Is Pono no more?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by conjotter, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. Joe Laviguer

    Joe Laviguer Forum Resident

    Maryland, USA
    There's a 400gb micro SD card?!!! o_O:eek:
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  2. ccbarr

    ccbarr Forum Resident

    Iowa, USA
    Yeah, it surprised the hell out of me the first time I seen it. I knew there was a 256, but a 400?? Santa was nice enough to bring me one a day early so I could load it up.:D
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  3. Runicen

    Runicen Forum Resident

    And just think - in five years, we'll be looking back at how quaint it was to only have a 400gb microSD card. :D
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  4. 360-12

    360-12 Well-Known Member

    More like 5 months...they're already selling a 512gb micro sd card.
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  5. Runicen

    Runicen Forum Resident

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  6. Drew769

    Drew769 Forum Resident

    Yes it doubles the output of the player when you used Balanced Mode. The HD6XX sounds amazing with balanced mode. The noise floor is non-existent.
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  7. Drew769

    Drew769 Forum Resident

    I just found out that Charles Hanson died back in late November. Very sad! The audiophile world lost one of the greats. There are posts on his FB from manufacturers and colleagues around the world. RIP Mr. Hanson.
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  8. ronbow

    ronbow Forum Resident

    St. Louis MO
    Yes, i’ve ordered a balanced cable (5 feet Canare) from Venus Audio, and looking forward to receiving in the next few days. The HD6xx does really sound great, and It will be nice to have the bit of extra headroom!
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  9. ramdom

    ramdom Forum Resident

    Perth ON, Canada
    But the astounding mass adoption & ubiquity on a scale throughout the Western world, and the subsequent decimation of physical media in every entertainment industry via Netflix, iTunes, YouTube and Spotify is what is being addressed, and is truly remarkable – not just "an old" observation, but making every aspect of artistic endeavour grapple w/ these "new realities".
  10. telepicker97

    telepicker97 Forum Resident

    This post is logical.
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  11. TonyCzar

    TonyCzar Forum Resident

    PhIladelphia, PA
    Okay, here's the ENTIRE post I was responding to:

  12. ramdom

    ramdom Forum Resident

    Perth ON, Canada
    Agreed! Ubiquity + mass adoption on a massive scale...young and "old".

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