Help with older movie title: man pretends to be insane

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    Seeking help on the title of this film…

    This is what I remember:

    I think it was made in the 1960s, black and white, probably saw it on TCM a few years ago.

    It involves a man who’s in love with a married woman. He plots to kill her husband so they can be together. I remember the man reading a number of law books to come up with his scheme, which I think revolved around being certain he would be found insane, committed and released after a short stay to be with the woman. He commits the murder and goes to a mental institution, where he has to endure being locked up with other patients. He has regular meetings with a woman psychiatrist who seems suspicious of him and reluctant to declare him sane and he is stuck there. He gets visits from the girlfriend now and then, but she eventually gets impatient and begins seeing someone else.

    I’ve tried a number of keyword searches, but none of the results (like Shock Treatment or Shock Corridor) match this film.

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    The movie IS titled Shock Corridor it is a 1963 Sam Fuller flick starring soon to be Big Valley series alumni Peter Breck.Breck portrays a journalist who will go to any lengths to win a coveted award for great journalism.Even faking insanity.The rain scene is especially great.FYI Amazon carries the film.Peace.
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    Thanks, no it's definitely not Shock Corridor (I just watched a bit of it on YouTube). There was no aspect of the story about a reporter trying to win a journalism award.
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    Thanks, no the story line doesn't match and I think the actors were less famous (I think I would have remembered Robert Taylor and Herbert Marshall).
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    You had a brainstorm, found it.
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