John Lennon (October 9, 1940 – December 8, 1980).

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    A friend of mine on Facebook posted a ticket stub to the Stevie Wonder show in Oakland that he was at on December 8, 1980:


    God, this is chilling to watch...
  2. Got no words...RIP John
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    Los Angeles, CA
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    Now THAT'S a sobering thought.
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    John was the Beatle that gave inspiration to play music, he cought my attention when I first saw the Beatles on TV. John was the real rocker. I miss John the most.
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    I've never shared this story with anyone before. The night John was murdered I was with my dad at the home of a friend of his who had just got back to town from doing some recording in Nashville. When we got to his house he said John Lennon had been shot. I was immediately in shock. Why would someone do that? Then, it was announced that he had died. I bought Double Fantasy right when it came out so I had already been listening to it a lot and wondering if John was going to tour behind it or not. There was a lot of hope and possibility in the air for that 2 to 3 weeks prior to this horrible event. Of course all us Beatles fans started hoping and thinking, will they do something together? Then, with the emptying of a gun, it was all over. My mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts. A human beings life was taken away from them, a wife lost her husband, two sons became fatherless, many people lost a friend, and we all lost the dream of The Beatles ever playing together again, and Paul, George and Ringo lost a brother AND The Beatles in a way none of the rest of us can really imagine. As if all that wasn't enough for me to process, I had to listen to my dad and his friend talk about how they never understood what the big deal was about The Beatles anyway, and how the grief would be more understandable if it were Willie Nelson or Merle Haggard. I had so much contempt for both of them that night, and felt angry about ALL OF IT. Then, when I got home crying my eyes out as I came through the door, my girlfriend said, what are you crying about, it's not like you knew him or anything. What I wouldn't have given to be with or see ONE person that night that cared or understood. I've been waiting a long time to get that off my chest. Thank you my friends, for letting me get that out.
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    You came to the right place then.
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    Wanna know something weird? Yesterday I got it in my head suddenly to start listening to a bunch of John Lennon stuff and watched a documentary on his death, totally forgetting even as I watched and listened to all this stuff, what day it was. Until just a few hours ago.
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    Live Aid in 1985 perhaps.
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    Thank you for this. Of course it doesn't help, but I have always wanted to hear the actual first reports. Of course I have seen the MNF footage, but in the clip I've always seen, Cosell announces that he was DOA already. The radio clips confirm what I remember being told -- first just that he was shot, before there was confirmation that he had died.

    What a horrible night.
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    I always try to imagine all the things we missed that might have been, had John not been taken from us. Musically, all sorts of things. Lennon at LIVE AID. Other than just the music, can you picture John guesting on SNL, participating in skits? How about visiting Howard Stern's radio show, where I'd bet he would have been game to dish a lot of dirt with Howard, and have many laughs? It's just sometimes incomprehensible to think of all that might have been.
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    To sum up what my friend always said to his ex-wife about music - you just don't get it do you? Many of us never met John or our musical idols. But......when someone who influenced you dies, and in John's case suddenly, it affects you. Something like this though.....the pain never goes away.

    There are two other deaths that bother me greatly. Keith Knudsen and Mike Hossack of The Doobie Brothers. I had met Keith at a M/G after a show about 6 months before he passed. Never met the man before but the way he embraced the fans even on a first meeting was amazing. He and the band made you feel like family. I knew he was ill, but that didn't stop him from doing what he did. Same goes for Mike. Another M/G event. At first, he didn't want anything to do with anybody. I didn't approach him originally. It wasn't until others were more bold than I did I move forward. Well, he was open, funny and like Keith treated you like family. Me and a few others talked about so much - music, life, experiences, health. Never did I expect this from people I met for a first time. I mentioned this because how they treated people. Others would have given you a standard hi/bye and that was it per protocol of a M/G. That's what so hard about all of this.
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    It's easy to say that after all the time that has gone by; but I still say it's wishful thinking to a great extent. Had Yoko remained in John's life I find it very hard to believe that there would have been any kind of reunion (involving Lennon). As the merry Lennon widow, she's helped us largely forget how much of a stronghold she really had on John in so many ways. With John gone, she has ensured herself a "nice" place in Beatle history by taking care of his solo catalogue as well as being a participant in BEATLES projects such as LOVE. This has made "us" forget a lot that has gone by decades ago (remember, it was because of Yoko that John didn't play at the CFBD or even meet up with Paul in Nashville later in the seventies).

    I am as HUGE a Beatles fanatic as they come...but the only way I honestly feel a reunion would have been possible with John involved would have been if he and Yoko had split up (which, of course, raises the question as to whether or not he would have survived the split).
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    He was a true musical genius!
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    Canton, OH, USA
    I understand that, but damn near everyone has been doing reunions the last couple of decades. If the Eagles could play together again, I'm sure John and Paul could have.
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    John WANTED to be with Yoko, and needed to be with her, as he always said; she did not have a deliberate "stronghold" on John. So Yoko's "playing the merry widow", is she? :rolleyes: It's amazing that this type of Yoko bashing still goes on at this late date.

    We have no way of knowing what would have happened between John and Yoko, had he lived. If John still was of a mindset that he only really wanted Yoko as his partner, then maybe he himself would have chosen not to partake in any Beatles activities; or, he still may have, with Yoko's support.
  17. DK Pete

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    Of course this is all speculation and we have no way of knowing; I'm only going by what was up to and including the time of his death. By "stronghold" I didn't mean, necessarily, that Yoko had hypnotic power over John. I agree with you that it was John's choice. By the same token, while I do think there was some level of desire on John's part to join up again with, at least, Paul, I think his feelings towards Yoko-as well as his respect for HER feelings- would have taken top priority. But again..bottom line..all speculation.
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    I just read this on the DJ Redbeard's site. I had never heard this before but it's pretty crazy.

    ...according to Bowie, New York City police discovered that his name was second on a hitlist of targets of John Lennon’s assassin , Mark David Chapman.

    At the time of Lennon’s December 8 , 1980 murder outside of his Manhattan apartment , David Bowie was starring just blocks away on Broadway in the play “The Elephant Man”. “I was second on his list,” Bowie told me in the New York studio we shared near Madison Square Garden . “Chapman had a front-row ticket to ‘ ‘The Elephant Man’ the next night . John and Yoko were supposed to sit front-row for that show, too . So the night after John was killed there were three empty seats in the front row . I can’t tell you how difficult that was to go on . I almost didn’t make it through the performance .”
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    San Jose
    Wow, the things you learn.
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    Canton, OH, USA
    Well that just begs the question; who else was on that list?
  21. DK Pete

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    There as a whole list in one of the papers when it first happened; I have them all saved from that entire week so maybe I'll get the urge to dig it out one of these days...but I do remember Johnny Carson's name being on there.
  22. MarkTheShark

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    From what I recall, it was more of a list of "alternates" in case he couldn't get Lennon. According to the most recent parole hearing transcript, all are now deceased, so that would disqualify Bowie -- although I think I do recall his name coming up somewhere in reference to being in The Elephant Man. From memory, the list included George C. Scott, Jackie Onassis, Ronald Reagan and Johnny Carson. I may be forgetting one or two. Another "alternate" was for him to commit suicide by jumping off the Statue of Liberty.

    EDIT: I think Elizabeth Taylor was on the list too. Elizabeth Taylor?!?
  23. The Spaceman

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    I hope she never knew that. She had enough paranoia about that sort of think during her life as it was.
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    Long Island, NY
    35 years in two days time. The NY Daily News had an article yesterday about this upcoming "anniversary", if we want to use that term for a a brutal murder.

    I personally will never forget this fateful evening, for as long as I live. And although I'm a man of peace as Mr. Lennon was, I have to admit that when it comes to that person who took his life from us so tragically, I would never want to meet him in the street if he was ever released. Hopefully he will spend the rest of his life in prison, as he well deserves.

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    I'll be in black at work Tuesday. Those who understand will, the others, oh well.........
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