My new car has no CD player :-(

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by kwadguy, Jun 26, 2017.

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    That's being kind. The Rogue is a turd.
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    why is that? I was looking at a Murano. Same thoughts?
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    Orlando, FL
    The Murano has a V6 assuming you aren't looking at the hybrid- 240-265 hp. The Rogue is a 170 hp 4 cylinder- its slow as molasses. I'm pretty sure the Murano is acceptable although I've not driven one.

    One more thing to research is depreciation. My wife's Rogue has depreciated horribly. Enough that I won't consider Nissan at all when I'm in the market.
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  4. soundboy

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    Not to mention all 5 vowels in the model name.
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    Back on the original topic, I did buy a new CR-V, and yes, it didn't have a CD Deck. I just use Bluetooth and my iPhone to play music. You can also have your phone (or iPad or other audio device) connected to the audio system via USB. I don't miss the CD player at all. I did have a CD player in my last vehicle, and I didn't use it once in the four years I owned it.
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    I asked earlier what makes support flac, and if there was an answer I missed it. So, what cars support flac?
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  7. kwadguy

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    Adding insult to injury...The 2017 CR-V, which doesn't have a CD option nor an AUX input, also features a pretty piss-poor implementation of USB playback. While it can read the metadata, it doesn't do much with it:

    You can only browse by folder. Not by artist. Not by album.

    In 2017? On a car where you decided the CD and AUX weren't necessary?
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    Stop driving...
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  9. misterdecibel

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    Did the seat start vibrating?
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    I know some may argue the point, but I believe 320kbit encoding is unnecessary. You can save a fair bit of space and thus pack more music on your device if you encode to a 256kbit VBR setting. The beauty of VBR is that it only uses the bitrate needed frame by frame (and, yes, will go up to 320kbit if a given frame needs it), and so you can save space without sacrificing sound quality. It's like the best of both MP3 worlds.
  11. sberger

    sberger I like dirty records

    I have a cd player in my Subaru, and haven't used it for years. I either listen to albums that I've ripped onto my phone through the AUX input(no Bluetooth), or Spotify/Tidal(again, through phone) or radio. CD's ended up getting left in the car, getting dirty, getting jammed in the player, etc. Not worth it.

    I'm as old school as anyone, but there are times when using new technology is just easier.
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    I thought my new VW Golf didn't have a player, at first. However, the salesman showed me that the player was in the glove compartment. So now if I want to change the CD I have to pull over. I don't mind too much because I've gone to streaming for most of my in-car listening.

    I remember the days of choosing and loading up a carrying case of CDs for a longer trip, then having to hid them at every stop so they wouldn't get stolen! Now I just take my phone.
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  13. Cockroach

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    Visalia, CA
    I have a 1998 Ford Escort with an aftermarket stereo. I use this car for my work commutes. I mainly listen to the radio, simply because it's hassle-free. But sometimes I'll play a playlist on my phone, or listen to Pandora or TuneIn, over my stereo's Bluetooth connection. My stereo has a CD player, but I don't think I've used that in years. In fact, last time I touched it was to eject a disc that had been forgotten and left in there for at least a year or two.

    I also have a 2011 Dodge Avenger. which is the main family car. It still has the factory stereo, but that's only because I can't afford to replace it. It has a CD/DVD player, which has only been used once that I know of. It also has a 30GB hard drive, but the worst file navigation software in history (it doesn't recognize playlist files such as M3U, and it treats folders like individual playlists. Ugh!). It lacks Bluetooth, but at least has an AUX jack.

    Yeah, first-world problems, I know. ;)
  14. MrRom92

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    I would like to know more for sure too. I know Tesla supports it, I know all Pioneer head units support it (possibly ALL aftermarket head units by this point?)

    Honda's infotainment units have always been miserably out of date. My 08 accord feels like a car from 2003. I opted not to get the infotainment system in my 2010, aux works just fine for me even though it isn't ideal, it's better than what they're offering.
  15. I have a new VW GTI w the CD player in the glove box. I've used it exactly once in 6 months. Apple Car Play is so much better.
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  16. gary191265

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    Android Auto, Muzecast or Spotify, Bluetooth and a generous 20gb of mobile data every month, more than compensates for the lack of a CD player in my car (it's an aftermarket head unit that I specifically chose because it didn't have a CD player)
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  17. Obtuse1

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    When I bought my truck in 2009, it was kind of an odd duck. It had an AM/FM/CD player, but no aux in (in 2009!). It was quickly replaced with aftermarket stuff.

    It currently has a CD/DVD player (which is used, but rarely). Used most often is an iPod in the glove box, followed by Slacker Radio (via Android Auto), and the HD Radio tuner.

    The nice thing is that all those things work independently of a cell phone signal (Slacker allows you to cache stations for offline listening).
  18. cdash99

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    2012 & 2014 Audi owner here. Both have 30-PIN iPod connectors, which is fine for repurposed iPhones that are otherwise out of use, as well as an upgrade to the B&O CD/DVD-V player, which plays the "V" layer on some DVD-A's, but not all, depending on encoding. The Warner series DVD-A's are the worst offenders. It's great for concert DVD's and Tull remixes, even without video access when the car is moving. This lack of video access is also a good thing!

    Here is the bad: the 2012 unit does not have Bluetooth streaming, nor does it pick up where it left off on the iPod. Audi updated their systems for the 2014 models.

    Here is the worst: Neither model has USB ports, just spaces for two SD cards, with maximum bit rates of 320. I could work with the 320 issue, but the lack of USB port astounds me, especially by 2014.

    Here is my perspective: First world problems!
  19. Henry Love

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    They don't drive Audi's in the third world?
  20. Litejazz53

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    My gosh, I'm glad you did not mention you have a turntable, he would have run you out of the dealership, oh my!! :sweating:
  21. Tartifless

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    Nowadays people tend to steal phones, not cds...
  22. Claude Benshaul

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    One of the first thing I did with my car back in 2012 was to get the useless original head unit out and install a Pioneer instead. A bit of root, ARU and some Miracast magic resulted in complete and faithful screen duplication with touch control and sound being routed through the HDMI layer of Miracast instead of the unsatisfying bluetooth codecs. It's almost perfect and it amuse me when I look at what is offered with luxury car brands that I have better multimedia functionality, control options and a UI that doesn't irritate the hell out of me.

    I spend too much time in the car driving and battling traffic to add being frustrated by the audio or half assed implementation of user interfaces that often requires too many user manual input to perform simple tasks.

    There are of course two major downside. The first is that it tends to drain the phone battery faster and trying to charge the phone while it's streaming and playing media while simultaneously navigating with Waze may result in overheat and/or thermal throttling. The second is that due to tighter and tighter integration, I probably won't be able to repeat this trick with my next car.
  23. Methodical

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    Like I said, some manufacturers just knows how to do things right.:edthumbs:
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    Nissan is the bargain brand of Japanese cars. They sell them because they are less expensive and have larger cash rebates than Toyota or Honda.

    And before somebody brings up the GT-R: Ain't nobody cross shopping 500hp halo cars. We're talking about $24,000 appliances on wheels
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    Cool. Not to hijack but....Was just in North Myrtle Beach on vacation, and rented jet skis in Murrells Inlet. Kids had a blast even though it was a pretty choppy day. That ride out to the open water in the inlet is amazing, what a beautiful spot. And lunch at Drunken Jacks. I snuck out to visit Kilgore Trouts record store in myrtle, a lot of selection, cds and lps but just couldnt find a fit with what I was looking for. My rental car had no cd player to get back on topic.
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