Sgt. Pepper's 50th Anniversary Edition Price and Shipping Thread

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by The Hole Got Fixed, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. The Elephant Man

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    Oh why would you say such a capitalistic thing? Oh the heresy!
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  2. BuckNaked

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    The box set rocketed to #1 in music on that day. I doubt the few Hoffmanites who ordered it had enough volume to shoot it to #1 overall. The word was out, baby.....OUT!
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  3. jricc

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    Jersey Shore
    Truly bummed about the cancellation...the New Originals price made it affordable for me...I emailed them and they apologized they offered it to me at 20% off the 189.00 price...
    I guess it's the 2 cd set for me...
  4. sethICE

    sethICE Forum Resident

    Yes, that was a typo. I meant to say 2LP, not 3LP. Sorry for the confusion.

    I still have my orders in at both Amazon IT and FR (FR is only slightly higher than IT, and bothare lower than US) for the 6-disc set and the 2LP. I cancelled the 2CD out of both orders and ordered it form Amazon US, which now has it for 15.99. I don't have Prime, but I added the Brian Southall book which brings it just above $35 for free shipping. I'll cancel either IT or FR later, when the dust settles....
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  5. evilpants

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    London, England
    In the UK loads of their staff live in tents in woodland cos the wages are too low to afford housing.

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  6. gottafeelin

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    A tale of two retailers: claims they "made a mistake" and canceled all orders. They only sent out an email after several complained that they had not been notified about the cancellation.

    I had a completely different experience with Bull Moose a few years ago. They had a blowout sale of the Beatles Mono CD box, priced to move at $100. I missed the sale by a day or two. By that time they had raised the price to around $150 or so. I emailed them and asked if there was any way I could get in on the sale price. They said, "sure" and made me a very happy customer. was well within their rights to cancel the orders. Bull Moose would have been well within their rights to tell me to 'take a hike' when I asked for the deal. Now, when given the opportunity, I now want to give Bull Moose my business any chance I can.

    P.S. I don't think the pricing for the New Originals was a mistake. I think they listed it as "The New Originals" with a low price as an inside joke, thinking that very few, if any, would notice. The joke blew up in their faces and now they are covering themselves.
  7. A well respected man

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    Madrid, Spain
    Can you point out where the outrage is? Because the only one I see is that of a few self-righteous people outraged at the possibility of others getting a much better price than them. Or are you saying that you wouldn't order the item at that price if you had the chance? You would assume it's a mistake and let it pass, of course. Come on.

    And no, I wasn't sure it was a mistake. I thought probably it was, but that's Amazon's job. I just ordered something they offered, if they cancel because of a mistake that's fine with me. No "gold rush", "outrage" or complain.

    It's very telling that these people talk about "sticking it", "gold rush" and so on, it seems they are projecting their own self.
  8. Got my cancellation overnight, disappointed? Yes, unexpected? No.

    So it's gonna be the Amazon Italy order for me, £100, give or take pennies, for the box set and double L.P. Mrs richierichie is buying them for my birthday so it's win-win.

    It's no use bemoaning Am. Can., Apple, Macca about the pricing. I didn't expect a box set with six discs, hoped? Yes. But a quality box is gonna cost, it'd be daft to expect anything less. That's my take, enjoy yourselves on May 26, I will.
  9. Bill

    Bill Senior Member

    Eastern Shore
    Sorry, friend. No outrage or price envy here. I ordered from Bull Moose as soon as it announced its very competitive price because I prefer to give my business to a company that consistently demonstrates its respect for the customer, with its pricing, packaging and return policies. That's its price and it's sticking to it.

    In contrast, Amazon's variable pricing, starting at the list price and incrementally lowering it like a carrot to deter guys like me from ordering the Bull Mooses of the world that nip at its sales numbers, strikes me as very cynical, and I wouldn't put it past it to have also intentionally listed the ambiguously described New Originals ("LHCB") half-priced package to chill orders from its competitors with no intention of honoring that price, something it seems to periodically do with irresistable items like this one. I find a certain delicious irony in the fact that those that fell for this apparent scam, thus empowering Amazon to continue the practice and disadvantage its legitimate but smaller competitors, are now dismayed at getting the inevitable e-mails claiming error and expressing respect for each and every consumer.

    I prefer to be well respected by the people to whom I send my money. Fool me once....
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  10. GubGub

    GubGub Forum Resident

    If you have odered from Am.IT you are more likely to be enjoying yourself around June 3. ;)
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  11. adm62

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    Toronto, Canada
    I think these "charts" are calculated over a very short period so possibly a few hundred orders in an hour or so from here would be enough to make it no. 1...
  12. dance_hall_keeper

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  13. A well respected man

    A well respected man Forum Resident

    Madrid, Spain
    All that is fine, but once again, where do you see that the people who ordered it are "dismayed" at the cancellation? We all knew it was very likely that would happen.

    By the way, if your order from Bull Moose is cancelled for whatever reason, I can assure you I won't rub it in your face or find it "delicious". I pity anyone who has those feelings about petty things like these.
  14. Well....there's profit (Songs From The Wood 40th Anniversary Deluxe 3cd+2DVD = $24 shipped), and then there's PROFIT: Sgt Pepper 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe 4cd +1 DVD + 1 BD = $115 shipped)
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  15. Bill

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    Eastern Shore
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  16. Blastproof

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    I actually spoke on the phone with a human being. The be-all/end-all is that they will not honor the original price. She was very nice about it! Canadians - I love them.
  17. Thats great about Bullmoose. I think they are a good company so it is good to support them.

    Not sure if you are joking about Amazon. No way they are posting sales jokes. :tiphat:
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  18. Blastproof

    Blastproof Forum Resident

    A joke that resulted in a bunch of clean-up work? Nah, I think that it was a simple mistake made by someone with a big stack of work in front of them. I'll bet they got chewed out.
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  19. lightbulb

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    Smogville CA USA
    The first portion of this post seemed fairly reasonable.
    It's fortunate that this poster had the foresight to not fall for the "Amazon pricing carrot scam"...
    But then, wary reasoned logic surprisingly turns into something else, unnecessarily...
    That last statement turned what may have been a few valid points, that speculates about Amazon's pricing strategy, into accusatory generalized ranting about those that ordered the cheap Amazon.CA price.

    The fact that he can conveniently "box" everyone who ordered the amazing deal together, and summarily question their motives, intentions, and reactions as a whole is sadly mistaken.

    Which is just as ugly and disrespectful as earlier posts that seemed to gloat over the deal.
    :shake: :shake: :shake:
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  20. Bill

    Bill Senior Member

    Eastern Shore
    Sorry you feel that way. I don't fault the people that order product in response, only that they fall for these retailing tactics, that happen with alarming regularity.
  21. How do you explain the use of Spinal Tap's original (well, 2nd) band name in the order information? How does one get "The New Originals" from The Beatles? A typo? :D
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  22. bluesbro

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  23. Kim Olesen

    Kim Olesen Forum Resident

    Odense Denmark.
    May = expensive month.
    Sgt Pepper deluxe.
    Jethro Tull - Songs From The Wood box.
    Kraftwerk - live album box.
  24. dbacon

    dbacon Forum Resident

    When the news of a six disc deluxe set was first leaked, I was prepared for a price well above $200...maybe even $300. The Beatles have always priced their product towards the high end. I remember when Abbey Riad was first released the list price was set at $6.98 (or something like that)... A dollar more than normal. People were outraged.
    Anyway...I was pleasantly surprised to see the list price at $150...and an average selling price of around $120.

    In my mind, that is reasonable.
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  25. Surferghost

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    United Kingdom
    The last couple of months of last year was worse!

    Pink Floyd Early Years Box
    King Crimson 80s Box
    Jethro Tull Stand Up Deluxe
    My Generation Super Deluxe [passed on that one, after some deliberation]
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  26. The Elephant Man

    The Elephant Man Forum Resident

    But you're comparing a 'deluxe edition' to a 'super deluxe edition'. The next step up is the 'super duper deluxe edition' which requires a monthly mortgage payment!
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