to them. Music Direct is doing the same BS on many of the records they sell as well.
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    Seth's a great guy but it's clear they are still having shipping issues. I just don't understand that in this day and age. I've always questioned whether they actually stock vinyl because it always takes about two weeks for me to receive vinyl titles. They operatore more like a drop shipper, but after speaking with Seth I don't think that's actually ture. So, why it takes so long to get anything out the door is a big mystery. My business has been growing too fast lately, and I'm running into some issues which will be resolved by cutting back on orders we take. I wonder if this is the best time for them to be trying to expand? Growth has the potential to damage a business and can be as bad as not having enough sales. My Prime had a factory defective part that has been an issue for almost a year (though until now I was being given other things to check out to resolve the bad gound problem) and after getting very frustrated I called VPI last week. They were the one's that informed me of this issue, and have sent a replacement. The pivot has a coating that was blocking the ground signal to the arm, so the arm was never grounded! Which I knew, but no one could tell me why until now. I really feel SS should have known about this and contacted me. But I am convinced that, as always, they will make things right if you run into an issue. He genuinely cares about his business, I think it's simply a matter of them outgrowing their infrastructure. But, they'll solve it eventually.
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    If you aren't getting any customer service I can tell you for experience that is a new issue. Wonder what's up?
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    The answering service said they have been closed the last 2 days for inventory. That time of year.

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