PInk Floyd-Japanesed Mini-LP 2017

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Norco74, Oct 24, 2017.

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    It is present on older versions, maybe just quieter? I haven't heard the 2011 master myself, so I'm not sure. It's discussed here:
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    OK. So I ordered 8 of these for my father for Christmas. It took a few days to ship, but then as others have said EMS was quick. I had them within a week. Finally got a chance to open up one of the CD's this morning: Obscured by Clouds. They really are exquisite. They seem perfect down to every detail. Just drop dead gorgeous packaging. Nice booklet with Obscured. I was very impressed! I then checked the overall thoughts on the 2011 CD remasters, and the consensus is they are decent.

    End result: Ordered up the complete set of 15 for myself this afternoon. Should have them shortly after New Years I expect.

    Needed these like I needed a hole in the head. :) But WTF, it's Christmas!

    It'll be nice to retire my "eclectic" mix of Floyd CD's to the basement system, and have these for the main system. Even if I am a vinyl guy. ;)
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  3. Flaming Torch

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    Sorry I have not read the whole thread. I have most of these 2017 mini sleeves and very fine they are. Anyone know why they did not do Relics?
  4. Norco74

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    A quick update on claiming the promo box.

    The coupons were sent to a 3rd party in Japan almost 3 weeks ago. They have been received and recently resent to the label in order to claim the promo box. Release date is still end of January.
  5. Eric Weinraub

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    Japonica just confirmed their receipt of my coupons! Just made the final payment... now I just have to wait for the box to become available....
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    Mine showed up today!!! Woohoo! Will be going through them at length over the next couple of days, and will provide a full writeup. Can't say enough abut CD Japan. Items were super well packed, tracking number worked well, and they arrived in 1 week from Japan.

    One of my "goals" for 2018 was "15 nights of Floyd". Going to listen to all 15 albums in order over the course of 2 weeks and a day. My wife is going to love it!! :goodie::pineapple::bdance:
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    LoL. Especially the studio side of Ummagumma. :crazy:
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    I apologize if I missed this in the middle of all the discussions re: the coupon and display box: These are all the same masters as the 2011 Why Pink Floyd...? campaign, correct?
  9. Correct.
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  10. Is the 2011 Animals you speak of come from the Discovery box set?
  11. Yes.
  12. Thank you!

    So is it fair to say if I bought the discovery box set I would have the best sounding Pink Floyd on CD or at least a close 2nd?
  13. Correct. The Discovery box is the best one-stop solution for Pink Floyd fans. Better masterings may exist for a few albums in it, but you would have to spend a lot of time and money tracking them down.
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  14. Thanks so much! Appreciate the reply.

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