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  1. Mad shadows

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    Karlskrona- Sweden
    I´m going to visit London. I´m mostly in to secondhand records.
    I wounder which shops that are worthy of a visit.

    I thank you in advance.
  2. StuJM84

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    Kent, UK
    So the 2 that i go to when shopping in London are both on Berwick Street, which is in Soho, are Sister Ray Records, and Reckless Records. They sell pretty much most genres of music and are literally across the street from one another. Also near by is Sounds of the Universe (Soul/Reggae) and Phonica Records (i've not been in and don't know what they sell). There is/was another one near Phonica last time i was there, but i dont remember the name of the store but it sold Classical & Jazz bits.

    I'm sure other people better in the know then me can point out other shops worth visiting.
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  3. karmaman

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  4. tvstrategies

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    Rough Trade. Two locations: Brick Lane/Truman Brewery, and Portobello Rd. (plus others outside London). Their ambience is more 'chain' than 'indie.'

    Flashback is great, and has a location across from the north end of Brick Lane (and sometimes has bands playing in-store). There's Brew Dog a block or so away for when u get thirsty. Brick Lane's downstairs flea market also has a couple of stalls of record sellers (but pricing is misleading there).
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  5. Man at C&A

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    Flashback is my favourite. They always have good stock and their prices are mostly fair too. I go to the Islington branch.
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  6. Moko

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    If you’ve got a spare couple of hours I would head off to Alan’s Records in East Finchley you can combine it with a bus ride to AudioGold and Flashback in Crouch End and then onto the Little Record Shop which is opposite The Kinks Konk studios.

    Much better stock and prices than the few shops left in Central London
  7. Man at C&A

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    The Record and Tape Exchange in Greenwich is good and worth a visit.
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  8. Dhreview16

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    London UK
    There are lists on the web of Top 10/15 record shops in London e.g. by Vinyl Factory. As others have said, there are pockets around Soho, Notting Hill Gate/Portobello Road, and Shoreditch/Brick Lane/Hipsterville, as well as other areas others are probably more familiar with e.g. Islington/Camden, or Greenwich, or Brixton. Its a big place ! There have been other threads and I recall seeing reference to a very good one in or off the Finchley Road, Alan's Records ?. I don't want to threadcrap, but be careful on prices, particularly in the centres of London. I find local boot sales better value, and often a better selection, so it may be worth checking these and record fairs out on the web once you know your timings. Flashback (or Rough Trade/Record and Tape Exchange) is probably a reasonable guide to London shop prices, if you know what you are looking for, and want to do advance research. They also sell on Discogs. At boot fairs, the normal price starts at about £2 for a lot of albums, rescued from house clearances, though more for the likes of the Stones, Beatles, Floyd, Bowie etc. and other "classic" albums/artists, depending on rarity. My favourite is Chiswick School in West London, on the the first Sunday morning of each month, which starts at 6.30 a.m ! It's fairly local so I don't mind if it's hit or miss. You can haggle (it's almost expected) but the usual dealers are savvy/clued up, which is probably a good thing, and open to you examining records fully. I hope this helps; it's a personal view.
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  9. PretzelLogic

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    London, England
  10. Telegramsam

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    If you are there in the 1st or 3rd friday of the month go to the Spitalfield Market record fair, like going to 30 shops at the same time. On November 18 and 19 there´s the Olympia Record Fair (Google it) a big one.
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  11. Mad shadows

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    Karlskrona- Sweden
    Thanks for your replies - if you ever go to Malmoe/Copenhagen don´t hesitate to ask about record stores.

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