> PIONEER VSX-D1S A/V Stereo Receiver (1990)

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by MacGyver, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. MacGyver

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    this is my first ever PIONEER component, and my first ever serious audio component. it has continually served me so very well since i purchased it for $350.00 back in 2003. a $1300,00, 1990/1993 model, i consider it to be PIONEER's last great Receiver, and last great audio component to date. please do not take it lightly because of it's A/V functions; PIONEER added those on to a solidly designed stereo receiver capable of true High-Fidelity acoustic articulation. it might not be the match of a component AMP/PREAMP combo, like, say, PIONEER's own C-90/M90 ultimate fidelity stereo components, but it it comes awful close for a receiver, IMO. at any rate, for those with a preference for receiver based amplification, this unit is damned hard to beat...





    SUGGESTION: substitute the supplied CU-VSX014 remote for a CU-AV200

  2. motorcitydave

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    That's perty.
  3. bonjo

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    Looks like your typical million-button, Church/Hall/Jazz sound-fielding, early 90's receiver. I used to have a Sony ES receiver very much like this, with pretty wood side panels and bouncing lights. I loved it.
  4. PhilBiker

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    And every sound field sounds like a bathroom. :) Those machines can sound really nice in "direct" mode or straight stereo. :) I have a similar Phillips brand reciever with all those buttons and stuff.
  5. Rachael Bee

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    I wanted one of these back in the latter 80's. I wanted it partly because the remote would run my LD player. However, I got a steal of a deal on a VSX-5000 and I got 2 SAE power amps and used the 5000 as a pre. That was my first surround system back about 1990.

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