Paul McCartney - Egypt Station (#1 album in US) Appreciation Thread 2.0 - New and Improved

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Dr. Pepper, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. Ringo Hendrix

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    I tried to suffer through the full thing.

    sometimes you might have to battle through it.;)
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  2. Bemagnus

    Bemagnus Music is fun

    I kind of liked the Fuh you video
    Another good Macca video is Coming up-but that was a while ago
    Besides everything I don t understand while they releasing this video now
    But the album is still a very good one
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  3. Who Cares

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    About Come On To Me - Promo Film #1 (Team Fred)
    • Directed by TG Herrington
    • Filmmaker John Paul Summers
    • Produced by Nicelle Herrington - Nom De Guerre Films
    • Filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana
    • Made in the 504 Studio
    • Michael Marina as Security guard Fred “Little Freddie” Maxwell
    • Gus Anderson as the man who is walking his dog "Lucky"
    • Published on October 9, 2018
    • Duration: 4:25 minutes
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2018
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  5. Bemagnus

    Bemagnus Music is fun

  6. Who Cares

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    Or in time to promote the single (7" vinyl) or as a celebration of his number 1 in this list:

    hotsongstopfifty (Oct 8, 2018, Instagram):

  7. Who Cares

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  8. OobuJoobu

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    Leeds, UK
    I've been largely absent from this thread for several weeks (just been very busy) so have not even read much of what's been said in the last month, so I don't know whether much or all of what I'm about to say has already been suggested/debunked....

    A few days after the album was released I listened with a couple of other guys, and one of them (his first listen) suggested at the end that he felt this was intended as Paul's last album - "It's him saying goodbye". I didn't take much notice of the remark at the time, but it's stayed with me and every time I listen that point of view seems more and more plausible (including one more potential clue I picked up on just today for the first time).

    Here's some possible clues that might back up the theory (which on occasion gets a little morbid, sorry!)-

    The cover and Egypt symbolism – Pyramids have been prominent right from the start of the advertising campaign and feature clearly on the cover. What was the purpose of the pyramids? As a burial chamber and last resting place for kings. Is Egypt Station intended as the last resting place for this King of music’s body of work?

    Opening Station - Those first few seconds, it's Sgt Pepper minus the orchestra, Paul starts off as the album continues, with a nod to his glorious past, reminding us who is he is and what he's done, not for the last time on this album.

    Dominoes – “In time we’ll know, it’s all a show, It’s been a blast” – It certainly has Paul, and that’s something you usually say at the end of a particular event, once you know it’s over.

    Despite Repeated Warnings – Those backing vocals towards the end (Wow! – while we’re mentioning them!). They sure sound to me as though they’ve been designed to remind us of Paul’s past. These could be straight from Tug Of War or Pipes Of Peace, I don’t know how did them ‘cos there’s notes he’s not been hitting for a long long time. Anyway, another nod to his past, and a different part of his career.

    Some interesting things but nothing really major so far, then, for me, the theory starts to take hold a little more…

    Station II – Like Opening station of course, but there’s the choir again. Choir of angels, whisking him up to heaven? He gets there and what’s the first thing he wants to do? Plug his guitar in of course, he’s got mates up there he can jam with.

    Hunt You Down – Here’s the bit that just occurred to me today. What was the first song Paul claims he wrote? “I Lost My Little Girl”. Hunt You Down begins by saying the same thing in different words “I can’t find my love, no matter how hard I try”. He evens goes one step further later in the song by singing “I found myself a little girl”. If that’s not completing the circle he started back in the 1950s then I’m not sure what is.

    Naked – the final lyrics of the album are “so long, so long, so long now”. So long Paul?

    C-Link – How did Paul’s career in The Beatles/Quarrymen start? As guitarist rather than a bassist. Here he is, once again, back on guitar to finish with, back where he started before he got stage fright that time and flunked his solo, before Stuart's departure caused a shift in career for him, completing the circle again. Then, right at the end, how did Paul kick off The Beatles debut album? With a spoken count in before the song, again, let’s mirror that at the end with a final vocal flourish after the song has ended. Start by counting in, finish with a closing whoop!

    So, every time now that I hear the album, I feel like I’m listening to Paul sign off on his career. On the one hand I so hope that’s not true, I want to be getting albums from this man for ever (and with the slow pace of the Archive campaign that might not be far off the truth, but I digress!), and on the other hand I just think – this is a perfect end, you cannot complete your story in a better way than this.
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  9. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Hunt You Down v I d e o should be a blast ..hope Paul is in it.
  10. susyredstripe

    susyredstripe Forum Resident

    I heard Hand in Hand on the Sirius Tom Petty channel today.
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  11. The Band

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    I can’t even summon up the enthusiasm to watch it! Got to say I’m not a fan of Paul’s music videos, as a general rule...
  12. paulmccartneyistheman

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    Back in Brazil’s was so good imho. One of his best.

    The other two so far have been awful. I hated Fuh You’s, founded kinda strange that a kid was singing “I just want it for you”/“I just wanna Fuh you”. Still love that song though
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  13. The Band

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    Interesting theory, but I’ve believed Paul since the Put It There documentary in 1989. I’m paraphrasing but, when asked if he ever saw a day when he might retire from music, he said wasn’t even interested in that question. So, unless Paul knows something about his health that we don’t (God forbid), I don’t think Egypt Station is any more his final statement than, say, Memory Almost Full finishing with The End Of The End 11 years ago. (I’ve banished Nod Your Head from my, er, memory). Just my thoughts.
  14. Ringo Hendrix

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    I have a random thought, not enough for a thread, but to Paul McCartney and Pink Floyd fans...

    Every time I hear "Any Colour You Like", especially 2 minutes in, I can't help but think of "Cuff Link" as well. (Not the other way around though since Cuff Link is simpler)
  15. forthlin

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    And it's good to see you:)
    While I think you make some interesting points in your post, I have good news for you: I don't think he's even close to quitting. Because you've been busy you might have missed the onslaught of PR Paul has put into this album. The reviews are very good and it seems that Paul has finally found the favor he deserves in the media that we've known all along-- He's Paul Freakin' McCartney. Paul is eating it up with a spoon, and who wouldn't? It's going to take some kind of physical impairment to keep him off the stage and he'll be in the studio until...well I don't know what.
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  16. Dr. Pepper

    Dr. Pepper What, me worry? Thread Starter

    Yeah, and four albums ago he ended MAF with a song called The End of The End, then released more albums. I think from Chaos on up, Paul has approached each album as though it may be his last. Probably wise, and it gets us some epic songs and albums!
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  17. planckera

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    Good work! But couldn't these just be regular old "Paul is Dead" clues? ;)
  18. Dr. Pepper

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    Well you see, Paul has been dead since '66, but luckily Faul is alive and well and releasing some great music that sounds for the life of me just like Paul would write were he around today.
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  19. planckera

    planckera ♫ I see Sways of Blue, Albums of White ♫

    Minneapolis, MN
    I found some time!

  20. Arnold Grove

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    Stick to your day job ... ;)
  21. Dr. Pepper

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    Putting a black "New" template over existing album covers is his day job!
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  22. planckera

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    Minneapolis, MN
    Well shoot Arnie, and to think your request was next in my queue:
    I guess I’ll skip that one then!

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  23. Ringo Hendrix

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    It sounds for the sunshine life for me like what Paul would write were he around today.
    Sail away, Raymond, Sail away!

    yes, i just made that joke.
  24. Bruce M.

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    To catch up on a few things:

    1) The "Come On To Me" video is just ... meh. It's cute for about a minute, then you expect some sort of twist or new direction and ... not much. I certainly don't see it being clever enough to reach people not already familiar with the song and album.

    2) I'll bet any amount of money you want that ES is not a retirement statement. As Rolling Stone said about his Austin show, the guy just lives to perform. It's what makes him get up in the morning. He'll stop only when he has to. I can't imagine him doing what Paul Simon just did -- not in 100,000 years.

    3) The debates continue about Paul's voice. Someone on another thread joined Frank in saying he can't enjoy ES because of Paul's voice. Over on Macca's board, there's a whole "he sounds just fine" thread which I finally stopped participating in when people accused me of "declaring war on Paul's voice" (!) for saying that no, he really doesn't sound fine, though he mostly makes it work on this album. Apparently having a middle position just gets you yelled at by everyone. But really, there are just 3 songs where his voice bothers me: "Confidante," where it sounds truly ravaged, and yet somehow works in the context of the song, "Hand in Hand," and "Do It Now." The latter two don't actually sound bad to me, but I can't help but long to hear them as Paul would have been able to sing them 25 years ago, and that does get to me a bit. And yet all three tunes I just named are among my favorites on the album.
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  25. angelees

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    Absolutely perfect brilliant observation. The thought has crossed my mind which is another reason this album makes me so emotional. What do you guys think about the words to Get Started?

    So let’s get started,
    I’m ready to be heard
    Before the dear departed
    Can have the final word

    ??? What does it mean/refer to ??? Paul always has such cryptic lyrics.
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