Great Pictures of the Byrds from the Cellar in Arlington Heights, IL

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by jojopuppyfish, Mar 14, 2012.

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    Whoa. I grew up in nearby Mount Prospect, but this was well before my time. These acts played Arlington Heights? Kind of blows the mind.

    All I remember of acts playing the suburbs were the bills posted around my high school for bands playing the Thirsty Whale, right in the transition between the hair-metal era and the grunge era. They would invariably have very metal-sounding names, with "Fleshold" being the one that sticks in my brain.
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    action pact ^^ Sandy Warner, "The Exotica Girl"

    This is a great CD:

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    Quick Story: So I moved to Riverwoods when I was 10.
    And Rolling Meadows had a Second City location when I was a teenager.
    I never thought much of it, thinking that it would be the no I went downtown instead and actually saw Chris Farley before he was famous.

    Years later, I found out the Rolling Meadows location had Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert
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    Chicago boy here too ! Born on Magnet Ave.,Northwest Side...Milwaukee Ave., Northwest Highway (1958).

    Terry Kath went to my elementary school, Rufus M. Hitch, and my older sister's high school, Taft. She knew The Buckinghams, and the New Colony Six too.

    Moved to Tennessee in 1972.
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    I have read about a club in Schaumburg called Beginnings who had some major bands in the 70's.

    And every day going to and from work I drive by the mall Golf Mill where I understand there used to be a concert venue.
  7. MYKE

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    I had (have?) family that lives very near there.
  8. I also lived in Arlington Heights at the time, and saw the Shadows of Knight at the Cellar many times. Their singer became a drug dealer after the band broke up. I bought weed from him a couple of times in the 70's. I believe he eventually went to jail for it.
  9. action pact

    action pact ^^ Sandy Warner, "The Exotica Girl"

    Jim Sohns:

    melstapler and trumpet sounds like this.
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    Jessica Simpson (as in the former Ms. Nick Lachey) did a show in Golf Mill's parking lot--bring the music to the mallrats! (I should do a search to see if this is the first mention of Jessica Simpson on the forum...)
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    NO pictures ? :realmad: :tsk: ;)
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    A true rock & roller :)
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    The Byrds played Arlington Heights on July 31st, 1965. The previous evening , they played Morton High School in Berwyn. Opening act for both shows was The Shadows Of Knight. They flew straight out of O'Hare ( on TWA 770) the next day ( August 1rst) to London for their infamous, disasterous, British Tour. *

    *Thanks to Christopher Hjort's "Byrds Day-By-Day, 1965-1973" book.
  14. Shawn

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    Anyone have the address of The Cellar? I've read conflicting accounts and was never able to pin it down (I grew up in Arlington Heights, and besides Uncle Alberts Records, The Cellar was probably the only 'cool' thing in that town!).
  15. MYKE

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    Wiki :

    Located in Arlington Heights, Illinois, The Cellar teen dance club provided live musical entertainment in the 1960s. Founded in 1964 by Paul Sampson (a local record store owner who later became a music promoter and manager), this music venue primarily featured Rock and Roll music acts, although some Blues acts performed as well. Original location is uncertain. Bob Lehnert, original vocalist for The Amboy Dukes contributes that its original location was actually a cellar located just a few blocks from the center of Downtown Arlington Heights. It may have been under a church or community center as it had a stage cut out of the north wall. It moved to an unused warehouse on Davis Street, along the Chicago and Northwestern railroad tracks. It closed in 1970.
  16. Shawn

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    Yep, I have seen that wiki entry which is why I thought I'd ask Forum members as maybe someone here has that elusive address (or addresses, as it mau have been).
  17. MYKE

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    Yeah, with 32,000 of us now...odds are good. :agree:
  18. Shawn

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    Maybe someone has a handbill or flier from there?
  19. Glenn Christense

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    One of my buddies and co workers always mentioned seeing the Byrds and Cream and the Shadows of Knight at the Cellar. I'm easily as big of a music geek as he is and I always wondered why I never saw those shows... and then it dawned on me. He's three years older than me. At that time I wasn't old enough to drive yet and in that era we didn't think of asking our parents to drive us to a teen club a half an hour away, and then pick us up later. So..then I didn't feel as bad for missing the shows at the Cellar.:D
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    My sister is 8 years older than me (61 now), she got to go, I was playing at Gladstone Park, across the street from my house. :laugh:
  21. Glenn Christense

    Glenn Christense Foremost Beatles expert... on my block

    No, you were bowling at Habetler Bowl on Northwest Hwy that night.;)
  22. MYKE

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    I remember going apesquirt watching ER one night, and somebody came in with pastry from Gladstone Bakery. :laugh:
  23. DCW

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    I used to drive to Arlington Heights from my Grandmother's place in Evanston looking for where the Cellar used to be-never could find it. Assume that it's been razed.

    Also have an ex-girlfriend from there. She didn't remember anything about the Cellar. Too young.
  24. COBRA

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    I spent almost every weekend at both Cellars and I can help with a band lineup.The Shadows of Knight, Saturdays Children, The Maudes, Amboy Dukes,The Who, The Byrds, Cream, Buffalo Springfield, Buddy Miles, Blue cheer, Baby Huey and the Babysitters. The Yardbirds and The Association and possibly The Strawberry Alarmclock might have played.SOME THINGS ARE A LITTLE FUZZY FROM THAT TIME.Oh yeah, Jim Sohns was a manager of a Citgo in Hawthorn Woods for a while.
  25. Hi guys, the day-dy-day book is available for £2 in chains of "The Last Booksop around bargain I've seen in 2014!


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