Some of the 1960s teenybopper stuff is actually really good!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Joshua277456, Nov 25, 2014.

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    Thanks for turning me on to this song!
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    The hair? Please do tell?
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    Well( some ) sixties teeny bop singles are classics, no disputing that, he says chewing bubblegum. ;)
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    Hmmm. I hate Hanky Panky and Dizzy, my two least favourite big hits of the '60s, and I've heard Sugar Sugar far too many times. I always liked Yummy Yummy Yummy although it's terminally silly, and I like Snoopy, which is also silly but not as much, and fairly clever at the same time. I really like 1 2 3 Red Light but I call it the "worst" song for which that's true. It's total ear candy though!
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    Great to see so many great artists mentioned in this thread.

    Leslie Gore: I like her music and remember the song "California Nights" from her appearance on the 1960s Batman TV series. Other great lesser-known songs are: What Am I Gonna Do About You, That's The Way Boys Are, The Old Crowd, and Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows (written by Marvin Hamlisch and appeared in the movie Ski Party).

    Gary Lewis & The Playboys (GL&TP): A favorite of my mine since I heard them in the 1970s (remembered the song "This Diamond Ring" being played in the movie The Family Jewels starring Jerry Lewis). But my favorite GL&TP song is "My Heart's Symphony", a hard-driving song that is unusual in that it doesn't have a chorus. Other great songs are: Everybody Loves A Clown, Without A Word Of Warning, Sure Gonna Miss Her, and Little Miss Go Go (which sounds a bit like it was backed by the same group that were on Jan & Dean songs).

    Skeeter Davis: For a long time I only knew her for the song "The End Of The World" (one of my favorite songs). Then I happened to hear the song "I Can't Stay Mad At You" and really liked it, causing me to seek out a greatest hits album (The Essential Skeeter Davis) and found more great songs, including: Gonna Get Along Without You Now, What Does It Take (To Keep A Man Like You Satisfied), Silver Threads And Golden Needles, and Let Me Get Close To You.

    Another great song that I found thanks to YouTube is "Without Your Love" by Wendy Hill:

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    Pretty good. Anyone know the guitarist?
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    Apologies for my mistake.
    The producer of the song and the album ''My town, my guy and me'' was Quincy Jones.
    The arrangement was done from Jack Nitzsche.
    The single was recorded during the period of Nitzsche collaboration with Phil Spector for Righteous Brothers and Ronettes in 1965. Sessions leading the orchestra for Lesley Gore.
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    Hopefully Xylitol gum! :D
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    Happiness is a warm gum. :)
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    I like it! Definitely above average for 1961 ...
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    I dig what people have been saying about the musicianship of these records, generally either L.A. or New York session cats. They certainly rank alongside the "artsy" stuff that emerged in the post-Sgt. Pepper era, when compared with the pre-programmed, by-the-numbers, computerized stuff you hear today.

    Wonder how many Philly musicians who played on the 'bopper records of Frankie, Fabian, Rydell, et al., were later part of the Gamble-Huff / Thom Bell "Sound of Philadelphia" a.k.a. 'MFSB'.
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    I wrote the following as part of a post:

    To which John54 wrote:

    Related to Gary Lewis & The Playboys, Wendy Hill also recorded "(Gary Please Don't Sell) My Diamond Ring", an answer song to "This Diamond Ring" by Gary Lewis & The Playboys. That was the song that led me to discover "Without Your Love."
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    All this love for Lesley Gore warms my heart. I have the Bear Family box and it's a treasure..since I'm here I'll throw some JD into the mix.

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    Never gotten into it. I love early The Beatles but they were the greatest rock & roll band on earth disguised as teeny boppers by Brian Epstein.
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    One of my favorite oldies by Chubby Checker - Dancin Party
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    Those of us in my age group have witnessed an amazing evolution in popular music, and in my opinion much of it is not for the better. I'm fond of lighthearted pop of the 60s and 70s including bubblegum and sunshine pop. It's often superbly exccuted and produced material with first-rate instrumentation. Some artists and performers I enjoy include Tommy Roe, Bobby Sherman, Partridge Family, Jackson 5, Wombles, Archies, Cuff Links, Tommy James, Pipkins, and countless others. Music has certainly become far more dark and cynical in the past several decades, and I think it has had a profound and negative influence on the state of mind of many people. I have enough seriousness in my life without downhearted and depressing music. With that, I shall go and spin a compact disc by Miss Abrams and The Strawberry Point 4th Grade Class... Thank you! :)

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    Hooray For Hazel - Tommy Roe
    Little Things - Bobby Goldsboro
    Run, Run, Run - The Newbeats
    Indian Giver - 1910 Fruitgum Co.
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    A carefully curated 'best-of' for Tommy James & The Shondells would hold up very very well in comparison with an equally carefully curated 'best of' for The Doors. Jus' sayin. IMHO, of course.
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    Beatles : White Album
    A interview with Paul McCartney with Tony Macarthur for Australian radio Nov 1968 ( YouTube June 2017) McCartney mentions he co wrote the song lyrics as well John came up with the chorus( even though John sings it). Always thought JL wrote this himself ?

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