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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by captainsolo, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. captainsolo

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    I recently scored a personal grail on ebay that was graded "Goldmine VG++". I paid more than I usually do ($59), but less than the usual going rate. ($70-100) The record is Lush's Split BTW, UK release MPO pressing 1994.

    When it arrived, the cover is as described but the LP has a bunch of tiny hairlines, two rather visible small scuffs and a spot of embedded debris. Playthrough has crackle at the start of each side and between each song which thankfully clears up for the most part during the music but not quite always. Side 2 is less affected but still some.

    When fully clear the music approaches VG++ quality but goes right back to VG between tracks or in quiet parts.

    What do you guys do when this happens, but you'd like to keep the LP? I've had it happen once before on a much cheaper purchase and the seller generously offered me a partial refund. I hate to eat the whole cost, but admittedly I did get an okay deal. It's just that I paid for and expected a VG++ copy after years of waiting and got...not quite that.
  2. MonkeyLizard

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    Most times in these instances a seller will be fine with a partial refund. If you message them in a civilized manner and state the issue, usually you can both agree on a fair amount that would be the theoretical "difference" in grading. Good luck.
  3. Neonbeam

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    Ask for a partial refund. All he can do is decline and remind you that you got a good deal. My copy doesn't have any surface noise so it's definitely not down to the pressing run.
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  4. R. Totale

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    If you are happy with your purchase, keep it. If you are not, return it for a refund. "It is noisier than I expected for the grading in the listing" is a perfectly valid reason. Don't haggle over partial refunds, another couple of bucks in your pocket won't make you happy with the record if you are not. Another will appear.
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  5. ggergm

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    Keep it or don't. Partial refunds are for the birds. They leave nobody completely happy. I almost never did a partial refund in decades of stereo retail sales. If you were my customer, you'd have to prove to me that a partial refund was the best solution. Rarely was that the case.

    On the other hand, I was a pussycat regarding a return. You want to return it? You bet. No problem, even if you were outside our official return policy.

    You have a good reason to return this record, @captainsolo. I'd do that if I were you.
  6. sami

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    Here's the deal, from my experience - you either message that you want to return the record (always politely - amazing how that can have a good effect), or you just keep it and say nothing.
    If it is a good, honest seller, he will at the very least accept the return, paying shipping both ways (he really has no choice on eBay), or offer you a partial refund. Then you can either accept it or negotiate for more, but the dialogue has been started. If he simply accepts your return request, prepare the record for shipment. For the record, I agree with @ggergm - I'm not a fan of partial refunds.

    The reason you don't want to ask first off for a partial refund is that there are a lot of slimy buyers who pull this routine simply to get money back whether the record is misgraded or not, with no intention of returning it - check the feedback on Discogs, evidently it's a common practice.

    Several times, I have requested a return (which I do immediately if the record is misgraded), and the seller has simply refunded me in full and told me to keep the record. A couple of them were $30 records! Tells me that either the seller knowingly was trying to get over on a record he had little in to, or he just wanted to avoid the hassle on a record he knew he'd have trouble selling. Either way, you win, and you went about it the proper way.
  7. Prophetzong

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    If your record is that rare you better keep it. Otherwise if you return it for the refund you could end up waiting a long time to find another copy.

    Have you tried cleaning it? You do say it is very good ++ for all but the quietest parts of your record. If it were me I'd be very glad I got my rare record and call it a day and enjoy the record. It is used after all.

    And if it is as rare as you say and you find another copy just sell it.
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  8. joachim.ritter

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    If you can live with the record sonically I would say go for a partial refund of 25, 30, 35%.
  9. katstep

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    My question was going to be the same as prophetzong---have you wet cleaned it?
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  10. hutchenstance

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    sounds like VG+ to me... keep it

    I hate partial refunds.. i think asking for them is just poor form.. either return it or keep it...
  11. eddiel

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    Agree with the others asking about a wet clean. I'd give it a clean first then if no improvement think about a return. I once purchased a NM Hendrix Mono UK Axis. Seller play graded it. But when I got it was covered in so much dust there was no way it was going to play NM and it didn't. Before returning it I cleaned it and I got the NM play.

    I never ask for partial refunds myself. I don't feel right asking. I ask to return it and if the sellers offers a partial refund I'll consider it. But I don't make the first move on that front.
    Besides, if I want a NM record a VG+ isn't going to cut it for me as I'd just spend my time looking for another copy that is NM. :)

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