Rank bad packaging and good.

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    Universal in the form of Sound Of Vinyl get the biggest thumbs down. Received the Eno 45 rpm bundle with every sleeve badly crushed. £90 of vinyl ruined. Packed in a proper mailer but the inner flap not secured so records could move about. Just self adhesive outer flap stuck down and put in a plastic bag. Also delivered via Hermes who obviously threw the parcel around or dropped it. Of course the bag disguised any outwardly visible damage. This will be going back for refund as I have ordered more copies from Amazon at additional cost as they are most reliable. Worse this was pre-ordered months ago and they charged me straight away and not when dispatched.

    Same day received a parcel from Vinyl Gourmet in Portugal and the packaging is the best of any record supplier I have encountered. Oversized box with bubble wrap and styrene padding. So full marks to Serg.

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