New Paul McCartney album "Egypt Station" coming September 7, 2018*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by etcetera, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. Here’s another clue for you all-
    The E.T. Was Paul!

    The picture does evoke “Space”; as I had similar thoughts as above.
    The rumored “Another World “title does seem to fit.

    Celebrate its 4
  2. Embracetheday

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    I don’t know if you don’t know that I Don’t Know made the album. I really don’t know. :confused:
  3. beatleswho

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    It a Mad Mad Mad Mad (Another) World
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  4. revolution_vanderbilt

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    Burnt out.

    Bip Bops Bickering, bopping it up for everyone!
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  5. vince

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    PLEASE tell me that translates to "Bip Bop"!
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  6. AppleCorp3

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    Mine too - and I remember that very clearly. It was an exciting time and worthy of a great album.
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  7. mrjinks

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  8. somebodywhocares

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  9. I333I

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    Let’s see you in that pose at 76.
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  10. I333I

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    Not too sound overly earnest (my least fav McCartney trait!), I am trying to relish and appreciate this feeling as much as possible. A new Paul McCartney album. Hell yes.
  11. gss

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  12. CDC

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    Just read an article that he's a quest on Ronnie Woods show in July..more promotion for the new non confirmed but hopefully coming soon album.

    And not 'coming soon' the way we're used to it thanks to know like I'm playing opposite day with my kids and on Feb 1st I say "Santa's coming soon". Sorry rambling

    Foo Fighters are guesting the same week McCartney is on Corden's show...maybe they've worked with Paul on a tune???

    UK interview series "The Ronnie Wood Show," featuring McCartney and more stars, to debut on AXS TV in July
  13. broshfab4

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    I feel like Christmas is just around the corner and I just can't sleep, but I literally can't sleep right now LOL.

    Friday can't come fast enough!!!!!
  14. Zeki

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    Maybe put this on the "everything McCartney" thread, too? Very interesting.
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  15. CDC

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    I thought about putting it there but decided on here because I'm really hoping it's all about promoting the new track or album. Feel free to copy it to the other thread if you want:)
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  16. jl151080

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    So if a new album does drop this Friday, how soon after that can we expect a physical release?
  17. jl151080

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    Just to clarify, this isn’t a new interview. It was first broadcast a few years ago in the Uk, and Paul talks about his influences.
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  18. CDC

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    Dang nabbit!! That's disappointing.. but thanks for the clarification!
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  19. CDC

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    I feel the same way but always a little nervous I'll be disappointed.....

  20. johnny moondog 909

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    Haven't been this excited for a new McCartney album in five years.

    Oh wait.....

    Check out the avatar
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  21. RAJ717

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    I'm cautiously optimistic. I want a good album but I am prepared to accept the fact that his vocals may sound bad. I mean, he is in his mid-70s and has been screaming in concert for decades. Fingers crossed.
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  22. schnitzerphilip

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  23. maccawings

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    BTW tour announcement very soon!
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  24. Dr. Pepper

    Dr. Pepper What, me worry?

    I've been thinking long and hard about this new album and Paul's future. At first I was thinking this is it for Paul as far as new studio albums are concerned, but the more I thought about it, I just don't see this being his last. At the very least I could see Paul working on a new album when he is 79 years old for release in 2020 0r 2021, just so his legacy could extend into that decade as well. If Paul could get used to assistive technology to help with his vocals or if he could be alright with following the Johnny Cash road of utilizing his faltering voice to make haunting song deliveries, then I could see him releasing new albums right up until the end of his lifetime if he wishes.

    I also still feel that Paul's strongest solo periods are from 1970-1975ish and 2005-2o13ish. Hopefully I will be extending the last date soon.
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  25. Ringo Hendrix

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    From what I heard, "I Don't Know" is actually almost like an updated version of "When I'm 64" done by Paul and Ringo, where the lyrics go "When I'm 94" , but in humorous nod to the ever present threat of dimensia, the never present past, they forgot how to play it, so while theyre exactly the same song, they sound absolutely nothing alike.

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