Quick dumb question: amp With internal DAC vs Schiit Modi

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Minty_fresh, Jan 11, 2018.

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    I may possibly be able to squeeze a Schiit Modi 2 with tax returns. I know it’s a cheap DAC but I’m curious as to whether it would be worth exploring vs the internal DAC in my Marantz PM6005.

    I’m aware the a big advantage to the Modi 2 is that it will feed a line level signal whereas the internal is 12-15db under line level.

    As for use case, it’s getting signal via optical from my AppleTV for movies and also Apple Music so I know I’m not asking a lot of it. I guess I sort of feel the hotter signal alone will allow the rest of the system to shine. Or maybe I’m dumb. Who knows.
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    I have a Modi, it’s an OK DAC. I mainly use it in a second system for Apple TV. When playing my either my Pioneer DV-79avi or Onkyo C-7030 CD players out to the Modi the sonics aren’t as strong as either player’s own internal DAC. Going a step up to a Schiit Bitfrost Uber does elevate the sonics beyond those CD player’s native performance. I’ve no doubt the newer multibit Bitfrost takes it to another level still, but it’s quite a few more dollars than a Modi. For what your needs are right now I’d probably skip the Modi and save up for a better quality DAC.
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    Understood. This would be an impusle buy in the hopes of exceeding the DAC in the Marantz.

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    Consider that any external DAC has the disadvantage of being outside the receiver - one more analog cable, potentially non-ideal output levels to the preamp. You have to pay for another box, another power supply, analog support chips, marketing, things already included in the price of the receiver, and you only start to improve in hardware after paying a baseline for that device infrastructure.

    Marantz PM6005 uses a Cirrus Logic CS4398. 120dB dynamic range, THD+N -107dB. 216/24, 2.2x DSD. +/- 0.01dB 10Hz-20kHz.

    Modi uses a AKM AK4490. 120dB dynamic range, THD+N -112dB (but as low as -100dB at 192kHz), 768/32, 4x DSD (actual analog frequency response not stated, digital filters are 0.005dB ripple through passband, and -0.2dB @ 20kHz)

    Both of these need to be surrounded by quality components and design.

    Cirrus Logic is pretty advanced, the four ADC/DAC chips in the box on my desk, spec'd out 15 years ago, use linear phase filters with 0 phase shift, and -0.01dB down at 41kHz.
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  5. Minty_fresh

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    So other than output level they are comparable. I’m not worried about extra cables and what not.

    So looks like I will pass on this

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