Giveaway: Every Sony Legacy April 2017 RSD release & PS-HX500 Hi-Res Record Player

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    Not exactly sure where to post this (or if it's even OK to do so...if I'm breaking a rule, I apologize in advance to the community and Gorts).
    It doesn't get any easier than this...sign up to the Sony Legacy email list and you're eligible for prizes including catalog vinyl and a grand prize of every 2017 Legacy RSD release and a PS-HX500 turntable. More details and entry form here: Enter for a Chance to Win New Vinyl in April
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    Nice! Thanks!
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    US only
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    Thanks! That turntable looks like a fun toy to play with, having built-in circuitry to convert LP to native DSD or up to 192/24 WAV, via USB output to computer recorder software.

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    Thank You!!
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    The Big Question...

    Will the winners have to provide a copy of their ID, along with a Notary Public's stamp...???
    ;) :confused: :( :cry: :shake: :p
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