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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Lonson, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. Six String

    Six String Senior Member

    WP Fantastic Frank Strozier (VJ) rainbow rim mono
    With the great Booker Little, Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers and Jimmy Cobb. So you got Miles' rhythm section with Booker Little replacing Miles! and Strozier the lone reed. Now that's a band.

    NP Charles Sullivan - Genesis (InnerCity)
    Not well known and maybe partly do to him going the education route to earn a living. Great technique and what little that's out there is very good if not great. I hesitate to use that word a lot. He put out a cd in the 90s that is also really good. I'm not aware of anything else but I haven't searched in a while.
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  2. [​IMG]

    I want to get on with my cleaning chores, I really do. But Philly Joe Jones, Mr P.C., Curtis Fuller, Lee Morgan and that damn sax player won't let me.. :shake:

    As soon as Kenny Drew finishes his solo on 'Moment's Notice'... :agree:
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  3. johnnypaddock

    johnnypaddock Forum Resident

    Lowell, MA

    My favorite from that label as well... I play it all the time. Perfect for some weekend mornings.
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  4. Jim Walker

    Jim Walker Forum Resident

    southeast porttown
    Late into the late night, glad to have found it from the pile...

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  5. Jim Walker

    Jim Walker Forum Resident

    southeast porttown
    Some of these have been sitting around for too long.

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  6. Jim Walker

    Jim Walker Forum Resident

    southeast porttown
    A 1976 life changer as far has listening perceptions go. The lp that opened
    record store owner's hearts to my faithful hand to wallet for years to come.

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  7. Six String

    Six String Senior Member

    The Thad Jones and Mel Lewis Qt (Artist House)
    With Harold Danko and Rufus Reid on piano and bass respectively.
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  8. Jim Walker

    Jim Walker Forum Resident

    southeast porttown
  9. Lonson

    Lonson agnostic Disestablishmentarianismist Thread Starter

    Totally understand.
  10. Yesternow

    Yesternow Forum Resident

    Some end of year fun jazz.
    Actually I enjoyed their debut back in 2006: Pimp Master.

    So, here are, from Japan, Soil & Pimp Sessions:

    Wish you all a great 2018.
  11. ohnothimagen

    ohnothimagen I don't suffer fools or trolls gladly...

    Ah, I do likes me some Dexter Gordon...something about his music that never fails to put a smile on my face when I hear it.

    Finally got a hold of this one, courtesy of the good old Edmonton Public Library:
    My god! "Tout De Suite" is awesome...when Miles and Tony Williams start doing their call and response thing during Miles' solo my jaw hit the floor.
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  12. Lonson

    Lonson agnostic Disestablishmentarianismist Thread Starter

    Stealing a little headphone time while my lady and my lady dog sleep in. Love this four cd set featuring a four hundred year old cello--it has two cds using a modern piano, the cello with steel strings, and modern interpretation, and two cds using period forte pianos--four different ones--and gut strings on the cello with the interpretations being more "period." I've loved these Beethoven pieces for years, they are favorites of my Dad's and I've heard many different performances.

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  13. Jim Walker

    Jim Walker Forum Resident

    southeast porttown
    Most of the Dexter I've listened to is much like slipping into that 12 year
    old worn down flannel shirt on a day off, or putting on a '73 Dead show.
    You cannot lose no matter what. I need to get more Dexter, need to get
    more Miles too. The Filles de Kilimanjaro has always intrigued and
    it does have Tony Williams.

    I had forgotten about the whirlwind opener of 'Ebony Queen'. They are
    blowing up a storm on this one and Tyner steps in with his crazy
    rhythmic run that almost blew my morning cup out of hand. The
    busiest be bop of his in my small collection as he is everywhere on this.

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  14. Six String

    Six String Senior Member

    Kenny Barron and Dave Holland - The Art Of Conversation (Impulse)
    With only two instruments it s easy to listen to Dave's incredible touch and tone. Barron is in his usual superb mode with great comping skills as well as his own solos. A joy to hear two masters at work.
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  15. Jim Walker

    Jim Walker Forum Resident

    southeast porttown
    Dave Holland is fast becoming one of my favorite bass players.
    He never disappoints and is quite amazing to listen to no
    matter what style he takes on.
  16. [​IMG]

    I finally tore myself away from Coltrane and got serious with the year end cleaning. I tidied my desk and dusted behind my computer. Also had time for a little bicycle maintainance, fountain pen cleaning, a cold and windy ride up the river to the ¥100 store for odds and ends and then home to fix dinner.

    This Eric Alexander album is perfect late night listening. He knows how to belt out a slow ballad. I'm listening to the Venus Records vinyl rather than the Alfa Jazz cd, (though I have the cd, I wanted to hear the vinyl at low volume).

    Speaking of heavy hitters, congrats to Alastair Cook for his 244 not out against the Aussies in Melbourne. Too late to save The Ashes, but he at least silences the England critics for a few days.
  17. dzhason

    dzhason Forum President

    I’ve been streaming a lot of Bobby Hutcherson lately since the only album I have is the SHM-CD of San Francisco and I finally bit the bullet and ordered the Music Matters pressing of Happenings despite the fact that I couldn’t find a copy anywhere that was below my set spending threshold for a single item. Until that arrives, I’ll keep the streaming going with this heady one:

    Bobby Hutcherson - Head On

  18. Holland is never less than superb IMO, I've got most of his ECM output too.

    (out of curiosity who is that bearded fellow, Phil Manzanera, Jim Morrison or Russell Brand ?)
  19. Lonson

    Lonson agnostic Disestablishmentarianismist Thread Starter

    All the Hutcherson Blue Notes are great, and I'm glad I bought all the SHM-CD versions they released so far. . . great sound, great music.
  20. chervokas

    chervokas Forum Resident

    Dave Holland is an amazing talent -- not just as a bass player, but as a composer and band leader as well. I'm particularly partial to his work of the early '70s with Sam Rivers and Anthony Braxton -- his own Conference of the Birds, his duets with Rivers; the Circle band; his stuff in Braxton's quartet. But also his big band stuff from the 2000's. And one of my favorite albums of all time is his second solo bass record, One's All. That's just brilliant.

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  21. OldJohnRobertson

    OldJohnRobertson Martyr for Even Less

    Durham, NC
    Genesis is my favorite band ever. With that in mind, it's damn sad that not once in my life have I ever been moved to check out any of the Brand X albums that have Phil Collins on them. I found this one yesterday for cheap, so I'm finally on my way to remedying this issue. :D

    Brand X - Moroccan Roll
    Original 1977 US pressing on Passport Records

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  22. alankin1

    alankin1 Forum Resident

    Duke Ellington and His Orchestra – The Treasury Shows, Vol. 13 (Storyville Records—D.E.T.S.)


    Treasury Broadcast No.24 [Sep 22, '45]

    Titles include: Riff Staccato, Kissing Bug, Fancy Dan, Everything But You, Fickle Fling.

    New Zanzibar Broadcast [24Sep45]

    Titles include: Suddenly It Jumped, Everything But You, ; live from The New Zanzibar, NYC.

    Treasury Broadcast No.25 [Oct 6, '45]

    Titles include: Main Stem, Carnegie Blues, I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me, What Am I Here For?, Go Away Blues, Frantic Fantasy, Jack The Bear, Cotton Tail, Way Low, Things Ain't What They Used To Be.

    Rex Stewart, c; Cat Anderson, Shelton Hemphill, Taft Jordan, t; Ray Nance, t, vn / Lawrence Brown, Joe Nanton, tb; Claude Jones, vtb / Jimmy Hamilton, cl, ts; Johnny Hodges, as; Otto Hardwick, as, cl; Al Sears, ts; Harry Carney, bs, cl , bcl / Duke Ellington, p; Fred Guy g; Junior Raglin, b; Sonny Greer, d. / Joya Sherril, Kay Davis, Al Hibbler, v.
  23. dzhason

    dzhason Forum President

    I’m probably going to order the Happenings SHM too, it’s just one of those albums that I’d like to have on CD and vinyl. I see there are several SHMs that aren’t really available any more. From looking at discogs, several of his 70s albums that I’ve been digging on lately haven’t been issued many times at all, there were a few that look to only have been issued once on CD period (in Japan, of course). It’d be nice to see a big Hutch reissue series on SHM like they did with Lee Morgan recently, I loaded up on those; at least, I’d really like to see Cirrus come out on SHM some time soon, it was issued on regular CD in Japan in 2013, so I don’t know if it’d see another release so soon.
  24. Lonson

    Lonson agnostic Disestablishmentarianismist Thread Starter

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  25. Six String

    Six String Senior Member

    The first one is very good too. More rock than jazz but that doesn't take away any enjoyment from me. There was a thread on the band a few months back it seems.

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