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  1. Buggyhair

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    If you're in the U.S., convert the Canadian dollar at about 80 cents, or another 20% off the posted price. There's usually a 15% or 20% discount code on top that. Free shipping to the U.S. over $50.

    Can anyone help with a discount code?

    Merry Christmas.
  2. black sheriff

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  3. The Beave

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    Not a good sale compared to even two years ago.
    Prices not that good!
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  4. The Elephant Man

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    Very true. They've been very conservative this year on their box set sales.
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  5. Buggyhair

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    Ann Arbor, MI
    Yeah, it was a little better a year ago, but you're still not likely to find most of those sets any cheaper.
  6. Engineer X

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    I just wanted to add to this thread that I lost all of my vinyl do to the Northern California fires .I contacted Music Vaultz about replacing my Mono Box and they were quick to replace for the same low price that I paid a year ago. Thanx MV
  7. The Elephant Man

    The Elephant Man Forum Resident

    How did you contact them? I’ve been trying to see where one of my orders went and none of my emails have been answered.
    Unlike last year where they answered my email almost immediately.
  8. jamesmaya

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    These guys still seem to be have in stock that Beatles Christmas box for about $110 CDN
  9. masterbucket

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    Georgia US
    John Merrick.......use Facebook and you will get a quick response.
    Great folks.
  10. The Elephant Man

    The Elephant Man Forum Resident

    Agreed. They were very helpful last year.
    Thank you!
  11. Buggyhair

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    Ann Arbor, MI
    I've had nothing but excellent experiences with them. With the exchange rate and the coupon codes, their prices can't be beat, either. That was an amazing sale a year ago. I still can't believe I paid those prices.
  12. ggergm

    ggergm red right returning

    I had an interesting experience last week with MusicVaultz. With this box sale, I bought the Beatles mono LP box for a friend and received an email from a London based fulfillment company, Digital Stores, asking for verification. Here it is:

    Hi Gregg,
    This is an email in relation to order number C2901576.
    To ensure our customers and their details are protected against any potential online misuse, we always carry out standard security checks on all orders.
    On this occasion, your order has been temporarily stopped by these checks.
    In order to continue with your purchase, can we please request that you provide us with some documentary proof of the your payment method billing address, this can be in the form of a scan or photograph of one or more of the following documents:
    • Bank statement
    • Utility bill
    • Driving license (paper part)
    This documentation will be reviewed and we will get back to you within 3 working days.
    Thank you for your understanding.
    Kind Regards,
    Digital Stores Customer Services
    Suspicious as hell, I did a Google search for Digital Stores and they are legit. I went to their website, which was extensive and checked the email address from Georgie. It matched ones on their website. Try as I may, I couldn't see how this was a phishing email. In fact, it made sense. I had placed my first order with MusicVaultz a month before for a live Jam recording. I can see how my Beatles order might have raised flags. After one small order, I then made a major one.

    I happened to have received a new bank statement in the mail that day so I scanned it, blacked out my account number, looked it over carefully for any other personal information beyond my name and address, which they already had, couldn't find anything, and sent it to them. On general purposes, I changed the password on my bank account. It would be a tough one to crack, as it is long, with upper and lower case letters, numbers, and multiple special characters. That was about 3 days ago and I haven't heard anything back.

    Anybody else ever experience something like this?
  13. mestreech

    mestreech Forum Resident

    No and I won’t trust it. Very Very strange. Never heard of such experience. It smells fraud.
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  14. ggergm

    ggergm red right returning

    It smelled to me, too, but short of calling Digital Stores and ask for Georgie's boss, how else could I check it out? My only other option was not responding to the email and missing out on helping out a friend with a decent price on the Beatles mono box.

    Also, how did they get the order number? It matched my order but is purely an in-house number.

    Bottom line, they didn't get anything from me other than the proof I have a checking account with US Bank, along with millions of other people. They didn't get my account number. They got no useable information.

    Please realize MusicVaultz and Digital Stores already had my credit card number. To use a poor metaphor, my pants were already down. How can we buy anything without opening up ourselves at least a bit?

    I've had my credit card company suspend my card over less of a question of this, like suddenly buying a tank of gas on the other side of the country. It's a mean, bad world out there and companies are protecting their asses. That's the way I took it.
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  15. Buggyhair

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    Ann Arbor, MI
    I would suspect a rogue employee rather than the company. I'd contact the company and confirm that this is their policy. If you do, it would help to post it here so others will know what to expect in the future.

    The only problem I had was with my credit card company. They didn't let the purchase go through because it was for a large amount of money to a foreign company, so I had to sort that out with them.
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  16. Dave_B80

    Dave_B80 Well-Known Member

    I am from Ontario, Canada, home area of MusicVaultz headquarters. I can vouch for the company and say they have great products & pricing. My friend and I have purchased a few big ticket items over the years, all have come through. I have had a few issues purchasing online with my VISA, the site does not let my card go through multiple times. One year ago, I got a call from VISA saying that "digital stores" looked suspicious. I approved the purchase, and everything went through ok. Not sure what's wrong with their system, but they should look into it.
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  17. ggergm

    ggergm red right returning

    I've considered that Georgie might have gone rogue and your idea of contacting the company is a decent one. I'm not going to do that yet. I checked and Digital Stores has only had one business day to process my reply. Let's see what happens. For now I'm just being vigilant.

    As for credit card companies, I've had many issues with their hyper-security over the years. All of them revolved around one of two problems, charges made not in my local area or using a card I don't normally use.

    With the first, because I've had out of town charges declined more than once, now if I'm traveling, I call the credit card company to tell them when and where I'm going. They take all of that down. It's so routine for them, I've thought the agent must be filling in a special screen on his or her computer to record the information.

    When it's the second, using a card that normally just sits in my wallet with a zero balance, I've had multiple experiences of the first charge going through but the charges after that being declined until I call the card to tell them everything is OK.

    Years ago I had a two-fer. While in California, I pulled out a card with a $12K limit but a zero balance and tried to make a $10K purchase. After the charge was so emphatically declined I was told to surrender my card to the shop employee, it took pre-approval over the phone to straighten everything out.
  18. ggergm

    ggergm red right returning

    Wait - is there even a Georgie? It's such a non-threatening name - our mate, Georgie - that when coupled with the fact that he doesn't have a last name, I think what I got was a form email. Sure, Digital Stores concern is real but Georgie is not.

    It's like if you contact Phish, you always get a reply from Betty Frost. It's been that way for decades. Trouble is, there is no Betty Frost. Everyone in the office is Betty Frost.

  19. mrjinks

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    Boise, ID.
  20. ggergm

    ggergm red right returning

    Thanks, @mrjinks. I appreciate the confirmation. I have to admit I was starting the question the wisdom of my responding to the initial request.

    In fact, because I'd heard nothing back, yesterday I sent a note to Digital Stores general customer service email addy telling them of my concern and asking if my order had been released. This morning I received a reply from the possibly mythical Georgie saying my address had been confirmed and my order had gone back into the hopper. I'd get a further email when it was actually shipped. Whether my second email caused Georgie to get off his butt and respond,, two days late, I can't say, but it couldn't have hurt.

    I'm thinking about writing a good old fashioned business letter on my stationary and sending it to Digital Stores, saying they have to modify their policy. It is very off-putting and if you read the links provided by mrjinks, has scared folks and caused at least one other order to be cancelled. We used to have a joke in my stereo store about the anti-sales department taking over companies. I understand why Digital Stores is worried about sending out hundreds of dollars of merchandise to an unverified address but this is an example of an anti-sales department in full flower.
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  21. ggergm

    ggergm red right returning

    I got an email from Music Vaultz saying things are back on track. In it was my order date. I hadn't realized this detour delayed the order by two weeks. Talk about anti-sales!
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  22. The Elephant Man

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    How funny. I'm still waiting for an order placed at the end of October. Oh well.
  23. Axis_67

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    Velvet Underground’s 50th anniversary Box Set. Release Date 23 February 2018

    Looks like it's $179.98 plus shipping and on the US site (my shipping estimated at $18.08)

    The Canadian site offers free shipping and at the current conversion rate their C$229.99 price point works out to around $185 US$.

    Anyone have a promo code to share?

    The Velvet Underground LP Box

    Box set limited to 1000 copies for the world.

    Includes the following albums on 180-gram black vinyl:
    The Velvet Underground and Nico (1967)
    Nico Chelsea Girl (1967)
    White Light/White Heat (1968)
    The 1969 Album (New Compilation)
    The Velvet Underground (1969)
    Loaded (1970)

    To celebrate the Velvet Underground’s 50th anniversary, Verve Records/UMe is releasing The Velvet Underground, a limited-edition career-spanning box that collects all four of the pioneering band’s studio albums, Velvets collaborator Nico’s debut LP, Chelsea Girl, and a reconstruction of the fabled “lost” 1969 album, making it available on vinyl for the first time. The six albums housed in a special black slipcase will be pressed on 180-gram black vinyl and feature stereo mixes and meticulously reproduced original cover art. The box will also include an exclusive 48-page booklet, featuring vintage photos, lyrics and a new foreword penned by founding member Maureen “Moe” Tucker.
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  24. mrjinks

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    Boise, ID.
    Try VAULTZ. Worked for me!
  25. noname74

    noname74 We The North.

    Do you recall what kind of discount that code gave?

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