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    Attic and Cruel Noise are also Lawrenceville-adjacent. There were a couple record stores on Butler a few years ago, but one closed and the other relocated to Brookline.

    The downside of being such a successful neighborhood may be that the rents are too high for a record store.
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    Had a similar conversation about Primanti’s the other day..... when I lived in Boston for 5 years after college we hit Primani’s every time I was home. In 19 years since settling back here I bet I haven’t eaten there 5 times, mostly with out of town guests. Perhaps not ever being in the city and drunk at 1 AM anymore has something to do with it but mostly - there are better options.

    Agree on Lawrenceville’s lack of record stores but since we go to Row House Cinema pretty often maybe it’s better that way.
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    It's hit or miss between Jerry's and The Attic. Sometimes you'll have a better day at one or the other, it's all about timing. The Attic has new releases and RSD participation where Jerry's stays away from new stuff. Also, The Attic has CD's,Jerry's not unless that's changed recently. But, Jerry's does share the building with Galaxie (or maybe Galaxy) Electronics so you can get your audio components worked on by Vince and pick up a few record supplies and used gear. I like them both. Music To My Ear is more swanky, laid out better and more room to move, plus, cleaner. I hope it keeps a small footprint though and doesn't try to be Jerry's or The Attic volume wise. It's got high end audio/video gear upstairs and a few new TT's and headphone section near the vinyl and CD's.

    Half-Price Books and The Exchange are really picked over and you'd have to be there frequently to pick up re-stock items as they fly off the shelves quickly. They're usually a waste of time but I have to admit if I'm near one I'll stop and browse. A few times a year I'll find something great but usually leave empty handed. I look out for the discount days but so does everyone else in the burgh. The competition is healthy.
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