New Sony Google TV box NSZ-GS7

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  1. I have been using Google TV as part of my cord cutting solution for almost a year and love it, the new box looks to be an improvement, especially the remote.

    The second video with the guy from Sony is more than just an ad. I haven't found which processor is being used in the new box but I believe it is an ARM processor. My first generation boxes use an Intel Atom processor. The version with Blu-ray player should follow in October.

    Google TV is definitely designed to be used in conjunction with a cable or satellite TV box and integrate guide data and other information from both but I use it with a TiVo and OTA programming or by itself.
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    Looks sweet. I love the internet TV things. I think the PS3 in the best thing since sliced bread. That keyboard on the remote is the number missing from the equation. I'd buy this in a heartbeat...and may!
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    Uhhh. Bad review here from Gizmodo: gs7-review-google-tv-is-still-bad

    "Apps are slow to load, the live TV guide is full of missing thumbnails, and Chrome is a joke, often defaulting to mobile versions of your favorite websites if you even care about a browser on your TV to begin with. The other apps available are a bigger joke with a worse punchline: Netflix crawls, HBO Go is just the website crammed into an "app," most of the rest make no sense. Are you really going to download and read recipes on your TV? Of course not. Do you really want to fire up your set to read your Twitter feed on the big screen? I hope not. It's almost all superfluous, a distraction. What makes sense works poorly, and what works well shouldn't be available at all, pulling together all the worst possible parts of using Android together and putting them on the biggest screen you own."

    Damn, that's what I hate about Sony's Web browser on the PS3 (it achilles heel) everything gets shrunk to an app like size and complexity. Come on, Sony!
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    until they get around the problem of the cable box,none of these things(apple too)
    will work
  6. I have a PS3 also but Google TV is far better in my opinion for everything both will do and of course Google TV does much more. Vudu is the only thing internet streaming that I use which is covered by the PS3 and not Google TV.
  7. I have no idea what you mean but Google TV is designed to be used with a cable box, just run the cable box HDMI output in Google TV HDMI input and the Google TV box will combine the cable guide with Google TV guide. I have cut the cord and use TiVo with OTA but it works great, we always have something to watch between OTA and internet TV streaming.
  8. I have read other bad reviews, always from someone who doesn't even know how to use the product. I am not the slightest bit geeky really and it took me awhile to get it but with that effort none of the things he complains about are real, the reviewer made a half hearted effort. Even the Chrome browser works great, I am using it now. We watched a movie this evening, I closed that app and the came here. I will say I don't know much about Twitter and Google TV, I don't do that, I mean don't do Twitter other than to enter my name in some random drawing I might see online and I do that using Google TV but that is about it.

    Watching TV using a qwerty keyboard to find programs might sound strange but that is how I have been doing it for a year now. Of course bad reviews might be the death of the product but comparing Google TV to the other streaming boxes like Roku, Boxee, and Apple TV is a joke for my needs, the others aren't even close. I wanted access to all things possible to find on the internet, not just some selected apps. Google TV has hundreds maybe thousands of apps now, with great growth potential if the product takes off but that isn't very important to me. Google TV is more like a Android tablet computer with wireless keyboard and with HDMI in/out rather than a touchscreen as far as the way I use it.

    I don't have a smart phone so I can't say how well Google TV works with that, iPhone or Android, but I do know some people use smart phones in some manner with Google TV, it isn't anything I care enough about to know anything about.

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