Kinks Deluxe editions 2011 (part 3)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by -Alan, Aug 15, 2011.

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  1. DayRavies

    DayRavies Well-Known Member

    Rock Hill, SC, USA
    Yeah -- except there's still not even a hint of a clue toward a word or announcement for either of the next two Deluxe reissues.

    I was hoping the Deluxe run would finish with Muswell Hillbillies, but after reading Doug Hinman's book and reading the setlists, I think it's be so cool to get a Deluxe Everybody's in Show-Biz with the complete Carnegie Hall performances intact...

    And now there are rumors of a Deluxe Kelvin Hall (no clue what that could include... it would be an appropriate time period but ridiculous context to finally usher out Till Death Us Do Part and Pictures in the Sand).

    May as well throw in a Percy Deluxe as well with the complete film versions of all the songs like the handful we got as bonus tracks on the Castle/Sanctuary reissue.

    ................ay-yi-yi, my wallet would never recover....
  2. DayRavies

    DayRavies Well-Known Member

    Rock Hill, SC, USA
    I've actually gotten myself excited about the prospect of a Deluxe Everybody's in Show-Biz and wanted to see if it could be justified so--humor me--here is my dream list of a realistic Deluxe Edition of Everybody's in Show-Biz:

    Disc One:
    (original stereo album)
    1. Here Comes Yet Another Day
    2. Maximum Consumption
    3. Unreal Reality
    4. Hot Potatoes
    5. Sitting in My Hotel
    6. Motorway
    7. You Don't Know My Name
    8. Supersonic Rocket Ship
    9. Look a Little On the Sunny Side
    10. Celluloid Heroes
    11. Top of the Pops
    12. Brainwashed
    13. Mr. Wonderful
    14. Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
    15. Holiday
    16. Muswell Hillbilly
    17. Alcohol
    18. Banana Boat Song
    19. Skin and Bone
    20. Baby Face
    21. Lola

    Disc Two:
    1. Here Comes Yet Another Day (live 14-6-1974, from Celluloid Heroes LP)
    2. Sitting in My Hotel (alternate mix w/ less organ from Celluloid Heroes LP)
    3. Supersonic Roket Ship (original ruined version from Backtrackin' LP)
    4. Celluloid Heroes (mono mix from Backtrackin' LP)
    5. Celluloid Heroes (stereo single edit)
    6. Till the End of the Day (live, from Velvel CD)
    7. She's Bought a Hat Like Princess Marina (live, from Velvel CD)
    8. You're Looking Fine (live, from Velvel Limited Edition Compilation promo only CD)*
    9. Get Back In Line (live 3-3-1972)*
    10. Apeman (live 3-3-1972)*
    11. Sunny Afternoon (live 3-3-1972)*
    12. 20th Century Man (live 3-3-1972)*
    13. Complicated Life (live 3-3-1972)*
    14. You Are My Sunshine (live 3-3-1972)*
    15. Mammy (live 3-3-1972)*
    16. Have a Cuppa Tea (live 3-3-1972)*
    17. Lola (complete - live 3-3-1972)*
    18. Medley: You Really Got Me/All Day and All of the Night (live 3-3-1972)*
    19. Victoria (live 3-3-1972)*
    20. Here Comes Yet Another Day (from BBC Sessions CD)
    21. Celluloid Heroes (from BBC Sessions CD)
    22. Supersonic Rocket Ship (BBC, John Peel Show, 5-5-1972)*

    * - denotes previously unavailable commercially

    Now tell me that wouldn't be an awesome Deluxe edition (though I may be a bit biased as I am of the rare camp who actually prefers Show-Biz to Muswell Hillbillies). I wouldn't be totally surprised if some of these extra live Muswell tracks ended up on the Muswell Deluxe but they deserve to be here.

    What do you think Russell? Andrew? Could this happen? Did I at least do a good job compiling the hypothetical second disc?

    Sources: Dave Emlen's site and Doug Hinman's book.
  3. misterdecibel

    misterdecibel Bulbous Also Tapered

    I think "Everybody's In Show-Biz" deserves the treatment, and the respect.

    "Percy" too.
  4. NOS300B

    NOS300B Forum Resident

    I would buy this exact set in a heartbeat.
  5. DayRavies

    DayRavies Well-Known Member

    Rock Hill, SC, USA
    Me too. Let's hope that the only reason we haven't gotten a solid announcement regarding Lola and Muswell is because they've decided to round out the next batch with a Showbiz set like or better than this one I dreamed up.

    Then they can do one more batch of three: pick up Kelvin Hall (it'd be the weakest Deluxe, but I'd still buy it) and Percy, plus a Deluxe Preservation Acts I&II like the Rhino but with bonus tracks (if they'd fit).

    Beyond that, I think they should call it a day with Kinks Deluxes. I mean: as long as they keep making them, I'll keep buying them, but does anyone really need a Deluxe Word of Mouth (which would probably end up more like a two-fer with Return to Waterloo)?
  6. jjay

    jjay Well-Known Member

    MN United States
    Lola vs Powerman Deluxe should be released before a Deluxe Everybody's in Show-Biz. There is already a great sounding SACD of Everyboy's in Show-Biz. IMHO.
    Trying to be patient for a Lola Deluxe release. Got tickets to see Ray Davies in St.Paul. :goodie:
  7. DayRavies

    DayRavies Well-Known Member

    Rock Hill, SC, USA
    I agree. But there's also an SACD of Muswell. I don't think it would hurt if Lola, Muswell, and Showbiz all came out at the same time. Both of the last two batches were groups of three after all.

    I got tickets to see Ray in Charlotte! My first time. I'm very excited.
  8. DayRavies

    DayRavies Well-Known Member

    Rock Hill, SC, USA
    So I had so much fun piecing together a hypothetical Deluxe Showbiz that I thought I'd try to figure out what we might be able to expect from the upcoming Lola and Muswell Deluxes:

    Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround Part One

    Here is a list of versions known to exist or to have existed at one time via Dave Emlen's discography and Doug Hinman's book or other sources that are time appropriate for Lola:

    Lola (first demo, mentioned in recent Ray Davies interview)
    Lola (mono single, "cherry cola" mix)
    Rats (mono single version)
    Apeman (stereo alt. mix demo)
    Apeman (mono alt. mix demo)
    Apeman (alt. German single mix)
    Apeman (alt. mono single mix with "foggin'" overdub)
    Powerman (mono demo)
    Climb Your Wall (1969/70 Dave Davies home recording)
    Good Good Life
    Get Back in Line (from BBC Sessions CD)
    Lola (Top of the Pops, 24-7-1970)
    Apeman (BBC, 1970)

    In addition to these titles/versions, Hinman also mention 4-5 different takes of Lola all in different keys, with different beginnings, and different feels.
    Hinman also mentions the possibility of some Part Two LP unfinished backing tracks.

    Beyond this, here is a list of stuff that either exists or has existed that is less appropriate for the time period but still close, and some of it seems unlikely to be released because it is either missing or undesired for release by the powers that be:

    Toymaker (Ray Davies demo, Dec. 1968)
    Monday Tuesday Wednesday (Ray Davies demo, Dec. 1968)
    We Are Two of a Kind (Where Was Spring)
    When I Turn Out the Living Room Light (from BBC Sessions CD)
    Let's Take Off Our Clothes (Where Was Spring)
    Pictures in the Sand (from The Great Lost Kinks Album LP)
    Till Death Us Do Part (from The Great Lost Kinks Album LP)
    Till Death Us Do Part (Chas Mills vocal, from Till Death Us Do Part LP)
    Darling I Respect You (Where Was Spring)
    The Virgin Soldier March/Ballad of the Virgin Soldier

    Muswell Hillbillies

    Again, a list of stuff we know exists or did, though mush of it is fairly uninteresting:

    Mountain Woman (from Velvel CD)
    Kentucky Moon (from Velvel CD)
    20th Century Man (edit from Backtrackin' LP)
    20th Century Man (single edit)
    20th Century Man (edit from Celluloid Heores LP)
    Muswell Hillbilly (edit from Celluloid Heroes LP)
    Rosie Rook (demo) [see note below]
    Holiday (from BBC Sessions CD)
    Skin and Bone (from BBC Sessions CD)
    Skin and Bone/Dry Bones (from BBC Sessions CD)
    Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues (Top of the Pops)

    This all seemed pretty bare bones until I ran across a quick note in Doug Hinman's book in which he mentions that the band records "up to 20 demos of songs in London for consideration for their new album, including all the songs eventually on the Muswell Hillbillies LP, plus unreleased items including one called 'Rosie Rook'."

    Combine this Hinman note with the unique and mysterious note from only attributed to the Muswell Deluxe and none of the others: "this deluxe edition comes with a bonus disc of unreleased performances many being heard for the first time," and I have a funny gut feeling that a lot of those London demos will show up on the Muswell Deluxe, probably even taking priority over ad nauseam alternate short edits of 20th Century Man.

    I don't mean to get mine or anyone's hopes up, but I'm more excited about these Deluxe Editions now than ever.
  9. cwitt1980

    cwitt1980 Forum Resident

    Carbondale, IL USA
    I would love to hear those 20 demos. That would be an hour of Heaven for me.
  10. ajsmith

    ajsmith Forum Resident

    Regarding Toymaker and Monday Tuesday wednesday, (both recorded by the band The Wild Silk) it was discovered a few years ago that these two songs were written by an Allan Davies, not Ray, and have no association with the Kinks.
  11. DayRavies

    DayRavies Well-Known Member

    Rock Hill, SC, USA
    Interesting. I was going by Hinman's book. I wonder where he got the info that Ray was recording the demos...?

    DJ WILBUR The Cappuccino Kid

    got my first Deluxe today...Kontroversy is in the house...Awaiting on Arthur to arrive as well...nicely done I have to say...granted its one of the more meager track listings but man, I love these songs...
  13. gazebo

    gazebo Active Member

    Just a point on the hypothethetical Lola/Hillbillies/Show-biz Deluxe tracklists that short edits and live BBC TV tracks have so far been omitted from the Deluxe Editions. So we should be spared the three different 20th Century Man edits.

    If TV tracks are uncluded, Marathon Man from the Long Distance Piano Player is otherwise unreleased and there is also a version of Got To Be Free from the same play. Also a live in the studio version of Moneygoround from the "From The Rainbow" TV show. And of course live tracks from the show and possibly the whole shows still on tape.....
  14. DayRavies

    DayRavies Well-Known Member

    Rock Hill, SC, USA
    You're right about the Deluxes, though some edits have trickled out as bonus tracks on the Velvel CDs so I thought they'd be worth mentioning, but I think I can live without them for sure. If you take out edits, that only leaves Mountain Woman, Kentucky Moon, and three BBC tracks (one previously unreleased) which leaves a lot of room for those 20 demos... I sure hope we get those. It seems logical doesn't it? Or am I the only one who thinks so?
  15. Matthew B.

    Matthew B. Scream Quietly

    Tokyo, Japan
    It looks like this might have been a bookkeeping error on the publisher's part. From an e-mail Hinman sent to the Kinks list in '08:

    I don't think I've ever heard "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday," but "Toymaker" is fairly easy to find — it's on one of the Rubble psych comps. And for that matter on YouTube.
  16. ajsmith

    ajsmith Forum Resident

    Interesting. I didn't know that the label of the record actually credited Ray!

    I'm totally convinced his wife's story is true by the way. The biggest smoking gun for me is that Toymaker sounds not whit like something Ray would've written in a million years.
  17. DayRavies

    DayRavies Well-Known Member

    Rock Hill, SC, USA
    Boy the Kinks fervor sure seems to have died down...

    Russell needs to chime back in with a tasty morsel to tease us with, no matter how small, no matter how cryptic, no matter how insignificant. I'm sure the slightest little hint at the next batch of Deluxe Editions would fire this thread back up.
  18. Laservampire

    Laservampire (╯°□°)╯︵ ןıo ǝʞɐus

    Here's one for ya: in the next week or so, Andrew Sandoval is heading back to London to work on more Kinks Deluxe editions :righton:

    DJ WILBUR The Cappuccino Kid

    wow, Arthur is GREAT...
  20. Jack

    Jack Forum Resident

    Orange, MA
    Mr. Smith DID say that all would be revealed in September, regarding the new Dave Davies cd.

  21. fitzysbuna

    fitzysbuna Forum Resident

  22. DayRavies

    DayRavies Well-Known Member

    Rock Hill, SC, USA
    How do you know?? Is this confirmed???

    Very exciting. Perhaps my dream deluxe Everybody's in Show-Biz will happen afterall. A Deluxe Preservation would be nice too, but maybe 3 discs with both albums put together. I don't think either has enough solid bonus content to justify two discs on its own.
  23. KinksFan1992

    KinksFan1992 Active Member

    England, UK
    Maybe we could see almost the entirety of the Kinks discography being reissued?

    Unfortunately, I don't think the MCA albums will be included even though they are out of print and their remastering is long overdue.

    We still don't know the actual release date for Hidden Treasures. HMV says 26th September; Amazon says 31st October.

    In fact, every website other than Amazon says 26th September...
  24. Laservampire

    Laservampire (╯°□°)╯︵ ןıo ǝʞɐus

    Andrew said it himself in the Come To The Sunshine chat room.
  25. DayRavies

    DayRavies Well-Known Member

    Rock Hill, SC, USA
    Awesome! Thanks for the heads up, Laservampire. Did he give any hints or clues as to what those might be...?
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