Got Jerry Garcia solo anyone?*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Daedalus, Feb 18, 2015.

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    Right. Dogged determination for the win. Bobby Weir is a classic Americana bio. :thumbsup:

    Not to mention all those EPIC Playin' & Other One JAMS.
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  2. budwhite

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    Bob is doing a lot of Hunter/Garcia songs these days. Was that always the case or is that a new thing?
  3. bzfgt

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    It's been the case for a very long time, anyway.
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  4. pbuzby

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    He sang "Stella Blue" at the Fare Thee Well show I saw. Seemed to be trying on a much more serious, Garcia-like stage persona compared to the rock goofball image he had for most of the 80's and 90's with the GD.
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    Right now I'm listening to everyone's favorite Tiger Stripe Tyrannosaurus Jockey record, (Midnight Getaway is well worth the price of admission,) but lately I've been really enjoying Garcia's 1974-75 groups with Merle Saunders, Kahn, Fierro, and a rotating cast of drummers.

    It's a really compelling adjunct to Grateful Dead 1974, which to me is the band at the height of its powers, and then Garcia is playing all of this eclectic stuff with Garcia/Saunders and Legion of Mary.

    The 73 stuff is no slouch either. Dahabenzapple, I'm officially recommending to you Garcia Live 3,6, and 9
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