Green Sticker on Capitol Records Re-Release-- means purple Label?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by stereoguy, Oct 28, 2017.

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    I'm looking at a sealed LP from Capitol Records. The cover has a round green sticker that says "A Capitol Records Value". On the jacket, it says in the upper left hand corner "A Capitol Re-issue".

    Would this mean that this is one of the Purple Label reissues from the 80s?

    The Lp was originally released in the mid 70s with the orange label.

    The reason I'm asking is that with this particular LP, the Orange label releases I've had have never sounded good. But my Beatles purple label re-issues do sound really good.

    So what are the chances this one is a purple Label?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. My guess is that it's a Green label pressing. I think all of my Capitol re-issues I own have the Green label.
  3. nosticker

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    It's a better bet that it's a green label with the large dome logo. Those are usually excellent pressings!

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    I'm guessing the green label too. I have a couple Beach Boys and a Pink Floyd Relics that sound very good. These budget releases are great. No futzing!
  5. There were some excellent and legendary mastering engineers who worked on those Capitol green label re-issues.
  6. stereoguy

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    Wonderful.....thank you fellas!
  7. stereoguy

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    Update: I want to thank everyone for sharing thier knowledge, as the LP arrived today and it is indeed a green label reissue. Sound quality is excellent, much better than the original Capitol orange label . The LP was also sealed which is always nice. It could use a cleaning as I hear some junk in the grooves, but it sounds wonderful. A couple of you have pm'd me asking the title, its " The Lettermen, All Time Greatest Hits".
    Many thanks to all and Happy Holidays.

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