Pharoah Sanders vinyl reissues on Anthology Recordings due in Nov. 2017

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by AlienRendel, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. oldjollymon

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    Those do look nice, but no easy way for me to get in US. Too bad I didn't know re: them when I was in UK over the summer! :)
  2. e.s.

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    I don't have an original, but it certainly doesn't sound like my other Pharoah Sanders albums on Impulse. It sounds like I'm listening to it with a cold, if that makes any sense – kind of muffled. It's pressed well and it's dead quiet, but I'd recommend giving this a pass. Kicking myself for not picking up the last original I saw in a shop. This album was pretty common in used bins for a number of years – Thembi was another one – so I was always reluctant to buy it, feeling like I'd eventually come across a better copy. Hardly ever see any original Pharoah Sanders albums in the wild these days.
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  3. jamo spingal

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    Totally co-incidentally I just took delivery of a used Tauhid vinyl on Impulse, 2nd pressing on Black/Red label, likely 1970 pressing since Black/Red and NYC address on the label. It has Van Gelder in the dead wax so nice surprise. Anyway, despite the scratches and some noise it sounds superb. I can't compare against the vinyl you have but I did a quick comparison against the CD and the vinyl has so much more detail and depth. If I really wanted a clean vinyl copy there is one other choice .....
  4. e.s.

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    The black and red Impulse / ABC label pressings are generally pretty good. It's not until you get into the green labels and the black with neon logo labels that things get iffy.
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  5. Ben Adams

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    VMP just blew out remaining stock on Tauhid at $14, and I grabbed the last one they had. I'm sure it'll be worth my $14 even if it is a needledrop.
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