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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by L.P., Apr 17, 2017.

  1. L.P.

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    I watched the "Watership Down" movie tonight, and was surprised to find out that "Bright Eyes" by Art Garfunkel is from that movie.

    I browsed Spotify later, because I always had ignored Art's solo albums. While being a big fan of Paul Simon and Simon & Garfunkel, I always thought that Art Garfunkel's albums were not that essential.

    Well, I found out that he made a very good album in 2002, and then I listened to the earlier albums, which were great for late night listening. "Bright Eyes" is still way too sugary for my taste (altough with the new dark rabbit context it's better).

    But then I heard a very nice version of Sam Cooke's What a Wonderful World with Paul Simon and James Taylor beautifully harmonizing, and I thought that these three would have made a great super-group. S,T&G. I know too little of their careers (except Paul Simon's) so maybe it's a stupid idea. But hey, it's never too late. What do you think?
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  2. Tullman

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    I feel lucky we got one song with those three singing together.
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  3. BlueJay

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    T & G dueted again a few years later on the 1993 single 'Crying in the Rain'
  4. Siegmund

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    England, UK
    I'm surprised that Simon agreed to do this. It's a very impressive performance but he was focused elsewhere at this time, and has been ever since.
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  5. forthlin

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    The cover of Wonderful World was a hit here in the U.S., got a lot of radio airplay. I've never spent much time with Art's solo work though I had the first album or two from him.
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    FACE OF BOE Forum Resident

    Apparently it was Paul Simons idea that James Taylor sing with him and Art on the record and invited Taylor himself.
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  7. Hey Vinyl Man

    Hey Vinyl Man Forum Resident

    Another interesting footnote for Watership Down in rock history: it apparently inspired the line about "the rabbits on the run" in Macca's "Band on the Run".
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  8. Chemguy

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    Really? Hmm… Then how about 'run rabbit run' from Pink Floyd's Breathe?
  9. Emilio

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    In my opinion, Garfunkel's album "Breakaway" is a classic. As I usually say, I like Simon and Garfunkel both together and apart.
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  10. Watermark is Art's best album, IMHO. All Jimmy Webb tunes, except "Wonderful World". A great album.
    Also, look into his "Everything Waits To Be Noticed" album with Mala Sharp and Buddy Mondlock. Superb.
  11. Chuckee

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    Upstate, NY, USA
    I have Angel Claire and Watermark. Not earth shattering stuff, but good relaxing music. Bright Eyes was huge in England at the time, biggest selling 45 of 1979.
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  12. Black Thumb

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    Reno, NV
    I doubt JT would want to put up with Paul and Artie's inevitable bickering. (They're reportedly not on speaking terms at all these days).

    But man, did those 3 voices blend. "Wonderful World" was all over the airwaves in the first half of '78 (in between Saturday Night Fever hits) and routinely popped up on "soft rock" stations until they forgot the '70s existed.
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  13. rswitzer

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    Golden, CO USA
    I have a soft spot for Scissors Cut which includes a sort of under the radar duet with Mr. Simon. Not to mention Bright Eyes. I really had high hopes for a new S&G lp around this time but it was not to be. The Concert in Central Park was not a bad consolation prize.
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  14. Parachute Woman

    Parachute Woman Hail Hail Rock 'n Roll

    I always thought that might be a reference to the 1960 John Updike novel Rabbit, Run. It's a novel basically about a man stuck in the "creeping malaise" of modern life...
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  15. Lorraine

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    Stamford CT
    JT also did a duet with Art, "Crying in the Rain" on "Up Til Now". I had Watermark and Angel Claire on LP many moons ago and now that I've been reminded of those two albums I'll have to find them again. Damn. :doh:
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  16. stephenlee

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    East Coast
    Are you aware the album originally was planned and recorded as an all-Jimmy Webb project? "Wonderful World" was a last-minute addition because the powers-that-be at Columbia didn't hear anything that sounded like a hit. Dropped was Webb's song, "Fingerpaint," and on went "Wonderful World." The change apparently was made very late in the release process. Years ago, a U.S. copy of the LP without "Wonderful World" and with "Fingerpaint" passed through my hands. I made a cassette dub (which I still have), but sold the LP. Yeah, I kick myself now over that decision. :shake:
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  17. jwoverho

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    Mobile, AL USA
    I think there's a Dutch pressing of Watermark with Fingerpaint included that can be found fairly easily.

    Fingerpaint is a great song. Art's version is very good, but there's a demo version on the Webb box set that kills me. The line "you can touch me now, I'm just a man" sung in Jimmy's imperfect but emotional voice gets me every time.
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  18. L.P.

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    I've read that Watermark was an all-Jimmy Webb project, but there's also a version of 'She Moved Through The Fair' on it.
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  19. smilin ed

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    I do think it's Art best album, with Breakaway a second.
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  20. Chris C

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  21. PretzelLogic

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    London, England
    Had never heard 'In Cars' before, but thanks for pointing this out. Beautiful performance.
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  22. Dillydipper

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    Funny, I was just leafing through Jimmy Webbs' book yesterday at BigBoxBarnes&Noble.

    And yeah, "Bright Eyes" is something special - a death song that's more about the strangeness of death than the tragedy of it.

    Stepping a little further afield from the subject at hand, I'm also a big fan of JT and J.D. Souther's, "Her Town Too"; one of the best AC hits from that era.
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    FACE OF BOE Forum Resident

    Rather poignant seeing JT and Artie singing that song with the Twin Towers behind them.
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  24. Tullman

    Tullman I prefer analog

    Boston MA
    Watermark should be done on MFSL one step. I believe this is analog.
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  25. Hakanand

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    Göteborg, Sweden
    Fingerpaint can, surprisingly enough, be found on Spotify (last time I looked).
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