Jimi Hendrix Both Sides of the Sky - new album coming March 9, 2018

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    I guess the most egregious thing Kramer did on the Valleys Of Neptune comp, was what he did for the title track. He had a take with full band but no vocal and a take with just guitar, drums and vocal. So he put the vocal from the one take onto the other full band take. A lot of people here felt that the original take with the vocal was just fine and should have been released as is. On the next comp, People, Hell and Angels, there was some tampering with Jimi's vocal on the track Crash Landing. For some reason the vocal lines are sort of time-shifted away from how Jimi originally sang it. I think there are several other instances where Kramer did some tinkering, but I dont remember. This was all discussed in the threads at the time the releases came out.

    As for the new release, I'm always excited to hear more Jimi. But man, Black Gold is long, long, long overdue. Royal Albert Hall long overdue. Would love to hear fresh mixes of whatever is salvageable from Maui along with all existing film. They should have done the smart thing a long time ago and created a best of BoG studio tracks comp. 2 CD or 3 CD, whatever. But no. More piecemeal, of course. Also, who thought up the title? Is this part of a line from one of the tracks included? I dont recall Jimi using this phrase. This is the best they could come up with?

    Kramer said though “Both Sides of the Sky” is the last of the trilogy, someone could find new Hendrix music in an attic or a basement, which could be re-worked.

    Seriously, with all the amazing piles of reels upon reels that have been described to us in the Ultimate Hendrix book, you are going to say something like this?

    1. You have loads of stuff still unreleased. You dont need to hope for some stuff to turn up in someone's attic.
    2. Nothing has to be ''re-worked", whatever that means. Just mix the stuff that you have into decent stereo mixes and put it out on CD.
    3. Trilogy? Haha, when was this ever discussed?

    Hendrix at 70: New album offers different look

    "This is the last studio album, but what's coming up is the fact that we have tremendous amount of live recorded concerts in the vault," Kramer said.
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    Well Pink Floyd went with the huge CD boxset for their archival release and there is stuff in there that people would have been happy to hear decades ago on other releases, on top of that because it was all done in one hit, it was really expensive and a lot of people weren't happy with the sound choices they made. If EH had gone down that road the same would apply.
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    People gotta eat......
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    Always excited to hear Hendrix that I haven't heard before, but that cover looks like the Art Dept wasn't sure if this was supposed to be a Hendrix or Prince cover, and split the difference.
  5. And it appears to be a live recording -though that is not exactly clear from this info.
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    No disrespect intended.

    I always hated the 'Voodoo Soup" cover. Slurping noodles is not my idea of "Voodoo Soup". The Stones had "Goats Head Soup", but goat wasn't on the cover.

    Take 100 Jimi Hendrix fans, ask them randomly to give their idea of what "Voodoo Soup" is and 'd bet you would get 100 ideas that are better than that cover.

    As old fart, I like my Album art to be something that I would want to hang on my wall or wear on a tee shirt.
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    Well. If you were slurping noodles, your might wear some on your tee shirt. It depends upon how sloppy you are when you slurp. :D
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    Just ordered the vinyl for $24.98 off Amazon, seems decent for a 2 LP set...

    I also find it interesting after reading so many of these posts on this thread, that there were that many people so close to Jimi that knew what he wanted released and what he did not...
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    1. Mannish Boy
    2. Lover Man
    3. Hear My Train A Comin’
    4. Stepping Stone
    5. $20 Fine (with Stephen Stills)
    6. Power of Soul
    7. Jungle
    8. Things I Used to Do (with Johnny Winter)
    9. Georgia Blues (with Lonnie Youngblood)
    10. Sweet Angel
    11. Woodstock (with Stephen Stills)
    12. Send My Love to Linda
    13. Cherokee Mist
    Tracks 1-5, 7, 10-13 previously unreleased
    Track 6 previously unavailable extended version
    Track 8 previously unreleased extended version, original version from Lifelines: The Jimi Hendrix Story, Reprise 926435-2, 1990
    Track 9 from Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Jimi Hendrix, Experience Hendrix/MCA B0000698-02, 2003

    Back to the Garden: Jimi Hendrix's "Both Sides of the Sky" Premieres Unreleased Tracks, Features Stills, Winter
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    I always liked the Georgia Blues track and included it on my own Hendrix Blues cdr compilation.
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  13. I'm pretty underwhelmed by the track listing, but this song I need to hear, just to hear Hendrix play sitar. I hope it's the Coral Electric Sitar.

    Edit - Never mind, it's on You Tube. It's seven minutes long, I didn't hear a sitar, but I could only take two minutes' worth. Think I'll pass.
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    Yeah, that *is* pretty intriguing.
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    There were samples of Send My Love to Linda and Cherokee Mist on the Lifelines release as well, don't know if those are the same versions as this release though.
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    It has bootlegged for years. It's does meander somewhat (just an exploration - never i tended for our ears) but it's fun. The electric sitar is nothing spectacular (in fact I thought it was Noel playing) but Jimi plays great grinding, groaning feedback guitar behind it all.
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    Hear My Train A Comin' AGAIN?!

    GOOD.... GRAVY.
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    Wait, what? Why does the consumer need to be defended? Are you somehow forced to purchase products you don't want? Is an organization required to release things that you want at a price that you'll pay? I'm seriously confused about your post.
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    I fear “Send My Love To Linda” is going to be Frankensteined.
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    I think of everything I buy as a "one listen" experience, to be honest. It's not like I think, will I play it twice, three times, ten times? I don't try to match it with a cost/benefit ratio unless it's some Deluxe Edition asking for hundreds of dollars for a couple extra tracks. I can't ascribe value to things like this easily. One great listen is probably better than 10 casual listens.... but to try to measure music in this way feels alien. If this music exists, should it exist only in dusty boxes stuck on a shelf in some archive, or should fans of the artist get to hear it too? I think the latter.
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    I have a ton of Hendrix outtakes on cassettes and cds. I first started collecting them in the early 1990's. And I still buy all the official Experience Hendrix releases. I hope they continue to release stuff from now until they run out of things to release.
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    Good point. It's not as of it "Big Pharma" we're talking about.
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    How many released version does that make?
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    I'm confused as to why the song that provides the album title is not actually on the album...
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    One word: quadrilogy.

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