Jimmy Page says previously unheard Led Zeppelin music will be released for band's 50th anniversary

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by bartels76, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. mpayan

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    I really like JPJ. He seems like just a normal guy and family man. You can tell he still gets giddy talking about Led Zeppelin songs!

    His comments about how bands were doing light on one song and dark on another while Zep was the first to put the two together in one song is neat. I wasnt really sure of the meaning of until he explained what "light and dark" that Jimmy mysteriously always spoke of meant.
  2. Stefan

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    Something else comes to mind in this whole discussion of all manner of things Zeppelin that could come out in 2018. Wouldn't it be cool if Jimmy sat down with the folks who do the Classic Albums videos and do one on Zep IV, Graffiti, II, III, or whichever album. It would be fascinating. Unfortunately he probably wouldn't. Still, 'twould be very cool!
  3. rockclassics

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    I don't see why a soundboard official release could not happen. JP released a crappy sounding live recording as the companion disc to LZ I.
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  4. Daniel Falaschi

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    I have been asking and posting about that since I joined this board.
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  5. Daniel Falaschi

    Daniel Falaschi Live detective

    When we say JP is not keen on releasing doundbiards we mainly mean soundboards as standalone releases. Not in a milion years will JP release a soundboard if he has multitracks available.
  6. steveharris

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    I listen to the Paris`69 vinyl all the time.If it was a historic concert like Madison Square Garden`70 I could definitely see a soundboard being included to compliment a multitracked show.
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  7. aroney

    aroney Who really gives a...?

    Easy to find and awful.
  8. jay.dee

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    And significantly reduces the threat it gets leaked or stolen. :)
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  9. ohnothimagen

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    I'd be brazen to say that even one seriously off night on the American tour, or Page or Bonham passing out onstage or something, and that would have been it for Plant. As someone like yerself who has listened to and analyzed the 1980 gigs (I've read yer Year Of Zeppelin blog and it's brilliant:righton:) you know as well as I do that based on some of those gigs -Hannover is one that always comes to mind- Plant clearly did not want to be there at all. He probably came close to packing it in during the European tour more than once. He didn't even agree to doing the U.S. tour at all until they were flying back from the last gig in Berlin. I think by 1980 Plant was just looking for a reason to walk away, burned toast from room service probably woulda done the trick:laugh:
    Frankfurt is probably the one 1980 show worthy of official release IMO.
  10. BPrice

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    So here is a huge clue I haven't seen mentioned.

    Kevin Shirley on Twitter

    KS mixed? I would imagine we are getting Knebworth (Set), unless they recorded Kansas City 1970. I'm thinking Knebworth because Shirley mixed the audio for DVD.

    Anyone seen this and have other ideas?

    Maybe it's just his initials.
  11. violetvinyl

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    Go a few pages back. It was discussed. No consensus.
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  12. Daniel Falaschi

    Daniel Falaschi Live detective

    Scroll up this same thread and you will see my post of this.
    It has to be seen if Shirley was refering to a previous LZ work like HTWWW or something new. But the erasing of the original link in his tweet is maybe telling us something
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  13. Captain Leo

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    I disagree. I think as long as Bonham was alive, Plant would've stayed. Honestly, outside of the immediate Aftermath of Karac's death and early 1978 I've never seen evidence of Plant not wanting to be in Zeppelin. I know he had to be coaxed back to the band by Peter Grant prior to the spring 1978 rehersals but I thought once they were up and running he was back in the fold? Not in hip swinging "Golden God" mode, but cautiously optimistic? John Paul Jones has described their mindset during the 1980 tour as being one of optimism, at least.

    And Bonham did pass out during one of the European 1980 shows and Plant didn't walk.
  14. BPrice

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    Ah, missed it. Thanks.
  15. wildstar

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    I wouldn't go *quite* that far, but I would agree that he was closest to Bonham (who he had the longest and deepest friendship with - predating Zeppelin) so I'm sure he was more forgiving/understanding of Bonham's foibles than Page's (not to mention that Bonham's extra-curricular activities affected his musical abilities far less than Page's did). In addition to that he had formed a new deeper songwriting relationship with JPJ on the most recent album ITTOD, so those (in that order - Bonzo first, Jones second) would have been his main reasons to stay, while Page would likely have been his main reason to want to leave, due to the severe drug addiction eroding his talent/drive/contribution to the band etc.

    Upthread some people said that Plant "took over" the band at this point. Well as far as that's true (only somewhat IMO) what choice did he have? Page let go of the reins of the band (due to his heroin addiction) so someone had to take over (at least enough to keep the band functioning). I have a hard time believing that Plant had any grand designs on taking over leadership of the band that had always been Page's role. To the degree that he did so, it was down to necessity. For a car to move *someone* has to be at the wheel, whether they necessarily want to be or not.

    Personally, I believe the band were doomed at this point anyway. As it happened Bonham died, but had he not been the one to die (from booze) and the US tour gone ahead as planned, it would have been Page that died (from heroin) instead.
  16. violetvinyl

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    You'd pass out too if you ate 27 bananas.

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  17. ODShowtime

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    My record guy gave me a 2018 Rhino calendar. Each month has a cool album cover. They looked to me like current Rhino releases, and September has How the West Was Won. I'm having trouble not thinking that this is an omen.
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  18. Captain Leo

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    A question: Was Page in 1980 in any worse shape than, say, Keith Richards in 1974? As far as depth of addiction and physical shape is concerned.
  19. wildstar

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    ontario, canada
    Page always seemed physically frail even in his healthiest days, let alone his drugged out days, and Richards has said he credits his survival to the fact that he was a heroin connoisseur, only partaking of the highest quality junk.
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  20. eddiel

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    He must have forgotten about the story he told in his autobiography when he said that. The one about the Mexican shoe scrapings quality stuff he got. :)
  21. Norco74

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    Sounds like a good alternate movie ‘finale’ script...
  22. screechmartin

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    Interesting, but isn't there a 1970 soundboard from Vancouver (Pacific Coliseum) in 1970? Part of the show was released as the boot "Pure Blues," or "PB." The audio quality is exceptional.
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  23. marmalade166

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    Here's an extract for the notes that came with Pb

    The soundboard is somewhat of a mystery....I don't know if the whole show was taped at the board and then
    the songs were chosen for the radio broadcast. It doesn't seem likely that only these seven songs were
    taped because they are scattered from throughout the set. The rest of the soundboard must either be lost
    or hoarded. I no longer have the FM tape source that Sean upped here way back . It wasn't clear to me if
    that was a pre FM source or simply taped off the radio broadcast.
  24. ohnothimagen

    ohnothimagen I don't suffer fools or trolls gladly...

    We can't rule out the possibility that, had Bonham lived, that he might have decided to pack it in himself at some point- there's always the possibility that John Bonham, possibly under pressure from his long suffering wife, perhaps, might have taken a good look at his life and bad habits and said, "To hell with this- I don't like what this rock and roll lifestyle is doing to me. I need to change." By most accounts Bonzo was a completely different person off the road, didn't drink or drug to excess, dedicated family man/gentleman farmer etc. I'm sure he knew how he could get on the road -"The Beast"- and possibly it scared him. Hey, stranger things have happened...if John Bonham had quit Zeppelin, then what would they do? Would the band have called it a day?
    I don't believe John Bonham collapsed in Nuremburg due to an overdose of bananas any more than I believe Jimmy Page collapsed in Chicago during the '77 tour due to "gastroentritis":laugh:
    Absolutely. As strung out as Keith got, I don't think he ever got as sloppy as a guitar player as Jimmy Page did. Mind ya, it's a bit of an apples and oranges comparison considering that if Keith ever was too f--ked up to play properly he always had another guitarist onstage with him who could theoretically pick up the slack. Page didn't.
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    So are we getting a Deluxe version of "How The West Was Won", similar to the BBC Deluxe release?
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