I Present the Cheapest Bluetooth Headphones in the world: The AR500

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Ghostworld, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Ghostworld

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    Feast your eyes and behold this 99 Cent Store find -- The ART+SOUND AR500 full-sized headphone And for SHF Members only, I will cut to the chase. In this weird synergy, if you pair them with a 1st Generation iPad over Bluetooth they have one of the greatest horn-like midranges I've ever heard. They didn't sound good bluetoothed to my iphone (4s) but I've always felt the 1st Gen iPad was the best sounding portable. I rocked for four hours last night with these on. It's a very dry midrange but beautiful in 78 kind of way, if that makes sense. Maybe like an overdriven Cerwin Vega. Hurry to a 99 Cent Store near you soon! I have to go back for another.

  2. I'm so audiophile that I don't even know how to pair a Bluetooth headphone. :D
    That whole video was new audiophile territory for me.
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  3. nightstand68

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    Dollar General would have these?
  4. Ghostworld

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    No idea. These things just float in and out.
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  5. Chuckie 1972

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    I just recently purchased the ar500 blue tooth headphones and I spent just over $6.00 American currency and I didn't expect the sound quality to be good but when I paired up with my Samsung galaxy 4 lte, I was blown away. I have a $60.00 stereo bluetooth headset and these sound as good or even better. The draw back is the mic is not to sensitive and it only have a usb charging cable with no wall charger. over all, I like the volume level and great sound quality. Gonna get more.
  6. Brian Dial

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    Phoenix, AZ
    These are found at 99 cents only stores and are, I believe, $1.99. I bought mine a couple of months ago and have been good and good sound. However, mine blew up yesterday. Literally, popping sound and smoke, when trying to put them on my head. Be careful when you are putting them on.

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