Moody Blues Rock Hall Induction

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Houston_Music_Fan, Apr 16, 2018 at 9:26 AM.

  1. Houston_Music_Fan

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    Houston, Texas
    They let Laine speak but not Pinder? Inexcusable.

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  2. Dylancat

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    Cincinnati, OH
    This has been discussed at length on the Moody Blues album thread.
    There is nothing “inexcusable” if the implication that this occurred with malice.
    It was not.
    As in all speculation, the best guess is this is “health” related.
    My opinion is that the confusion could have been mitigated if one person spoke for the group, which would have mitigated individual approaches to the mic.
  3. Billo

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    Southern England

    - note that John shows Mike where to stand, Graeme, Justin and Denny each in turn embrace Mike and John overall takes charge

    I get the impression they very much wanted Mike to be there with them but not to possibly embarress himself if Mike is not in the best of health now

    we know Ray said that Mike was 'getting a bit forgetful' back in 2014 and I get the impression here Mike seems a little bemused by it all, so if that is the case I can fully understand the guys protecting Mike here

    I get the impression they each are 'comforting' Mike in turn here

    curious how Graeme just walks off tho' leaving Justin and John to try to end the speeches...tho' by then the microphone has been turned off !
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  4. MikeVielhaber

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    I think this is overstepping if it was not Mike's choice to forgo a speech.
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  5. Houston_Music_Fan

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    Houston, Texas
    I see everyone's point now. Perhaps the other Moodies were protecting Mike. If so, that is touching, though of course sad. But I'd rather be sad in this case than upset, as I was when I felt Mike had been snubbed.

    However, I must also note regarding the health issue that Mike was quoted extensively in a recent Rolling Stone article, and didn't he also give interviews for the new Marc Cushman book on the Moodies? Just more food for thought since may are questioning his current state of health.
  6. reapers

    reapers Forum Resident

    Agreed. This would be a sensible way to handle things if there was something health related.

    Pretty hard to assess what was going on as there was some interaction on stage between Mike and the others. The "mic block" came off as pretty strange, as did the fact they left him alone on the stage at the end. If there was some health issue, it seems like one of them would have shadowed him off the stage.

    There definitely would have been better options to handle this if there was some health issue involved. If there wasn't, the whole thing was pretty shameful...
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  7. winojunko76

    winojunko76 Forum Resident

    Denny didn't get a chance to perform with the Moodies which is a shame IMO.
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  8. walrus

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    Nashville, TN
    If Pinder isn't in condition to perform, there wouldn't have really been much of a point. Edge was the only other member from that lineup onstage, and he's so bad I'm not even sure his drum mics are turned on.
  9. bRETT

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    Boston MA
    True, but aside from Graeme who doesn't really play these days, he wouldn't have been playing with anyone he originally had.
  10. MikeVielhaber

    MikeVielhaber Forum Resident

    Cypress, TX
    The theory about Mike's Health being in such a condition that he needs help from embarrassing himself seems like wild speculation considering there's been no report of such health condition publicly. I Unless somebody in here has insider information.
  11. R. Cat Conrad

    R. Cat Conrad While the moderators jest... Well, you know

    D/FW Metroplex
    Having viewed the clip, either speculation could be true, but the body language suggests that Mike was essentially restrained from speaking. John actually ran interference as he started to approach the microphone before JH spoke.

    Health reasons? Perhaps, but he looked pretty together on stage, conversing pleasantly with Graham Edge and Denny off to the side. If he's struggling with issues of dementia, it sure didn't come across on stage. He seemed alert and focused, but I suppose appearances can be deceiving. His failure to perform will be fodder for speculation. Was it because he is no longer capable of performing MB songs live ...or issues resulting from a long standing grudge.

    Having Mike and Denny on stage was obviously the best move for any legitimate award presentation of the group's legacy, but the discomforting optics of what happened raises more questions than it answers.

  12. rushed again

    rushed again Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    I didn't expect him to perform but it would have been great to hear him say something/anything, if only a simple Thank you.
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  13. Edwin Hawley

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    Okobojo, SD
    As others have noted, it's impossible to form a strong opinion based on Mike's body language at the beginning. John has been running the show for some time. He was the only member not in a coma when I saw them last summer.
  14. zen

    zen Forum Resident

    I saw it. I couldn't believe it....and then again, I can.
    A simply disgusting move, and until clarified otherwise by the band, it's pretty pathetic.
    Damn, I wish Moraz had been inducted so Lodge would have trouble running double interference.
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  15. Dylancat

    Dylancat Forum Resident

    Cincinnati, OH
    It was pointed out in another thread (album thread) that a member of the Pinder family thanked the other Moodies for their conduct at the induction.
    There was no malice.
    I stated before that we are just observers with insufficent information.
    My only comment is that one person should have been designated to speak for the group which would have averted what occurred.
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  16. side3

    side3 Younger Than Yesterday

    Tulsa, OK
    I'd read elsewhere that Pinder may have some memory related illness that prevents him from speaking or playing.
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  17. MikeVielhaber

    MikeVielhaber Forum Resident

    Cypress, TX
    But that's not how those things go generally. Generally, everybody gets a chance to speak, even if it's just to say thanks. And the fans, I'm sure, want to hear from everybody. However, I'm sure it's not the first time someone being inducted was on stage and did not speak.
  18. Houston_Music_Fan

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    Houston, Texas
    Mike and even Ray have now spoken, via their wives each posting statements.

    Message from Mike's wife (Mike's words):

    "The rock hall of fame people were wonderful. The ceremony was too long and
    the sound too loud for the room but there were moments of great interest.
    For the Moody families it was the opportunity to share in several days of
    love, past memories and making new memories for our families. All the band
    brought their children and grandchildren and that was magic. The
    grandchildren got to see that the music has remained relevant and impactful
    for 50 years.

    Many MB fans have asked why I did not speak at the induction but by the
    time the Moodies took the stage we were 5 hours into the ceremony. The
    oldest of the inductees were up the latest. The speeches were a bit
    anti-climatic at that point and it was only fitting that the current
    touring members spoke first. I am happy that we finally got inducted for
    our fans sake. As I have said for the last 30 years the fans are my hall of

    Message from Ray's wife:

    "When Ray was called in December to let him know the Moody Blues would be inducted into the HOF he told them he
    would not be able to attend because he couldn't fly that far. He also told
    them he would like John to accept his award for him. Then he spoke to Mike
    about this honor and they both agreed that the honor belonged to the fans
    that had supported them all these years. Then Ray spoke to John and ask him
    if he would except his award and he would write a few lines for John to
    read. John, being the good mate he has always been to Ray said absolutely
    he would do that for Ray. True to his word John went to the HOF with the
    words written by Ray to accept Ray's award and read the words. If you have
    seen the tapes of the induction ceremony you will know that John and Justin
    both went to the microphone to say something about Ray and John would read
    Ray's words but the sound was abruptly shut off. I would like to complete
    that for Ray. This is what John would have read if he had been able.

    "The fans have done us proud. This (night) has come about because of their
    tireless efforts and belief in the band and the music. I'm very, very
    grateful and always a little surprised that our music seems to be a little
    timeless. It's something you always hope for when you are recording songs
    but never expect to happen. It's really rather humbling to touch that many
    people in different generations. There were always 5 of us in both Moodies
    who experienced this roller coaster ride together. I played and toured from
    1964 until 2002, so I have years of great memories. I had a good run,
    played with the best band to the greatest audiences, a man can't ask for
    more than that, except to say thank you to the fans who made it possible."
    Ray Thomas - December 2017"

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