Led Zeppelin HotH SUPER DELUXE BOX $34.99

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    Update on the replacement LP...

    I too eventually got around to notifying Dr. Rhino of the need for a replacement LP. It arrived soon enough (faster than the Quadio replacements) and this sealed pressing was littered with skips across side one (although it looked just fine). I sent another email which conveyed the issue, mostly out of exasperation and not even demanding another replacement but the good doctor responded that another would be sent out. It arrived yesterday to my surprise (I had completely forgotten about it) and I am glad to report that both issues are now resolved (original "The Ocean" & skipping).

    BTW, MO is running a 10% off sale right now using the code SPRING10. Current vinyl selection is not terrific but they have the recent Rush 2112 40th anniversary 3-disc set for $13.49 shipped using the code. Although a very redundant release in my opinion, at that price it will be nice to add it to the collection.
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    Got my replacement today as well. I received the box set as a birthday present, so I didn't have proof of purchase receipt. I only sent them a photo of the box set and my shipping address. Took about a month to get it, but the replacement arrived and sounds perfect!

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