Paul McCartney's unreleased 1971 single

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    Hi folks.
    These days I read somewhere that Paul was planning to release "Get On The Right Thing"
    as a single (or EP) in 1971, with "A Love For You" and
    "Great Cock And Seagull Race" on the b-side.
    It was even mixed by Dixon Van Winkle on A&R Studios in july 71
    but was scrapped once Paul decided to form a new band (Wings).

    Is it true? If so, I would love to hear it.
    This mix of "Great Cock and Seagull Race" was released in 2012 on the remastered edition of RAM
    and is the only track from the single that came out.
    "Get On The Right Thing" was later remixed for inclusion on Red Rose Speedway
    while "A Love For You" was released in two distinct versions
    (The In Laws Sountrack and Ram Remaster).

    None of them are the 1971 mix.

    The later is easily found on bootlegs (I'm not sure though, there are so many versions),
    but this first mix of "Get On The Right Thing" is something that I would love to hear
    (as well as the version of "I Lie Around" sung by Paul, but that's another story).

    You see I'm addicted to anything Ram related and the curiosity is killing me.
    Thank you, pals.
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    Really like the REd RoSe Speedway version.
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    Did they actually get as far as mixing them all for the single release? If that's true, I'm dying to hear the completed 1971 single mix of "A Love For You."

    I always thought they had planned on those songs but never got as far as mixing.

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