Neil Young Harvest Moon 2XLP Reissue for Record Store Day

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Leviethan, Oct 17, 2017.

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  1. Leviethan

    Leviethan Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Portland, OR
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  2. Chemguy

    Chemguy Forum Resident

    At 13, the DR on the original cd is pretty good already, so I'll just stick with that, I think. But thanks for the info!
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  3. Neonbeam

    Neonbeam All Art Was Once Contemporary

    Aren't most NY reissues decent? What makes you think this is digital? I've had the original several times but I never liked this album enough to keep it.
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  4. Leviethan

    Leviethan Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Portland, OR
    Apparently all of Neil's early-mid 90s stuff was recorded and mixed digitally at CD resolution. Because he thought it sounded better or something. I'm sure it will be a fantastic reissue as far as pressing and sound quality. Maybe Chris Bellman can squeeze something out of the DAT or whatever the master is.

    I think it's a nice album for wintertime. Drinking apple cider and bourbon, that sort of thing. It's not On The Beach, but what is?
  5. Neonbeam

    Neonbeam All Art Was Once Contemporary

    Since NY was always open to new technology it would make sense. Funny you would say that with "Winter" because I remember buying this when it was released, listening to it with a friend for the first time and being.... disappointed. Must have been November or December.

    The upside: If this is now a double vinyl set a potential reissue of "Ragged Glory" will most likely be one too. And since I'm having this silly "Somewhere on a desert highway" lyric in my head once a month, I might even get the new "Harvest Moon". Even though this will be most likely hot scalper property. Because somehow they love picking up stuff where originals are expensive.
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  6. Sigma6

    Sigma6 Forum Resident

    Harvest Moon was the last, back to analog with Sleeps With Angels.
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  7. MyOwnWorstEnemy

    MyOwnWorstEnemy Senior Member

    I noticed on the list that Black Friday is the first release for the reissue. I won't pay flipper prices if I can't get one, will just wait until it hits regular release.
  8. pghmusiclover

    pghmusiclover Forum Resident

    I'm happy to see this is on a double-LP because it looks like the original vinyl (not released in the US apparently) was a single disc. And the album has a playing time of 51:50 according to Amazon.
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  9. moomaloo

    moomaloo Forum Resident

    Odd timing... I finally found (and bought) an original on Saturday...
  10. Arkay_East

    Arkay_East Forum Resident

    I'll buy it if I see a copy on RSD. Love this album
  11. Rkellner

    Rkellner Forum Resident

    Whitestown, IN
    Interesting that the neil young reissue campaign jumps from 1978 (Comes a Time) to 1992 (Harvest Moon)
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  12. lucan_g

    lucan_g Forum Resident

    Does that mean Ragged Glory is also 16bit digital?
  13. attym

    attym Forum Resident

    I have much less of an issue with a digital sourced vinyl pressing when that’s how it was recorded.
  14. c-eling

    c-eling Forum Resident

    Same here. I have no issues with digital and or mixed recordings. Hopefully the mastering on this cut can breathe some new life in it. I was never happy with the original mastering.
  15. Kevin j

    Kevin j Forum Resident

    Seattle Area
    i'll buy it.

    hope "unplugged" is next (maybe an expanded version with all the tracks).
  16. Yes, Neil went Digital starting with "Everybody's Rockin" and ending with "Harvest Moon".
    Everything from that period is 16 bit Digital.
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  17. moonshiner

    moonshiner Forum Resident

    I think it was with Mirror Ball
  18. picassoson

    picassoson Forum Resident

    New York City

    It won't happen cause there's too much money to be made, but I wish the vinyl reissue program would just skip this period and go straight to the Sleeps With Angels / Mirror Ball / Dead Man / Broken Arrow run.
  19. 14 Cheerleader Coldfront

    14 Cheerleader Coldfront Forum Resident

    I am psyched for this
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  20. Classicrock

    Classicrock Forum Resident

    South West, UK.
    Ragged Glory would be a better candidate for 2 lp treatment as it's so long and loud. After this most NY albums came out as a double (and analogue).
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  21. kwadguy

    kwadguy Forum Resident

    Cambridge, MA
    Wow, I guess that makes them prime candidates for the next MFSL One Step release.
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  22. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

  23. Neonbeam

    Neonbeam All Art Was Once Contemporary

    Definitely but my German original doesn't sound bad at all.
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  24. Harvest Moon is a favorite of mine. For me he got back into great songwriting after a series of somewhat failed experiments and records that seem to be more elongated riffs and jams. I do like those but love this more than the On the Beach era or Reactor, This Note and so on. .

    Not sure I'll make it to RSD this year so unless it's still around I'll probably just get the later Rhino issue.
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  25. sassi

    sassi Forum Resident

    I visited my local store today. The owner said he ordered 20 of these for the black friday. I hope get one! :cool:

    He also mentioned that it would be only three sides of music and etching or something on the fourth. I wonder is this accurate information...
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