Looking for a component that plays files without streaming?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Krankenstien, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. anorak2

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    I own two such devices. One is a Panasonic BDT-320 BluRay player which really is a multimedia device. One of its many options is to play audio files of various formats from SD cards.

    Another is a XORO (European brand) terrestrial digital television set top box. It has a USB connector. One of its many functions is to play music files in a number of formats from any USB storage device attached to it, which can be a USB stick, an SD card USB adapter, or a USB hard drive.

    Both devices have analogue out, both use an attached television for all display functions, both come with a remote.

    The only downside is that both devices do not display embedded graphics. I'm pretty sure there must be other players who do.

    Caveat: Many modern devices don't come with analogue out any more. Either make sure you get one that does, otherwhise you need an outboard audio DAC that accepts whatever digital signal the box ouptuts, typically HDMI or S/PDIF.
  2. Gaslight

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    Small laptop + a DAC.

    For the remote, you could use your smartphone. For example, iTunes + an iPhone pairing.
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    That's what I do. Works great. I'm old school so don't bother with a remote. I play music at least an album at a time, or make big playlists.
  4. Higlander

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    Or completely step into the 21st century, and find a networking receiver, that will do all of this with ease.
  5. Bubbamike

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    How are they any different than dbPoweramp or JRiver create?
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    I'd go one further and look into setting up a "Media Center (HTPC)". There are (still) nice cases available that are component sized. Some have displays, and a few (older, and still quite expensive) actually had a touch screen lcd on the front. I have over the years built and configured several of them. Still use one daily, has a 1 TB SSD with ALL my ripped/downloaded music and controlled with a "Foobar 2000" compatible app (MonkeyMote) via my iPhone.
  7. Agitater

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    The Cocktail X12 or X35 do everything - rip CDs, store the files, play on demand, etc., etc.

    The Cocktail also streams, but you can just ignore that part.
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  9. William Barty

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    I have a Raspberry Pi 3 (about $50 including Micro SD card and power supply) running OSMC connected to my receiver by HDMI. It doesn't need a display - you can control it from a phone or tablet using the Kore app (official Kodi remote). Once it's set up, it boots up very quickly and reliably - just pull up Kore on your phone or tablet, and you're ready to navigate and play your music library.

    It plays every music file format I've thrown at it, including mp3, FLAC, high definition FLAC & DSD and multichannel FLAC and DSD. HDMI is preferable because it uses your receiver's DAC, but it does have a stereo analog audio output, as well. If you want to use analog output with an upgraded DAC, you can get a HiFiBerry add-on card to the Raspberry for an additional $30.
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    I thought Apple music files were proprietary.
  11. Hendertuckie

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    I have internal storage on my Mac Mini server. All the music is ripped using iTunes in apple lossless and the only reason is for my iPhone music. iTunes in not used for daily playback for that I use "Swinwian". I prefer over iTunes. Also I don't know where the artwork is stored. When storing music "Backups" are as important than any other related hardware.
  12. Sevoflurane

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    Music downloaded to a device via the Apple Music streaming service has DRM and cannot be played outside iTunes (unless you actively try to defeat the DRM but let’s not go there). Older 128K purchases from the iTunes Store were similarly protected (I think it’s called Apple FairPlay protection).

    However, for the past few years iTunes Store downloads have been 256K AAC format, without DRM, and will play on a wide range of non Apple devices and apps.

    CDs ripped using iTunes also rip to 256K AAC by default. If you use Apple Lossless format for ripping or purchasing downloads, this has been an open source format for several years and is widely supported.
  13. Chris Schoen

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    I only load cds and cdrs (.wav files) to iTunes. Is that music converted by iTunes to files that can only be played on Apple devices?
  14. Robert C

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    Raspberry Pi running Rune Audio. Connect an external harddrive, sync your Music folder to it via the network, control with the tablet/phone app. That's how I listen to most of my collection.
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  15. Dillydipper

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    Here ya go. Escient Fireball SE-80. It rips, it organizes, (it does connect to your computer if you prefer), it plays locally. Just plug it in like you would a tape dec.
    Escient FireBall MX-111 - DVD/CD manager / digital multimedia receiver | eBay
    Well, it's used.
    And, it's only an 80g hard drive,
    And it's from the 'Aughts,
    Aaaand, it only rips Mp3.

    But, like you said, it plays files without streaming! And it's a component! And I really liked mine...back when it worked...back during the Bush Administration...
  16. Bubbamike

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  17. Chris Schoen

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    I had the Fireball XL5! - that was a long time ago too. :agree::sigh:
  18. ellaguru

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    I use a oppo 103 with a couple of 4 tb hard drives connected to it. Peruse folder structure via remote or phone ap.
  19. Tartifless

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    Maybe some streamers like those from pioneer (NP-xx) that are not too expensive can read files from usb HDD through the frontal display.

    The main issue might be the loading time for the usb structure (can the device remember it or does it have to read through it everytime it is turned on ? ).
    This can only be checked by testing.
  20. Dillydipper

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    I wanted one of those, but I couldn't get the installers to fit it into my SuperCar! :p
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    OP, I have the Sony HAP-S1, and feel free to PM me if you want my opinions on it. Techmoan's video is what sold me on it:

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    I love those marionette shows! :laugh::agree:
  23. Apesbrain

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  24. William Barty

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    Thanks so much for the tip on Rune Audio -- I'm going to try it out this afternoon to compare it with OSMC, which I'm currently using with my Raspberry Pi. Looks very promising.
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  25. Bubbamike

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    You also might want to look at Volumio. Rune seems stuck in it's development cycle while Volumio has had regular updates.

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