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    Amazon doesn't have everything in stock either. I have seen backordered on Amazon many times.
    Many sellers don't know what they are selling. I've gotten too many wrong pressings from Amazon.
    Don't believe there is no limit on returns to Amazon. There is a member on this forum that was banned from Amazon because of returning records.
    Amazon used to discount, not so much anymore. I doubt there are any records that are 20% off on Amazon.
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    My last order with Soundstage Direct was for a replacement vacuum pickup wand for my VPI 16.5 and a Nina Simone record put out by Pure Pleasure. I knew going into the process that they had neither in stock but I wasn't in a hurry. Soundstage Direct shipped the order in full within 10 days. I got 20% off on the vinyl and free shipping on everything. I was completely pleased with the results of the order.

    I don't order as much from Soundstage Direct as I used to. Elusive Disc, Acoustic Sounds and Music Direct have all gotten more competitive, plus there are other alternatives like Insound and Bullmoose. More to the point, Amazon gets the bulk of my easy, in-stock, mass merchandised, commodity priced, I-want-it-now record orders. But if it makes the most sense to buy something from Soundstage Direct, I'm very glad to give them my business.
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    Yes, no perfect all in one solution for everyone. I mainly buy new releases that are for the masses, like the just released Greatest Showman soundtrack on vinyl, so it's pretty easy to get the bulk of what I want from Amazon. But your're right, I see a lot of stuff in the upcoming release sections of the other sellers that I'm sure aren't on Amazon. And I too have heard of bans from Amazon for high returns, though no one seems to know the metrics on how that works and they would be stupid to let that out. But I buy a lot from Amazon, a few thousand a month for business, so I'm guessing there are not going to boot me for returning some $22 vinyl albums as I'm sure some things I buy have much better margins. I have called a couple times to ask about that, including two weeks ago, and they looked up my acccount and both times said they saw nothing to indicate I'm coming even close to reaching their return ceiling. So, I guess if the majority of your buys are vinyl, with the small margins I would bet they would put a stop to that pretty quickly, even if the returns are justified, as that person would not be profitable for them. I just figure if I even buy 50% from them, it's cutting my exposure by that much. And often I have no issues with the vinyl anyway. I guess each person has different needs, and if you just want the basic releases Amazon might be a good solution.
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    And ten days is very acceptable for special order purchases. It's funny how spotty they seem to be...sometimes good, sometimes not. I bought my VPI Prime from them and generally speaking, it all went just fine. When I needed some help their support guy was very helpful.
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    I don't buy much new vinyl, but they did a wonderful job on the deluxe Master Of Puppets box set that I preordered from them. I certainly ain't got no complaints.
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    Ah well, As mentioned earlier, I had pre-ordered Marillions Brave in hopes it would be a successful order. Just got notice from Soundstaged that it’s in repress? I asked them to cancel as it’s readily available and I’ve no idea when, or if, it will be obtained for me. It was worth a try.
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    Well I am at 2 weeks and have not heard from SSD so I have sent am email tonight. It would appear that Bowie/Lodger is holding up this order as it's listed "Awaiting Repress". The album is readily available and I even came across it at a Barnes & Noble store this weekend!

    Just not worth the wait and lack of communication. They sure have gone downhill quickly.

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