McCartney New Album started with producer Greg Kurstin

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by etcetera, Feb 2, 2016.

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    We should start a message board where all the people agree with and enjoy everything an artist does and, consequently, each other. That sounds like fun!

    Remember when he released Off the Ground?


    That was great wasn't it?


    I bought it day one.

    Me too.

    Glad he didn't leave any songs off or substitute any songs with other songs.

    Yeah. He did it perfect.

    I'm going to listen to it now.

    Me too.

    We should listen synchronized and start a thread where we talk about how much we love each song, song by song.

    Yeah. Do it.

    Yak. Bip Bop.

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    Continuing to lurk myself.

    Not sure why we are announcing it...
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    lol I take it you don't mean the modern meaning of goat(greatest of all time).
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    New York
    Where do I register???????
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  5. Arnold Grove

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    Great post. I feel exactly what you said.

    You also mentioned Run Devil Run in a previous post and about how much of an excellent ROCKING album that is. Interestingly, both Back To The Egg and Run Devil Run were coproduced by Chris Thomas, who knows a thing or two about rocking albums (from The White Album to early Roxy Music albums to the Sex Pistols to a number of Pretenders albums). So somehow, Chris Thomas is one of the few individuals who seems to be able to get Macca to pick things up a notch in the true rock department.
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  6. Paul H

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    I'm not. I have no clue about anything.

    Damn: it appears I just unlurked. Just thought I'd mention it :)
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  7. Fortuleo

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    Girlschool has the crazy vocal when he gets to the "She gives them thrills in a paper cup" bit that sells it and gets me every time. But it doesn't change the fact that some rock songs are indeed "forced" in his catalogue. I've Had Enough is by far the best example, with maybe Get out of My Way (another one that "could've been").

    I remember a print interview dated sometimes in 78 where he talked about maybe doing only ballads from then on, an idea that kind of defines the aesthetics of the London Town LP (incidentally one of my personal favorites LP's – save for I've Had enough). Of course he quickly dismissed that decision for the next album… but it can be argued he came back to it for a while in the 80's. I wish I could find a link to that interview.
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  8. Darrin L.

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  9. bward

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    Excellent observation Arnie.

    When I wrote my post, I was trying to remember who produced those albums. It was my old age catching up to me, I guess that I couldnt remember Bte was not self produced, as the other wings albums. Also, i was too tired to look it up. )

    Over the years, Chris Thomas has done wonderful work for Paul.
  10. Paul H

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    Nottingham, UK
    I agree that not all of McCartney's attempts at rockin' have proved successful. I'd agree that I've Had Enough is one that doesn't really get there - I blame it on the slow pace and handclaps - and, much as I actually like it, I agree that Angry isn't especially convincing. It's like he's telling you how angry he is in a very calm manner so as not to cause a scene, much like you might to in a shop or restaurant.

    I think Get Out Of My Way is a different beast: I don't think it's supposed to rock. It's more just a fun, jaunty piece of almost rockabilly. McCartney himself has said how hard it is to write rock n roll songs; I think he mentioned this in discussions about Run Devil Run from the same titled album.

    Personally, though, I don't think many of McCartney's songs are genuine rock. Within the sphere of Beatles/McCartney there are songs that are more rock than others but when one puts most of his material up against the likes of Led Zep or heavy metal or Springsteen, pretty much most of it sounds pretty limp. It's just not what he does. However, within the Venn diagram of McCartney as Rocker, I'd say that Looking For Changes is pretty convincing (to me at least).
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  11. Haristar

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    He also produced "Birthday" and "Happiness is a Warm Gun", two of the rockier songs on the White Album.
  12. joelee

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    Totally Agree!
  13. Arnold Grove

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    Yes, I mentioned the White Album in my original post (but I didn't mention any specific songs).
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  14. Haristar

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    Southampton, UK
  15. Sean Murdock

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    That's what they did for "Early Days," and fans have been b¡tching about it for over 4 years now! :laugh: :agree:
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  16. maccafan

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    I cranked my Bose system last night and listened to, I've Had Enough, Girlschool, Angry, Lonely Road, Get Out Of My Way, About You, Beware My Love, Only Mama Knows, Old Siam Sir, Looking For Changes, Getting Closer, What It Is, She Said Yeah, Party, Smile Away, Junior's Farm, Hi Hi Hi, Soily, Stranglehold, Whole Life and Rockshow!

    I didn't hear anything forced or unnatural, what I heard was an artist that not only rocks, but does it in a variety of ways! None of the above songs sound the same and all of them rock! McCartney has always been a rocker, he just has never received his due as one! Some even claiming that his rock isn't rock, whatever that means?!

    You can't compare McCartney to Led Zeppelin, that's two totally different styles! Springsteen couldn't touch something like Soily from Wings Over America or Beware My Love, he wishes he could rock as hard as McCartney!

    Two things I notice about Paul McCartney, in his entire career he's never received the credit he deserves for being a rocker, and after the Beatles his output has never received the real credit it truly deserves, and the really sad part about that is, in both cases he and it probably never will!
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  17. Arnold Grove

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    It's now designated as Macca Rock ... ;)
  18. Arnold Grove

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    I cranked my Bose system last night and listened to: We All Stand Together, Spies Like Us, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Freedom, Kreen Akore, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reggae, Bogey Music, PS Love Me Do (studio version), PS Love Me Do (live version), and the whole Driving Rain album ...

    Boy was I sick ... ;)
  19. willie john

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    Driving Rain is not as bad as many think.
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  20. pokemaniacjunk

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    Well we haven't had any new songs to bitch about yet
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    There's another instance of Paul "trying" something with a song on New: "Everybody Out There" is trying to be a stadium chant, which nobody cared about, and in my opinion, is one of the weakest tracks on the album.
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  22. PaperbackBroadstreet

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    Same thing happens whenever I hear the track Girlfriend. ;)

    Yeah. Or should I say yeaaaaahhhhhhh! (Shudders uncontrollably).
  23. edenofflowers

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    Add a megamix of ALL the Ou Est La Soleil remixes and that sounds like a great night in*.

    *an asylum.
  24. PaperbackBroadstreet

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    Ok, more on topic recent photos of Paul show him in LA with producers and near a studio (Capitol Records?).

    I take it as a good sign.

    Maybe, possibly........
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  25. Darrin L.

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    You forgot "Soily".... particularly this version....

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