Metallica - Master Of Puppets 2017 Remastered Deluxe edition announced*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by nodeerforamonth, Aug 29, 2017.

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    Wrong thread. The Ride The Lightning box set is covered in another topic. :)
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    I’ve had two of these boxes so far from Amazon UK both damaged. A third is ordered. Both of the sets have the additional info card and another layer of shrink wrap. The outer protective box has been opened. What appears to have happened is the sets coming from the US are being taken out of the boxes in order for the video classification to be added and they are being dinged.
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    It’s the same Version. Vinyl P USA with the CDs made in Mexico. As I’ve stated earlier the addition is the wrap around with the European video classifications and a different barcode. The US wraparound is underneath this around the box.
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    Just picked up this remaster of Master, a record I’ve heard 1000x. I bought an original Megaforce copy a few years ago for $30 filled with clicks and pops, so I’ve been psyched for a clean copy, especially after RTL (which is an incredible reissue).
    This new version is really...pleasant...and balanced compared to the Megaforce version. The mids and highs are pulled back on the new one, so the guitar is less ferocious, but with that the overall sound is smoother, and more separation on the kit. You can hear the resonant room sound on the snare for example. The Megaforce pressing is so aggressive, and the cymbals and overdrive really overlap at certain frequencies, creating this gnarly sizzle...and I LOVE that. It’s the sound I know for this record. Way more ch-chunk.
    You can’t go wrong given the source material, but I will say that if you want to be grabbed by the throat, find a Megaforce original copy. If you want a little more nuance and sound detail, grab the new one. Better yet, just have both. Works for me. Cheers everyone.
  6. I popped in the DVDs from the set last night, and I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this! Haha! What crap!

    My first thought was, back in 1986 I would have loved having any video at all, no matter how crappy. Now, in 2017, I guess I'm spoiled.

    I'm not a big concert video person, so I'll ask among the more expert: Was there any pro-shot video from the MoP tour with Cliff? If not, what's the best out there? I might as well ask the same question for RTL while I'm at it.

    Thanks, you guys! It's still one helluva boxset. Very, very pleased! :)
  7. Vinyl Fan 1973

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    Megaforce? You mean an Elektra original, no?
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    Well now we know why the No Life T'il Leather boxset was postponed/cancelled, Dave and Lars getting into it.

    Dave Mustaine Says Credit Dispute Nixed Reissue of Metallica Demo

    Dave Mustaine said Metallica haven't released a deluxe reissue of 1982's No Life 'til Leather because he can't agree with Lars Ulrich on songwriting credits.

    Mustaine, who left Metallica in 1983, said he was contacted by James Hetfield two years ago about the possibility of returning to their earliest songs. "We were going to officially release the No Life 'til Leather demo as a record, with 27 tracks, pics, the whole enchilada," Mustaine wrote on Twitter, "and the talks broke down because Lars wanted credit on two songs I wrote every note and word to. I have the texts. I passed."

    Back in 2015, when Metallica announced a limited-edition cassette-only reissue of No Life 'til Leather for Record Store Day, it seemed the demo was next in line for an expanded look back. "It's time for us to put out some next-level reissues and do the song and dance of the catalog that everyone else has done – the U2s and the Led Zeppelins and the Oasises," Ulrich told Rolling Stone. "Instead of starting with Kill 'Em All in 1983, we figured we'd go back another two years to when the band was formed in 1981."

    Instead, they moved directly to Kill 'Em All and Ride the Lightning. (The latter was Metallica's last album with Mustaine, who subsequently formed Megadeth.) The long-awaited reissue of 1986's Master of Puppets followed earlier this month.

    Many of the tracks on No Life 'til Leather were later updated for Kill 'Em All, though the LP contains several exclusive songs, including "No Remorse," "The Four Horsemen" and "Whiplash." It's been widely bootlegged over the years, and was even portrayed (with tacked on crowd noise) as an early live recording in one particularly egregious knock off.
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    I must apologize to Ron McGovney for believing he was the reason the "No Life Til Leather" box set was not released and spreading that belief on the forum.
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  11. arandy

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    @Vinyl Fan 1973

    Yes, Elektra/Megaforce version. It has the Elektra logo, and underneath is the Megaforce logo with the two fists.
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    Quite a blunder. Makes me think the author isn't all that familiar with the band.
  13. rnranimal

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    Probably took a quick look at wikipedia and saw the Mustaine credit on Ride.
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  14. Vinyl Fan 1973

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    I've never seen one with the Megaforce logo, must be a very early first pressing.
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  15. klaw

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    Such a bummer... Still hoping for a release some day!
  16. Matthew Tate

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    this makes no sense at all. there has to be more to it than that. we already know the writing credits for the entire no life til leather tracklisting. the writing credits would be the same as kill em all plus mustaine only on mechanix. I'm guessing lars wants a credit for mechanix according to this article but what other song could they be talking about?
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    Dave also bought in Jump In The Fire.

    By the time thy got to KEA the two songs had been changed enough to give Hetfield and Ulrich extra credits. Mustaine obviously thinks the versions on No Life Til Leather (or other proposed earlier recordings) aren't sufficantly changed to give anyone else credit.
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    who has the lyrics to the no life jump in the fire and the KEA jump in the fire? if the lyrics are very different then kars and james already changed them.
  19. stonesfcr

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    Boxset Pitchfork review

    Metallica: Master of Puppets Album Review | Pitchfork

    The last part reminded me about this story about the band thinking about kicking Lars at the end of the MOP tour, is there any backing of this story?, its pretty interesting thinking about how things would have turned if the bus accident never happened
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    There are no pro-shots from the MoP tour at all. The Roskilde and Detroit videos are two of the better audience videos with Cliff out there. There are a couple of more out there, but they have been available in their entirety in trading circles for a long time. If as you say, you're not a big convert video person I would just go with Cliff 'Em All.

    But a couple of YouTube links to other audience videos from 86/87:

    Long Island 86:

    Anaheim 86, Jason's second show with an amazing Master of Puppets:

    Metallica - Jezabelle's - Anaheim, CA (November 9th, 1986)

    Quebec 86:

    Metallica - live in Quebec, Canada - 1986

    Toronto 86:

    Metallica live Toronto 9th Dec 1986

    Gothenburg 87:

    Metallica - Gothenburg, Sweden 13.02.1987

    London 87, warm up for the Donington gig at the 100 Club:

    Metallica - Live at 100 Club, London, England (1987) [Secret Gig] [Full show]

    That's about it I think. I've been out of the trading loop for the last 10 years, but this was the stuff back then.
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  21. Vinyl Fan 1973

    Vinyl Fan 1973 "They're like soup, they're like....nothing bad"

    I personally love the Quebec and Toronto shows with Jason. As for a show with Cliff, you can’t beat Detroit 86’ IMO.
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  22. Deuce66

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    Dave mentioned 27 tracks in his tweet, unreleased tunes that no one has heard before?
  23. manofatom

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    From Ron Mcgovneys twitter:

    I am still hoping that the NLTL special release package will still come out. I sent the Metallica guys some really cool stuff to go in the picture book , as did some of my friends. The music besides NLTL would be live shows, demos from my garage, and even an old interview.
  24. steveharris

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    That sounds very promising,Ron Mcgovney seems like a cool guy.I can`t see a stalemate indefinitely blocking a deluxe No Life Til Leather.There has got to be an amicable solution.
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    as far as i know there are no unreleased finish songs from that era of the band

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