Record/CD Stores in South Florida?

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    Long Island, NY

    All the buildings in that shopping center have the windows and doors guarded by iron bars, and it's right next to a head shop. Nuff said. Not what I'm used to, however like I said, absolutely great store and I'll definitely be back again.
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    Not all. There's also a church right behind it.

    ...also a dry cleaners, restaurants, florist, banks, jewelry stores, grocery stores etc... Not sure what you're point is.

    Next time take the elevator. There's more than two stores in that mall. :)
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    South Florida
    Now you tell me... :laugh: my poor knees.
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    We Got The Beats, Fort Lauderdale
    Vinyl store across the street from Big Apple Books on Federal (about a block south, on the east side of the street). (looks like an apartment building)

    General LPs $3, some bins of higher priced LPs. Lots of current NEW LPs. Caters to disco/dance 12" eps. Inventory moves, so when a new collection arrives, it gets picked over, then reduced in price.
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    Went a few days ago to Radio Active when I was passing through Ft Lauderdale.

    Staff were friendly and helpful and had some luck in the new arrivals section with some Neil Young LPs.

    There's a big selection of used LPs but many of G/VG grading. From the 25 or so I might have bought I only took 7 due to the scratched up vinyl I found. Even those I took some were gambles that they might clean up with a few rounds in the old Spin Clean.

    Prices are reasonable overall and the store is nicely laid out.

    Worth a look if you have an hour or two to go through things.
  6. Adamski777

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    There's also a small shop in Orlando in Artegon mall, forgot them name it might be R n R Records, small selection of old LPs that are overpriced for the grading.

    The owner or manager was very friendly and they had a cool selection of comic books if you're into that sort of thing.
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    Does anyone remember the name of the record store in Miami that was on US1/S Dixie Hwy across the street from the University Metro Rail station? It was in a strip mall called University Shopping Center that is still there. Not far from Ponce De Leon high school. I think a pizza shop or a pack and ship place has taken it's spot in the mall.
  8. black sheriff

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    There was a Sound Advice there years ago but they just sold audio/video equipment.

    By the pizzeria was Sound Components but that was up the street.

    Spec's was just north of 57 Ave. and US1 but they're out of business.

    ...and Virgin was on 57 Ave. and US1 and they are also out of business.
  9. Michael Rose

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    So far for 2018, in Broward let's go:

    Radioactive - still there and thriving. Their cds are cheap, used selection reasonably priced but many sealed lps still pricier than their competition
    Vinyl Destination - this is a newer shop located in Ft Lauderdale just south of Sunrise & US-1. A small store that focuses on used/early pressings. Good prices but the selection is a little limited mostly 60-80's pop/rock. Still worth checking out.
    The Record Rack - A great shop located in Pompano Beach. The best selection rock, metal, and many of their subgenres. Not much in the areas of soul, R&B, rap. Good pricing for new and used
    We Got The Beats - 2 locations, both in Broward, Easily my favorite places to shop. Great prices for used and new vinyl, the widest selection of any other store on my list featuring: soul, pop, rock, metal, dance (70s- present), rap, new wave, a good 80's selection too.
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    ft. lauderdale, fl
    Radioactive Records by far offers the best experience for me. Lots of good used vinyl. Have had very few records they sell give me any playability issues. They are also very fair for trade-ins. I seldom buy new vinyl there and for that matter at any store. Once in awhile but new vinyl prices with sale promotions are just that much cheaper buying online. I enjoy their used vinyl section and also their used new arrivals section and the skeleton crew staff are awesome. 'Highly' recommended.

    The prices at We Got The Beats Too for new vinyl have come down a few bucks recently to tempt me into buying but overall I have found few 'deals' in there but more importantly I just don't enjoy browsing or shopping there that much. Definitely worth checking out for the excellent stock they have of newer vinyl but I can never get comfortable in that store.

    The guy who runs Record Rack seems super helpful, knowledgeable, and nice. Only been there once, would like to get back.

    The people who own and run Vinyl Destination are really great and I enjoy going in there to browse and buy even though its a very small space and once in awhile I've had a few condition issues that they've helped to take care of. I'm always happy to support their store when I can. I would encourage a visit to Vinyl Destination.
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    There's a new used record shop in Miami:

    Technique Records
    853 NE 79th St, Miami, FL 33138

    My understanding is the proprietor used to be part of Radioactive Records in Broward and has decided to open his own shop. I was there last weekend, and he has a nice selection of used vinyl covering a wide range of periods (50s-00s, at least)

    Uncle Sam's, located in Miami Beach, closed a few years ago.
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  12. dee

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    ft. lauderdale, fl
    Cool, I don't know if I can get down that way much or often, but yes that guy's very knowledgeable and a true music fan who runs the place, worked with him elsewhere for a time and he does a great job.
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  13. Aftermath

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    He is a nice guy. From what I can tell, his stuff is fairly priced as well. :righton:
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    ft. lauderdale, fl
    Good to know about the pricing, thanks!
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