Need advice about reel to reel tapes found in an attic

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    Im hoping if anyone is able to help me here, not certain if this is the correct secton to post this if not please could admin redirect.
    My son does house clearances and rubbish removals, he recently cleared out an attic for a client. He cleared out over 100 reel to reel tapes, his client told him to do what he wants with them, he has a receipt for these, Heres a list of what we have as there is two boxes of them, and would like to know what they could be worth , any help would be grateful in this matter.

    Elton John 14 oct 76
    Candle in the wind / Bennie and the jets / This song has no title / Grey seal / Jamaica jerk-off / Ive seen that movie before

    Back in the ussr / While my guitar gently woos / Ob-la-di ob-la-da / Get back / Dont let me down / The Ballad of john and yoko / Old brown shoe / Across the universe / The long and winding road


    Revolution / Strawberry fields forever / Penny lane / Sgt peppers lonely hearts club band / With a little help from my friends / Lucy in the sky with diamonds / A day in the life / All you need is love / I am the walrus


    Hello goodbye

    The fool on the hill

    Magical mystery tour

    Lady madonna

    Hey jude

    Her comes the sun

    Come together


    Octopus's garden

    Let it be


    Love awakes Paul Mcartney

    Rockestra Paul Mcartney

    Little luck Paul Mcartney

    Band on the run Paul Mcartney

    All of Paul Mcartney

    Born to love me Orbison

    Overture Who

    Beatles to Bond and back 18 sep 74

    Theme ole

    Elizabeth and essex

    The yellow submarine suite

    Prelude for strings

    The Eagles greatest hits side 2

    One of those nights

    Take it to the limit

    Peaceful easy feeling

    Best of my love

    The Eagles greatest hits side 1

    Take it easy

    Witchy woman

    Lyin eyes

    Already gone


    The Eagles side 2

    Wasted time (reprise)

    Victim of love

    Pretty maids all in a row

    Try and love again

    The last resort

    The Eagles side 1

    New kid in town

    Life in the fast lane

    Wasted time

    Gallager and Lyle 3rd nov 76

    Love on the airwaves


    I had to fall in love

    Gallager and Lyle side 1 oct 75


    Stay young

    I wanna stay with you

    Fifteen summers

    Storm in my soul

    Gallager and Lyle side 2

    Sign of the times

    Heart on my sleeve


    Northern girl

    Fool of fools

    Bryan Ferry may 74 Album Master

    The in crowd

    Walk a mile

    Funny how mine




    Oct 78

    Oh what a circus David Essex

    Rivers of Babylon Boney M

    Brown girl in the ring Boney M

    Free electric band Albert Hammond

    Down by the river Albert Hammond

    Everything i want to do Albert Hammond

    Sadistic Mika Band Hot Menu 29 july 75

    With famous guitarist

    Funky Majan

    ???? Sunrise

    Crysalis side 2 Jan 73

    Souvenier of london

    Bringing home the bacon

    Liquorice john


    Roberts box

    Crysalis side 1 jan 73

    Grand hotel

    Toujours L'amour

    Run take

    Tv ceaser


    Battle hymn of the reblic

    Hey jude

    If i ruled the world } Tom jones

    All my sorrows

    Hey jude

    Neil Sedaka

    Greatest Hits

    Test Tape 20 oct 76

    Steve Wonder

    Is she lovely

    Top of pops 12 feb 77

    2 reels in one box

    Elton john

    Top of the Pops part 1 30 jan 76

    Julie Covington

    Gallagher and Lyle 3 nov 76

    Never give up on love

    Dude in the dark

    Head talk

    Call for the captain

    It only hurts when i laugh

    Top pf the pops part 2 30 jan 76

    Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson 5 march 79

    Mama dont let your babies grow up to be cowboys

    The year 2000 minus 25

    Pick up the tempo

    If you an touch her at all

    Lookin for a feeling

    Its not supposed to be that way

    I can get off on you

    Dont cuss the fiddle

    Gold dust woman

    A couple more years

    The wurlitzer prize

    Neil Sedaka

    Greatest Hits

    Our last together


    Who Go to the mirror


    Peace trains C Stevens

    Father and son C Stevens

    Morning Broken C Stevens

    Rivers babylon Boney M

    Holiday Boney M

    Street Fighting Stones

    You better move on Stones

    Bobby Mgee C Kristoffson

    R Goodwin Dec 71 Bacharach/David side 1

    San jose


    Wives x lovers

    Ill never fall in love again

    One less bell

    Raindrops keep falling on my head

    R Goodwin Dec 71 Bacharach/David

    This guys in love with you

    What the world needs is love

    The look of love

    Say a little prayer for me

    Walk on by

    Close to you

    Mr Big part 1

    Time base

    Wonderful creation

    Golden lights

    Uncle john B

    Aint been a man

    Sweet silence

    Mr Big Part 2


    Enjoy iy

    Voilet way


    2nd ammendment

    London welsh choir 25 june 75

    Sloop john B

    The lone and winding road

    Save the last dance for me

    Day by day

    Take me home

    He aint heavy hes my brother

    God only knows

    Remember then

    Dock of the bay

    ????? Elton John

    All the girls love alice

    Your sister cant twist

    Roy rogers

    Social desease


    ???? Elton John

    Funeral for a friend

    Love lies bleeding

    Sweet painted lady

    The ballad of danny bailey

    Various hits of 70s

    Transfer to cassette

    Various july 76

    Jack of diamonds Christi

    Born to run Alan Clarke

    Kissing in the back row Drifters

    down on the beach Drifters

    Hard rain Roxy Music

    Smoke gets in your eyes Bryan Ferry

    All the way to memphis Mott the Hoople

    These foolish things Bryan Ferry



    Take with you Bogatti and Musker

    Judy played the juke box Alvin Stardust

    If i needed someone Gallager and Lyle

    Saturday nights alright Elton John

    Hotel California Eagles

    Inmigrant song Neil Sedaka

    Steve Wonder

    7 Hancock Reels

    5 full reels =10?

    2 half reels

    John Barry july 73

    Orson wells tv theme

    Lets put some music on

    Walk about

    The flower of the world

    The glass ???


    The good times are coming

    We have all the time in the world

    The whisperers

    Various side 1

    Mrs Robinson Simon and Gartfunkle

    I dont love R Orbison

    Baby face L Richard

    By the light moon L Richard

    Take a chance Abba

    On the water front P Taite

    Living next to alice Smokie

    Bobby Mcgee K Kristifson

    Moody Blue E Presley

    Beautiful noise N Diamond

    side 2

    N Diamond I you wat i mean

    R Orbison Born to love me

    E Presley Treat me nice

    E Presley Dont be cruel

    A Garfunkel Miss you

    Dont cry for me argentina J Covington

    Various June 77

    Isnt she lovely Stevie wonder

    They shoot horses Racing cars

    Smoke gets in your eyes Bryan Ferry

    ???? Marmalade

    Tequila sunrise Eagles

    Yellow brick road Elton John

    Strangers on the shore Martin Ford

    Maggie May R S

    Radio Top pf the pops

    Gordon Neville 2 july 76


    Making up



    Showman in a showdown

    High and dry

    11 unboxed


    Great mr nice E Presley

    Raining raining F Domino

    Silvery moon L Richard

    Sun dont shine EP aka Elvis Presley?

    Baby face L Richard

    Keep walkin L Richard

    Gypsy woman Don Williams

    Born to love R Orbison

    Bobby mcgee K Kristofson

    Ghetto E Presley

    Suspion E Presley

    Mull /k/tyre Wings

    Imrecilec R Chapman

    El lute Boney M

    London town Wings

    Going to loreal S Forbert

    Old fashion song B Spears

    Free elec band A Hammond

    Unknown not written in

    After the gold rush

    All the way Memphis

    Blue jeans N Diamond

    Bringing flowers N/D

    Holiday Boney M

    Go west V People

    YMCA V People

    Blueberry hill F Domino

    All shook up E Presley

    Sailor side 2

    Stiletto heels

    Out of money


    Quay hotel


    Bugatti & Musker 17 oct 75

    Side 1

    Rolling on you


    Song from 67

    Hamburger heaven

    Kid gloves

    I told you


    YMCA V People

    In the navy V People

    Holiday Boney M

    Ribbons and blue Roxy M

    Martin Ford Jan 76

    Im a man

    Gone with the wind

    Sneakin up behind

    Martin Ford Jan 76

    Life is a carnival

    Unable to read this track sorry

    Theme from summer place


    Bugart & Musker

    Side 2

    Drifwood & Riverweed

    Boat from calais

    You got what you want from me

    Do i still groove you

    Making it better

    Friend & brother

    I want a jew

    Arlo Guthrie

    Best of Arlo Guthrie

    Part only

    Coming into los angeles

    Last train

    City of new orleans

    Darkest hour

    Last to leave

    Top pf the pops Radio 1

    Rose royce Car wash

    Stevie wonder Naughty boy

    Mike oldfield Portsmouth

    Tina charles Dr love

    Elvis presley Suspicion

    Harold melvin

    10cc Things we do for love

    Plus others

    Various Artists

    Top of the pops 23 oct 75

    Annies song

    Davies on the road again

    Smokey Oh Carol

    Darts York City

    Stones Miss You

    Unable to read the rest on box

    7 Reels unable to read


    Where do we go from here Mcneil

    Something to hold on to Mcneil

    Funny kind of love Mariole/Wadley

    Jilly Dave Watts

    The right time Tyson

    When summers thru Tony De Meur

    Capital Radio 4 Dec 78

    Continuous music special

    Drifters Nov 74

    Kissing in back row

    Im free for the rest of my life

    Cant live without you

    If it feels good do it

    Blessings in disguise

    Down on the beach

    Racing Cars 5 Feb 77

    Sylias mother Dr Hook

    Do i believe Hot Chocolate

    Me and bobby magee Kris Kristofison

    Jeans on David Dundas

    Island girl Elton John

    Blinded by the light Manfred man

    Together Oc smith

    Peggy sue B Holly

    Oh boy B Holly

    Rave on B Holly

    Emily in morny B Holly

    B/W Leader Bad Level May 77

    Bad copys of records

    Moody blue E Presley

    Alright Mr Big

    Traffic jam Sailor

    This ole heart of mine Rod Stewart

    Sailing Rod Stewart ( Drop out in centre)

    Me and bobby mcgee Kris Kristofison

    Alice Smokie

    Lay back Smokie

    7 in boxes unable to read them

    5 empty boxes but no reels so do not know if the ones that are not in boxes belong to them as the boxes have writing on them but are empty.

    Various Nov 77

    Lucille Kenny Rogers

    First Cut Rod Stewart

    Runaway G & Lyle

    Sittin in the back row Drifters

    For the dun to find Mr Big

    Down on the beach Drifters

    Make me smile Steve Harley

    Thank you all.
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  2. amanda246

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    I forgot to add that the Hancock ones have written on them Hancock A, Hancock B Hancock C etc
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  3. PretzelLogic

    PretzelLogic Machine wrapped in butter.

    London, England
    If you can find someone with a reel to reel recorder, check they are working; tape gets brittle with time, and the magnetic tape can disintegrate. Provided they are playable, the originals (I.e.the ones with tape boxes and printed labels on the reels) will have some interest, if not value, to some collectors. There's always a market for unusual Beatles stuff. Its not quite a goldmine you'd expect though, unless they are in perfect condition. Check to see if they have your format there, and compare prices

    The home taped stuff is pretty much worthless except as spare reels to sell on eBay. I buy these myself occasionally for historical interest, but just search for used reel to reels in any auction site and therere hundreds of listings.

    If you don't want to sell them, get a used recorder and fix it up for hours of fun!
  4. mbrownp1

    mbrownp1 Forum Resident

    That list indicates that they are home recorded reels which are basically worthless for the music. If the attic was as hot as most attics, the tape has probably disintegrated quite a lot so they probably aren't even worth anything for the tape itself.
  5. amanda246

    amanda246 Member Thread Starter

    Thank you for your comments, PretzelLogic they are each in boxes and have labels on them, I shall take a look at the link you suggested. Wish i did know someone with a reel to reel tape recorder i would love to hear these played.
    Many thanks
  6. amanda246

    amanda246 Member Thread Starter

    I failed to mention that the client was an engineer/producer for a recording studio and used to party with elvis, elton john etc so these are not home recordings
    Many thanks
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  7. lightbulb

    lightbulb Not the Brightest of the Bunch

    Smogville CA USA
    General questions for all, from someone obviously lacking any knowledge (me):

    1. Do the dates on this list represent radio broadcasts of the "standard" album recordings?
    2. Or, are they live performances?
    3. If live performances (whether Live On Air in the studio, or recorded at a venue), have these been previously released, or documented, elsewhere?
    4. Perhaps these recordings might be of superior quality?

    Just some thoughts that occurred, especially in light of the OP's acknowledgement that the previous owner was an engineer/producer.
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  8. MonkeyLizard

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  9. mbrownp1

    mbrownp1 Forum Resident

    These are good questions if you say they are not home recordings...what are they?
  10. Kevin j

    Kevin j Forum Resident

    Seattle Area
    I think op is confused, and these are just mix tapes made at home, probably from records. I see these all the time, and they're fun but ultimately worthless.
  11. lightbulb

    lightbulb Not the Brightest of the Bunch

    Smogville CA USA
    Just a mix of unsubstantiated wishful thinking, and excessive optimism, on my part...
    Reading more closely at the lengthy list-
    You're right, probably just home recordings....
    I just hope they are researched thoroughly ;)
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  12. Shak Cohen

    Shak Cohen Forum Resident

    United Kingdom
    If they have details such as 15ips, CCIR/IEC/NAB eq, +_db etc. on the boxes then they could possibly be production or radio copies, but if not, as has been suggested, they are probably home recorded, and therefore only of value as reusable media.
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  13. Bingo Bongo

    Bingo Bongo No music, no Life

    What advice are you looking for?
  14. Tullman

    Tullman I prefer analog

    Boston MA
    Some pictures would be helpful.
  15. Dubmart

    Dubmart Forum Resident

    Bristol, UK
    They are probably worthless home recordings, but some pictures of the boxes, reels and any details written on them should be enough to confirm that, or suggest if they are something better and more interesting.

    Although 99 times out of 100 they will be worthless I've seen enough masters come out of lofts, cupboards and garages to know it does happen.
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  16. Hot Ptah

    Hot Ptah Forum Resident

    Kansas City, MO
    If they were owned by a recording studio engineer who worked with major artists, they could be anything, maybe not just home recordings. I think that amanda246, the original poster, should take them to a University music department and ask them if they can figure out what he has. For example, the Marr Sound Archives at the University of Missouri-Kansas City would be a good place for something like that.

    I suggest a University setting because if amanda246 takes them to a commercial place, and it turns out that these are valuable studio masters of rare recordings, amanda246 could easily get ripped off by someone with slightly less than honorable motives.
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  17. Gaslight

    Gaslight Cave dwelller

    Northeast USA
    Probably a very important key point. Still, that doesn't necessarily mean that these aren't just recordings made from publicly available LP's and bootlegs.

    Might be impossible to really know unless you actually listen to them.
  18. Fullbug

    Fullbug Forum Resident

    Are you saying that there's crooks in the business community? Whaaaat?? !! No way!!!!!
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  19. Dubmart

    Dubmart Forum Resident

    Bristol, UK
    Pictures should reveal everything, including whether they need baking, if it's NAB reels of Ampex at 15 or 30 ips with proper notes then he may have something, if it's small domestic reels at 7.5 ips then they are almost certainly worthless.
  20. Hot Ptah

    Hot Ptah Forum Resident

    Kansas City, MO
    It just occurred to me. In the event that these reel to reel tapes, owned by a recording studio engineer, contain rare Beatles sessions, never before heard by the public, we have the world's greatest community of Beatles recordings experts here. Starting with our host, Steve Hoffman.
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  21. Dubmart

    Dubmart Forum Resident

    Bristol, UK
    We've used two or three transfer houses and they have all been 100% straight, the only people I've heard bad stories about have been non professionals.
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  22. JamieC

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    Detroit Mi USA
    Working in a studio take nothing for granted. Ignore anything that indicates from albums. Some of these sound as if they could be live or early work tapes. If so you may have something. Get someone who knows the London music scene to check them out.
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  23. amanda246

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    Thank you all for your comments, We just want to know what we may have and if they could be of any value and what is the best advice for us to take aboard about these reel to reel tapes, We do not know how to play them as we do not have a machine to do this, and we would not attempt to either and this would have to be done professionally but its finding out where. We only know they have been in storage for over 40+ years and that the client knew the artists some before they were famous and partied with many of them, and he had disc's on his wall for his work, I do not believe any are home recordings, We do not know anyone in the music scene that is why i joined here in hope that maybe someone is able to help us.
    many thanks
  24. Klassik

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    United Kingdom
    You should really get these digitised professionally as soon as possible!
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  25. amanda246

    amanda246 Member Thread Starter

    Thank you Klassik, but we have no idea where to take them to have this done, to be honest im not clued up on any of this at all, I do not have any knowledge on reel to reel tapes and what they need done to them, But i would love to listen to a few of them, but its knowing where to take them to, so we are at a lost at the moment, we just need a direction we can go towards and maybe take it from there
    many thanks
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