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    Thanks kindly mate! I always try to be very respectful in discussions like this. I'm not normally intent on 'being right', but I just wanted clarity on this. Things like this are not import enough to get THAT worked up about :)

    Besides, clearly Myke has been here a VERY long time and obviously knows a hell of a lot more than I do (can you say 'major suckup' everybody! :agree: ) But, I think what it is is that I'm usually goofing around so much that sometimes I don't make what I'm saying very clear, that's all, which makes me sound more stupid than usual (which is quite a feat in itself, let me tell you...)

    The good news is the guy very nicely wrote me back a couple of times and confirmed that this is indeed the Classic Records 2 LP pressing, new. Like I said, I'm not one much for tribute albums, and this one may very well suck, but when I saw Princes bloody amazing rendition of Red House, it blew me away! Also, I am a TOTAL sucker for a good deal, and correct or incorrect, all the other copies were at least double the price used for this one new. THAT suckers me every time! :D
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    4 or 5 great songs and the rest you will never play again ... ever.
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    latheofheaven Trying 2 snag Da best deals before Lightning Tuna!

    Thanks for the encouragement... Man, this place is FULL of helpful people... [​IMG]
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    Don't you DARE enjoy that record, man! You have been warned! :laugh:
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    I have this issue with people all the time, they think because someone has an asking price that it's worth that. The only thing that decides fair market value is completed sales, that is what depicts what an item is worth. I have a few records people are asking $200 for but they sell for like $50 all the time. Not taking sides just saying !
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    latheofheaven Trying 2 snag Da best deals before Lightning Tuna!

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    latheofheaven Trying 2 snag Da best deals before Lightning Tuna!

    I know, I know Bro... This may very well be true, and everyone seems REALLY to want to make that point. That's fine, really... All I was saying (I'm getting the rope ready now - the noose part is a bit tough...) Is that I found 1 on Amazon new for about half of everywhere else I looked. Even for a newbie nobody like me, doesn't that sound like a TINY reason to be a bit excited and come here and say something. Perhaps without everyone trying to pound into me how the album isn't worth that, etc., etc...? :)
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    It’s worth whatever you’re willing to pay for it.
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    I own the record. It is what it is.
    The songs that are great really are great.

    There are a bunch of Hendrix tributes out there ... "Stone Free", "In From the Storm" (Toots Thielman doing "Little Wing"!), that wonderfully quirky "If 6 Was 9", the great Gil Evans one, I've got 'em all.
    I was lucky enough (and smart enough) to see Hendrix live and became a Hendrix freak ... I buy everything officially and unofficially released, even the cash grabs ...
    Just giving you a heads up, not meaning to wound you.

    Who knows? I could be wrong and you'll love the whole thing. Stranger things have happened.
    (Don't care for emoji's but imagine a wink and wave)

    A side note, I believe this section is to give a heads up to great deals and not "look what I got".
    That might belong in the regular music section.
    I could be wrong and I mean no offense.
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    it's dropped a few times over the last couple months. keep your eyes peeled!
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    latheofheaven Trying 2 snag Da best deals before Lightning Tuna!

    Thanks for the input. I look forward to hearing it. And, thanks for your intended emoji :)

    And, again, if you read my first post, I was NOT bragging about what I found, but I was mentioning what I THOUGHT would be available to others at Amazon. Thus the 'Great Deals on Amazon' thread, right...? The first fellow that replied mentioned that after I bought the one that there were no more at that price. My mistake...

    Believe me... if this is what I get for TRYING to tell others about a good deal that I found like so many that I found from others here, rest assured, this will indeed be THE last time I will ever post anything here, trust me. I will just enjoy what the others post and try to snag whatever deals OTHERS find.

    But, I appreciate your nice comments and I think that is bloody GREAT that you actually got to see Hendrix man, that is truly awesome! [​IMG]
  13. latheofheaven

    latheofheaven Trying 2 snag Da best deals before Lightning Tuna!

    Thanks mate! I will definitely do that...
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    Trying to figure out what this thread is about... Because it's definitely not about hot deals.
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    Import CDs even has it a tad cheaper shipped via their ebay shop.
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