Paul McCartney Archive Collection - 'Forthcoming Releases' [TBC]

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Thrillington, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. freddiebell

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    I'd like to offer a dissenting viewpoint. I heard it live in Lexington, KY, and I thought it had a good vibe to it, an energy and a passion that were conspicuously absent from the overly electronic studio version. Robbie's guitar solo was quite engaging, and while admittedly it was odd to see McCartney standing there without an instrument, waving his arms to urge the crowd on as if Ringo fronting the All Stars, I nevertheless found it to be a welcome break from the usual (having also seen him earlier on the tour). And then there is the fact that, for a guy who has been accused of not being musically adventurous enough at that point in his career and for saying and doing the same things at every stop on the tour, he at least tried to do something different and unexpected. I give him credit for that. He certainly could have played it safe and made it easy on himself instead.

    I respect the fact that a lot of people don't care for the song. That's fine. But for my part I enjoyed it at the time, and I still do when I hear the live version that was released on the CD single. Maybe the vote is 1,000 against one in this case. But I'm fine with being the one and I stand by my thumbs-up for it, all considered. :righton:
  2. kevintee

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    1000 against 2
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  3. jmxw

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    I love that he tries different things musically.

    I do not love that track.

    But I do love many, many other things he has tried... so... I would still encourage him to try and shake things up and experiment. Just don't do that one again... :shrug:
  4. Brian from Canada

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    Great White North
    Eight Arms To Hold You states that the track was mixed by Ramone for a potential tribute album that never happened — meaning that the studio version, released in 1989 on the Japanese edition of Flowers In The Dirt was meant as a demo for someone else. With some reworking, it could have been a decent offering from one of the Hit Factory artists like Rick Astley, Kylie Minogue or Jason Donovan.

    That Paul pulled it out and performed it — to me at least — shows just how tired he was of the existing set list and wanted to try another Beatles cut… without having much to rely on. That may explain why The New World Tour introduced cuts from albums he hadn't pulled from (with the Beatles, Rubber Soul) more… as well as his desire to play a different set of cuts form the Fabs.

    Still no excuse for the lack of solo cuts, but there you go.
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  5. long gone john

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    I quite enjoy the live version of the track. Can happily live without hearing the studio version again any time soon.
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  6. revolution_vanderbilt

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    I think it was still meant for Paul to perform.
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  7. drbryant

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    It might not sound so bad if he had chosen a different song for an 80's dance version. But, "Love Me Do", as the first single, is pretty sacred ground to most fans, and the original recording of "P.S. I Love You" is just beautiful. I wish that he had tried it live (maybe with Ringo making a guest appearance - on maracas, of course). I just listened to it on youtube for the first time in forever - such a wonderful little song.

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  8. mrjinks

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    And he looked awkward as hell singing (and clapping) with no instrument. I saw that in Seattle at the Kingdome. I'm 98% sure he even mentioned at the press conference that afternoon that it would be his next single - thank Krishna cooler minds prevailed!
  9. jmj190

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    Paul at a secret gig at Philharmonic pub in Liverpool . Think the track played is Come Home

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  10. daveidmarx

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    The long awaited follow up to "(I Want To) Come Home" :righton:
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  11. Marry a Carrot

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  12. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    ^^^Mark Lewisohn wrote that.

    However, it took him 2 years to research the facts and then write it up ... ;)
  13. dudley07726

    dudley07726 Forum Resident

    At first, it sounded like he was going to do Nod Your Head.
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  14. jricc

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    Jersey Shore
    So agree.
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  15. jricc

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    Jersey Shore
    Again so agree. Unfortunately the whole PMc Collection sounds like there is a blanket over the speakers , IMO of course
  16. Blimpboy

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    Eric Clapton live is not Cream, Dennis DeYoung live is not Styx., Steve Howe live is not Yes, and Paul McCartney live is not The Beatles. All good shows, but not the same level of an experience.
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  17. Frank

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    He's kind of right, it is disrespectful.

    To cover bands. Cover bands perform songs they think they can do better than or in an interestingly different way than the original recording. Bands that play note-for-note recreations of music that was originally performed by other musicians with singers that kind of sound like the original singer but not as good are actually Tribute Bands, not Cover Bands. :laugh:
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  18. Blimpboy

    Blimpboy Forum Resident

    Walton, KY
    I probably should let this go, as I feel I've made my point. What Paul does live of Beatles material is not "Note for note". Not when keyboards are used in place of horn sections and he creates "P.S. Love Me Do". Are they his songs and can he do damn well what he pleases with them? Yes. Of course. But it will never approach the unique quality that existed when they all four played together, even if he plays the Hofner. I'm glad Ringo sings "With A Little Help" live. No disrespect implied. Just my view of the situation. I've seen Beatle tribute bands. Several are excellent. But it gets old after a few songs. A new interpretation is welcome to an old classic if done well. I have no problem with cover bands.
  19. Brian from Canada

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    Great White North
    I think the difference between Ringo and Paul is that Ringo has never gone for the same type of exactitude that Paul has. Tripping The Live Fantastic's "Sgt. Pepper's," for example, opens with the crowd sound and not a note missed… as if it was from the album itself. Unplugged got praise because it was more natural performance from Paul. With Ringo, there are sing-alongs and alterations to the song to give it a different energy to match the band.
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  20. andrewskyDE

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    Lossless MP3s don't exist. Expect lossy audio files in 320kbps.
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  21. Bewaremylove

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    Sorry if it's been mentioned already, but I heard on Sirius today that Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway are the next archive releases. They said that they would be coming out later this year!
  22. Arnold Grove

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    Long Live The Archive Series!!
  23. Carl80

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    What is Sirius ? Does that mean there’s a good chance it will be official?
  24. Sirius is subscription radio usually commercial free.
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  25. Haristar

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    Two archive releases and a studio album in the latter half of the year? Not bad. :)
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