Hip Hop Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by FunBrownSugar, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. Spanish Joint

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    DAMN and Blue Fish Theory are my two favorites of the year.
  2. tmwlng

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    I love Big Fish Theory too. Definitely a hip hop album, but the techno/electronic influences are still massive. Must have heard it a hundred times already.
  3. It's sad seeing this post now that Prodigy has passed away. The channel Viceland ran a heartbreaking interview with him early in the summer, apparently right before he passed away. The years of sickle-cell anemia had made his living very painful. Prodigy went over the details of his arrest and incarceration. I hadn't realized that he had a falling out with Havoc at one point.
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    Glad to see this thread again!

    Jazz Spastiks released a couple dope projects recently: Scratch and Sniff and Midnight Method available on their bandcamp here: Jazz Spastiks

    Producer Fluent, an online friend of mine since the early 2000s, released an underground classic in 2008 with an MC from Chicago by the name of Decay. They called themselves Uncut Raw and re-released it recently on cassette/digital and has a few CDs left from the original run. When it came out there were people saying they thought it had a similar feel to MF DOOM and Madlib's album Madvillainy.
    Uncut Raw - First Toke [album] [CD copies available!!], by Uncut Raw

    The insanely prolific Infinito 2017 (Marcellous Lovelace) has released quite a few albums so far this year (for a full 17 album boxset!), but I've only heard two and I'm really digging them a lot. Dope indie underground conscious hip hop.
    One of the 2 I've purchased: Infinito 2017 - Mind Of Advanced Resistance, by lowtechrecords
    And Infinito's bandcamp releases: Infinito2017
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  5. ando here

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    Second that!

    By Any Means 2, KevinGates

    A co-worker and fellow Baton Rouge native said of Kevin Gates' latest mixtape, the sequel to By Any Means 1, dropped a couple of years ago, "Well, I wouldn't listen to it again." The consensus is that it isn't as hard as the first and that any expectations for a topper should be squashed. I've listened to it once and I'd give it another spin. It grows on you. Gates has had time for deeper reflection and it shows.
  6. Jama

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    My favourite hip hop album this year so far is Being You is Great, I Wish I Could Be You More Often by Quelle Chris
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  7. scotth

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    Gotta love Mello Music Group. One of my contenders for AOTY is this incredible release:

  8. Jama

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    Toronto, ON
    On my list of albums to check out!
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