Kraftwerk More Influential Than the Beatles

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by jamo spingal, Jun 16, 2017.

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  1. The_Windmill

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    Wow, then I was right 'bout what I was hearing there!
  3. andrewskyDE

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    Actually Chris Martin was asking Ralf Hütter personally for using bits of 'Computer Love'.
    Hütter said "Yes, you can use it, and thank you very much for asking my permission, unlike that bastard Jay-Z."
  4. owlshead

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    Philly burbs
    sounds cold and mechanical
  5. I don't hear any Zep in his music but, again n, each artist funnels influence into their music in a form that is popular.
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  6. Good points all and, to your point, these guys express themselves in a way that is unique to them although clearly influenced by other electronic bands.

    This thread reminded me of Thomas Dolby someone who, like Eno, listened to Kraftwerk (and others) and yet managed to synthesize (pardon the pun) his own brand/style of music that also included classic songwriting approach which came from the previous gwnerarion(S) of pop/rock musicians.

    Heck, even someone like Andy Partridge, although influenced by The Beatles, Beach Boys and other bands of that era was also influenced by Kraftwerk, Eno and others as is evident in his more experimental instrumental pieces.
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  7. Jim B.

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    We have had threads here asking 'what new bands do you like' and half the answers are bands 20 years old which is kind of funny.

    There are lots of open minded music fans here that are willing to embrace good new artists but also lots of people for who music died in about 1974, and they are pretty proud to state that.
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    Hiya, thread still crazy?


    See ya!
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  9. DRM

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    You seem to lack knowledge of America and Americans.
  10. DRM

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    In East or West Germany?

    I can look it up...
  11. strummer101

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    Here's one hint: they toured outside of their country. In the 70s.
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  12. trem two

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    Has the famous AfrikaBambaataa Planet Rock (Trans Europe Express) track been mentioned yet?

    Those Germans got the beats.
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  13. stanleynohj

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    That's really the only song of theirs I know.

    I'm so sick of keyboards and synthetic instruments drums noises blips...if you strip that away from Kraftwerk, what have you got?

    The electric guitar and the production, etc., was a huge component of The Beatles...strip that away, and what have you got....a huge catalogue of brilliant songs that everyone knows.
  14. Willowman

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    London, UK
    Some is deliciously cold and mechanical, some is affecting and emotional, some is a combination of both.
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  16. Standoffish

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    If you strip away Jimi Hendrix's guitar play from his albums, what have you got? If you strip away Michael Jordan from the 90s Chicago Bulls, what have you got?

    All 3 are silly questions IMO
  17. Andrew J

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    Interestingly it could be argued that Moroder is as influential as Kraftwerk is - massive influence on dance music and synthpop, but has never been as hip to namedrop.
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  18. dumangl

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    That's not generalizing hugely, that's BSing.
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  19. DRM

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    Why do Female Artists Dominate These Days?

    And is it more about Kraftwerk or the Beatles?
  20. Andrew J

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    South East England
    Disagree with the statement that Kraftwerk sound cold and mechanical. I think their best records sound very soulful, in their own unique way. Some of the best music of the 70s came out of Germany.
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  21. stanleynohj

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    I don't think it's silly. Music starts with the song. The only Hendrix songs I like are the ones that stand up as good songs without the guitar.

    Just guessing, but if you asked the average music listener to name Kraftwerk songs, most people could not. But I'm sure they could name many Beatle songs.

    Aside from that, I sure would not want to blame The Beatles for all the forgettable mediocre electronica or whatever. Let all the credit go to Kraftwerk if it's their fault!
  22. Willowman

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    London, UK
    Songs? In the beginning there was rhythm.
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  23. stanleynohj

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    I'd say it's more about Kraftwerk because musicians became insular when they started using computers/keyboards/drum machines...the band died, the "producer" was born...
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